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  • 10 Must Visit Places in North Goa, India

    12/27/20161:42:59 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    A Guest post by Rohit Agarwal

    For all of us, our ideal beach holiday destination is undoubtedly none other than Goa. But apart from the beaches, there is a lot more to explore while one is in Goa. Yes, you read that right. Once you are done exploring the beach side, turn to this list to give you a myriad choice of places to head to. To complete your Goa experience, make sure you do not miss the following 10 places:


    1.   Fontainhas


    Photo by Jyoti Prakash Bhattacharjee, Public Domain


    This is a gateway to the cultural remnant of a time when Goa was under the colonial rule of the Portuguese. So let the vibrant old Latin quarters work their charm on you as you stroll by. The narrow alleyways, colourful buildings and how well kept it is surely transfers one to a different world all together. It would certainly be a walk to remember.


    2.   Panaji


    Panaji Church, Photo by Koshy Koshy, CC BY 2.0

     How can one not explore the capital city of a state? On the banks of river Mandovi, the city of Panaji or Pangim (the latter is its Portuguese version) is located. The Church Square with Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church is one of the highlights for tourists here. Panaji’s 18th June Road is a bustling shopping area and one could also head to the Kala Academy for a glimpse of Goa’s art and culture.


    3.   Old Goa/Velha Goa



    St Francis Xavier Cathedral at Old Goa, Photo by Valeria Bolotova, CC BY 2.0


    If one travels around 10 kilometres to the east of Panaji, one reaches Old Goa/Velha Goa. This area weaves a magic of its own and has a historical significance. Under the Portuguese rule from the 16th to the 18th century, it served as its capital and its remains are a World Heritage Site under UNESCO. It has numerous churches like the St. Francis Church of Assisi, Church of Lady of Rosary or the Church of Saint Augustine which is now in ruins.


    4.   Fort Aguada and lighthouse



    Photo by Swaminathan, CC BY 2.0


     The Aguada Fort and its lighthouse is a popular destination for tourists and travelers alike. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, this provides a scenic location on the Sinquerim beach. Below the fort there is a prison which was put to use during the administration of Salazar.


    5.   Basilica of Bom Jesus



    Photo by Ramesh Lalwani, CC BY 2.0

     A World Heritage Site listed under UNESCO, it is an example of baroque architecture. With elaborate details in design its structure looks gorgeous. St. Francis Xavier’s mortal remains are preserved in this basilica. There is an art gallery as well which showcases surrealist paintings. The Basilica is open on all days.


    6.   Goa State Museum



    Photo by Aaron C, CC BY-SA 2.0


    Located in Panaji and is also known as State Archaeology Museum. It has a huge collection of artifacts and is very well organized. It has about 14 galleries and is also divided into departments. It is a heaven for any history buff.


    7.   Dona Paula



    Photo by Ramnath Bhat, CC BY 2.0


    Dona Paula is a village named after the daughter of a Portuguese Viceroy, who arrived with her family in Goa in the seventeenth century. There is a British war-graves cemetery at Dona Paula and a statue too, which is named as ‘The Image of India’ by the Goa Tourism Board.


    8.   Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary ­­



    Photo by Elroy Serrao, CC BY-SA 2.0


    Named after the Indian ornithologist, Salim Ali, this sanctuary is a mangrove habitat. Let the nature-lover in you explore the beauty around. Some of the common species of birds recorded in this sanctuary are the western reef heron and striated heron.


    9.   Reis Magos



    Photo by Otávio Nogueira, CC BY 2.0


    The fort of Reis Magos used to accommodate Viceroys and it has 33 guns in its premises. It is one of the oldest forts in Goa and has been restored beautifully. The Reis Magos Fort currently serves as a cultural centre. After this, one should visit the Reis Magos Church which is the first church in Bardez. Its interiors are brightly designed. The fort and the church makes this hamlet a popular destination.


    10.        Houses of Goa Museum

    This is a wonderful museum situated in Torda. It is an epitome of the merge of eastern and western cultures after their historic encounter when Portuguese took over Goa. The museum showcases the houses which constitute a unique Goan identity. Although the museum is in a triangular shape, it looks like a ship which renders a mysterious nature to it.


     Whether it is with a crazy bunch of friends or with your travel companion – make the most of it. Goa will always be a memorable journey and one you would love to revisit. Explore, have fun and make endless memories.


    Author Bio:

    Rohit loves to travel in different parts of India. In TransIndiaTravels, he shares his colorful experiences and also guides others for touring across the country.


  • American Airlines has announced a schedule change to their non-stop flights between Miami and Grenada.

    12/26/201612:41:14 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Vacaton Packages

    American Airlines has announced a schedule change to their non-stop flights between Miami and Grenada.   

    AA 1546  Miami to Grenada:   10:45am-2:23pm
    AA 952  Grenada to Miami:  3:13pm-7:07pm

    The new schedule is available for sale on flights beginning on April 4, 2017.


    To book your Sandals LaSource Grenada Vacation call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362 or visit tyustours.com/bookonline/Sandals

  • Happy #GivingTuesday!!

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  • Explore fresh new rooms and suites at these Las Vegas hotels.

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    Vacaton Packages

    TOTAL Vegas Resorts offers a spectacular Las Vegas experience that is suitable at every price point. Expect to be dazzled by their exceptional service, refreshing pools, excellent restaurants and cafes, grand casinos, and high-energy nightclubs and entertainment venues. With iconic hotels located right on the Las Vegas Strip, you'll feel the pulse of the city and be right in the center of the action.

    See Las Vegas from a whole new vantage point when saying at any one of these newly remodeled and well-appointed accommodations. Check out the classic Roman-inspired rooms in the new Augustus Tower at Caesars Palace. Get a feel for the pulse of the city at the vibrant Valley Tower rooms at Harrah’s Las Vegas. Or, experience the spacious, bright and bold, newly remodeled Burgundy Room at Paris Las Vegas—combining European elegance with a modern flair.


    To find out more visit www.tyustours.com/11689755_21812.htm. To keep up to date on everything new & exciting  in Las Vegas listen to It's Your Time To Travel on Talktainmentradio.com every Tuesday at 8 pm where we feature the Las Vegas Insider.

    See the sights and sounds of Las Vegas. Customize your ideal vacation package by adding tours, shopping excursions, airport transfers, and more in the Things to Do section during the booking process.

  • New Enhancements Aboard the Disney Wonder

    11/13/201612:14:20 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    New Enhancements Aboard the Disney Wonder

    Today we’re excited to share more details about the incredible lineup of enhancements debuting this week on the newly transformed Disney Wonder. From Super Hero sightings to a New Orleans-style street party celebration, there is so much for your Clients to discover. Here’s a closer look…


    At Marvel Super Hero Academy, Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Widow and other Super Heroes from the Marvel Universe host training activities for kids all cruise long.


    Tiana’s Place is a new restaurant celebrating the charm of the Louisiana bayou with southern-style cuisine and a spirited atmosphere. Inspired by the Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, Tiana’s Place features a lively jazz band on stage, a high-energy parade around the room and performances by Tiana herself.


    At Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post, kids can get their “Frozen” fix Frozen adventures in our youth club. This with imaginative play and hands-on activities, plus one-on-one interactions with Anna, Elsa and Olaf.


    And, while the kids are having a blast with our youth counselors and characters, adults can sip a pint at a proper English pub. The new Crown and Fin Pub offers the perfect spot to relax and enjoy adult-exclusive fun.


    To learn more about the wonderul events going at Disney call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362.



  • Stressing Over Thanksgiving?

    11/10/20162:25:18 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Vacaton Packages

    Posted by Jesse Askew on Nov 8, 2016 3:30:00 PM. A guest on #itsyourtime2travel on talktainmentradio.com November 8, 2016.


    Come Home to a Luxurious Resort for the Holiday


    Thanksgiving can be hectic. Between out-of-town family, days of dinner preparation, and the subsequent clean-up, it’s understandable why so many people find the whole experience a bit chaotic, despite the fact that it’s a welcome opportunity to catch up with friends and loved ones.


    Luckily, the Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t have to be as stressful as many people often expect it to be. Today, more people are deciding to spend their Thanksgiving at a luxurious resort. In addition to the fact that spending Thanksgiving at an exciting destination allows you to escape from the preparation and clean-up, it also provides a unique foundation to spend quality time with the people you love the most.


    5 Smart Reasons to Spend the Thanksgiving Holiday at a Resort


    While many people associate Thanksgiving with gathering in a friend or loved one’s home, heading to a place like the resorts at CLC World Florida is an excellent alternative. Here’s why:


    1. Staying at a resort means you don’t have to spend days cooking



    If you book accommodations at Regal Oaks, you can have your Thanksgiving meal prepared by Coastal Grill & Bar and delivered right to your door. Anyone who has ever spent days slaving over the stove – stuffing turkeys and baking pies – knows exactly how much time this can save.


    What will you do with all that extra time, you ask? It’s simple. You’ll spend it relaxing and making lasting memories with the people you love the most!


    If you choose not to have your meal delivered, no problem! Simply head down to the on-site restaurant on Thanksgiving and enjoy a leisurely dinner that you didn’t have to prepare. 


    1. At a resort, Thanksgiving can be a vacation and a holiday



    If your Thanksgiving tradition has never included hot tubs and world-class service, it’s time to get used to the idea. The resorts at CLC World Florida offer large townhomes that you can make your own for the duration of your stay. Forget cramped, cheap hotel rooms: these luxurious accommodations allow you to enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday to the fullest. 


    1. A resort makes it easy to experiment with new culinary delights




    Stuck in a Thanksgiving dinner rut? Consider spending it at a resort that will help you expand your horizons. Romy’s Restaurant at Encantada Resorts, for example, offers a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and a unique menu to help satisfy your taste buds and help you build new Thanksgiving traditions.


    1. Staying at a resort allows you to enjoy Thanksgiving more



    Sure, you love seeing your friends and family, but you don’t like washing endless dishes, stressing over a packed house, or trying to keep your guests entertained for a week. When you spend Thanksgiving at a resort, though, all of those concerns are a thing of the past. 


    With the resorts at CLC World Florida, you can kick back and relax and allow the helpful staff to transform your Thanksgiving holiday into the reprieve you deserve. Whether you want to dig into a good book, spend time getting to know your daughter’s new boyfriend, or enjoy quality moments with your grandchildren, spending the Thanksgiving Holiday at a resort gives you the luxury and the free time to do just this.


    1. A resort can help you build special memories



    Heading out of town is a special experience for the whole family. When you book direct at a luxurious resort for the thanksgiving Holiday, it’s easy to create a special experience for every member of your family – young and old!


    Come Home This Thanksgiving


    The upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday calls for new traditions, and spending your special time at resort like the Regal Oaks or Encantada Resorts is a great way to enjoy exclusivity benefits, build new memories, savor your time more, and reduce the stress so often associated with hosting a big holiday. So, go ahead, come home for Thanksgiving this year. The resorts at CLC World Florida To book call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362.


  • If You Call Yourself a Halloween Superfan, You Must Visit These 5 Towns

    10/31/201612:40:09 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    by Jessica Kleinschmidt


    Halloween is just around the corner and while some may slip into a simple costume and greet trick-or-treaters at the door, some may want to take a more adventurous route.


    There are so many towns across the U.S. that pushes the Halloween envelope a little bit more than costumes and cocktails. Here are five of them.


    Seattle, Washington


    We know the Northwest is dripping in some of the most breathtaking foliage, but around the Seattle area, there are a few more events that makes the October holiday a bit more fun.


    In October, “Thrill the World” puts on a Michael Jackson “Thriller” performance. The group practices throughout the autumn months and performs the dance on October 29th. The best part? The dance is performed worldwide. If you want to see the performance in Seattle, it takes place at the Artspace Hiawatha Lofts.


    You can experience a beer crawl, or take it to the next level with an Oktoberfest at the Washington State Fair.


    According to Seattle Pipeline, you can also experience the “Georgetown Morgue.” I can almost guarantee I would not want to attend that.


    St. Helens, Oregon


    Remember the Disney Channel Original Movie Halloweentown? We all have a best friend who claims that as his/her favorite, so I can guarantee you have heard of it. Well, you can take that best friend to Oregon to experience Halloweentown in real life.


    In St. Helens, Oregon, at the beginning of October you can experience the cult classic “in the town where Halloween never sleeps.” In the Old Town District you can attend the haunted town tour and most importantly witness the lighting of The Great Pumpkin.


    Kimberly J. Brown or “Marnie” from the film plans on visiting the town throughout the event as well according to Oregon Live.


    Carson City, Nevada


    Nevada’s capital city (no, it’s not Las Vegas or Reno) also has plenty of Halloween events to attend. The cute little town hosts a pumpkin patch and a scavenger hunt as well as Halloween karaoke.


    You can go on the Ghost Walk Tour by Bats in the Belfry at the end of the month around the historic Virginia City. It’s creepy, so come prepared.


    You can take a look at some of the photos on their website. Don’t be surprised if you see something out of the ordinary.


    New Orleans, Louisiana


    If you don’t know how wild New Orleans can be during Halloween, just take a look at New Orleans Online. They say it is “second only to Mardi Gras for a wild and crazy kind of fun.”


    The distinction with the haunted tours is taken to a new level when you check out the voodoo shops in the area. “The spirit of Marie Laveau, the High Priestess of 19th century New Orleans, can still be felt in the vibes that surround you in some of these shops. You might even learn a few spells and mystical incantations,” says the site.


    The 3-D parade called the “Krewe of Boo” will set your trip over the top. It’s definitely a bucket list type of trip.


    Idaho Penitentiary


    This event is not for the faint of heart.


    During the annual “Frightened Felons” event at the Old Idaho Penitentiary in Boise, you can tour the “only haunted cell” in the town. Along with adult beverages and hot cocoa, you get to interact with actors posing as prisoners.


    Throughout the year you can also go on cemetery and night tours. Discover the unmarked graves and why some names “cannot be found in any prison register.”

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