The Global Scavenger Hunt

Trusting Strangers in Strange Lands

Do you have the daring-do of Indiana Jones? Our you willing to embark on a global adventure without knowing your itinerary?

If, so the 2018 edition of The Global Scavenger Hunt may be your ultimate travel experience.

Wanted: Thirty experienced, travel savvy globetrotter interested in a unique off-the-beaten path, action-packed road adventure to compete for bragging rights and prizes, along with "The World's Greatest Travelers crown

Warning: You will be challenged and culturally stimulated! This global adventure requires a fearless curiosity and a deep passion for travel, along with the ability to culturally immerse yourself in world-class fun.

What is the Global Scavenger Hunt?

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The competition, which is more of a rally than a flat out race around the world, has attracted great travelers from over 55 countries to date, and takes place annually now each spring over a 23-day period. The Global Scavenger Hunt takes an exclusive group of 15-two person teams on A Blind Date with the World™—because competitors do not know which 10 countries they will be visiting—having them upon arrival unravel cryptic clues and hints along with solving riddles that lead them to complete a series of culturally-oriented and highly participatory scavenges that earns them points. The team that accumulates the most points over the three-week, eight-leg rally-like event, is eventually crowned The World's Greatest Travelers.

When is the Global Scavenger Hunt?

For three thrill-packed weeks between April 13-May 5, 2018, 15 two person Teams are invited to go around-the-world and across 10 countries in The Global Scavenger Hunt.

Then entry fee to participate is $12500 per person that includes all international airfare, 23-nights in wonderful hotels, 40%+ meals..and great event-related travel goody bags. 
The 2017 winners will defend their title in 2018 for free...and you could also travel for free by helping others with the Great Escape Foundation.

The Event Set Up

Teams arrive on the same pre-booked plane to each new exotic destination and are efficiently met by pre-arranged VIP transportation and taken to their First Class luxury accommodations. Teams are given the opportunity to freshen up and replenish before they start each new rally leg.

Teams are then given a localized scavenger hunt booklet of novel, exciting, interesting, fun, inspiring and highly-interactive things to do...we call in complete during their 48-96 hour stay in each rally spot.

Teams then strategize and formulate a plan about how to do the fun and gratifying scavenges that they want to do, and that will earn their team points for completing tasks. At the end of each leg (rally point), teams meet and swap wildly heroic travel stories before being given their airline tickets to the next secret destination-hence A Blind Date with the World. And so begins another leg...every Global Scavenger Hunt event to date has visited at least 10 countries.

It is?

It is the ultimate foodie adventure.
It is the most exotic honeymoon getaway ever.
It is a glamorous experience for jaded Type-A jet-setters.
It is an exciting adventure for off-the-beaten path types.
It is a travel photographers dream come true.
It is a remarkable around the world expedition.
It is an authentic real-life travel competition.

The real question is: Who is the World's Greatest Traveler?

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2018 Press Releases:

Below is a listing of our recent event-related press releases:

11 October 2017 (San Francisco, USA) – 2018 – Travel World Championship Dates Set

2018 Event Fact Sheet:

What:     The 2018 edition of The Global Scavenger Hunt™ is the 14th annual world travel championship…an around-the-world travel adventure competition that takes Teams on A Blind Date With The World™ and eventually crowns The World’s Greatest Travelers™.

When:      Every spring. The 2018 event will take place over three-weeks between April 13 and May 5, 2018. Fifteen international teams will travel from San Francisco to New York City—the really long way!

Who:      Team from around the world participate (Previous events have had teams from: USA, Canada, China, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, England, Poland, Dubai & Barbados); with travelers from over 60 nations having previously applied.

Prizes:      The World’s Greatest Travelers™ trophy and $25,000 prize (Winners are invited to defend their title for free!).

Where:      A circumnavigation of the globe touching down in at least 10 countries, that may include: Peru, Colombia, Indonesia, Laos, Oman, Tanzania, Russia, Morocco and Italy. (These are only potential countries as The Global Scavenger Hunt™ is indeed A Blind Date With The World™ for all its participants—who do not know which 10 countries they will be visiting until they are given a 4-hour notice.

Why:     Teams also help raise funds for ongoing humanitarian causes. Past organizations that have helped fund eleven co-ed elementary schools in Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Kenya, India, Niger and Ecuador; as well as helped over 2,200 households with interest free micro loans. Organizations supported include: Doctors without Borders, Partners in Health, Free the Children and KIVA, among others.




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