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  • Stressing Over Thanksgiving?

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    Posted by Jesse Askew on Nov 8, 2016 3:30:00 PM. A guest on #itsyourtime2travel on talktainmentradio.com November 8, 2016.


    Come Home to a Luxurious Resort for the Holiday


    Thanksgiving can be hectic. Between out-of-town family, days of dinner preparation, and the subsequent clean-up, it’s understandable why so many people find the whole experience a bit chaotic, despite the fact that it’s a welcome opportunity to catch up with friends and loved ones.


    Luckily, the Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t have to be as stressful as many people often expect it to be. Today, more people are deciding to spend their Thanksgiving at a luxurious resort. In addition to the fact that spending Thanksgiving at an exciting destination allows you to escape from the preparation and clean-up, it also provides a unique foundation to spend quality time with the people you love the most.


    5 Smart Reasons to Spend the Thanksgiving Holiday at a Resort


    While many people associate Thanksgiving with gathering in a friend or loved one’s home, heading to a place like the resorts at CLC World Florida is an excellent alternative. Here’s why:


    1. Staying at a resort means you don’t have to spend days cooking



    If you book accommodations at Regal Oaks, you can have your Thanksgiving meal prepared by Coastal Grill & Bar and delivered right to your door. Anyone who has ever spent days slaving over the stove – stuffing turkeys and baking pies – knows exactly how much time this can save.


    What will you do with all that extra time, you ask? It’s simple. You’ll spend it relaxing and making lasting memories with the people you love the most!


    If you choose not to have your meal delivered, no problem! Simply head down to the on-site restaurant on Thanksgiving and enjoy a leisurely dinner that you didn’t have to prepare. 


    1. At a resort, Thanksgiving can be a vacation and a holiday



    If your Thanksgiving tradition has never included hot tubs and world-class service, it’s time to get used to the idea. The resorts at CLC World Florida offer large townhomes that you can make your own for the duration of your stay. Forget cramped, cheap hotel rooms: these luxurious accommodations allow you to enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday to the fullest. 


    1. A resort makes it easy to experiment with new culinary delights




    Stuck in a Thanksgiving dinner rut? Consider spending it at a resort that will help you expand your horizons. Romy’s Restaurant at Encantada Resorts, for example, offers a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and a unique menu to help satisfy your taste buds and help you build new Thanksgiving traditions.


    1. Staying at a resort allows you to enjoy Thanksgiving more



    Sure, you love seeing your friends and family, but you don’t like washing endless dishes, stressing over a packed house, or trying to keep your guests entertained for a week. When you spend Thanksgiving at a resort, though, all of those concerns are a thing of the past. 


    With the resorts at CLC World Florida, you can kick back and relax and allow the helpful staff to transform your Thanksgiving holiday into the reprieve you deserve. Whether you want to dig into a good book, spend time getting to know your daughter’s new boyfriend, or enjoy quality moments with your grandchildren, spending the Thanksgiving Holiday at a resort gives you the luxury and the free time to do just this.


    1. A resort can help you build special memories



    Heading out of town is a special experience for the whole family. When you book direct at a luxurious resort for the thanksgiving Holiday, it’s easy to create a special experience for every member of your family – young and old!


    Come Home This Thanksgiving


    The upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday calls for new traditions, and spending your special time at resort like the Regal Oaks or Encantada Resorts is a great way to enjoy exclusivity benefits, build new memories, savor your time more, and reduce the stress so often associated with hosting a big holiday. So, go ahead, come home for Thanksgiving this year. The resorts at CLC World Florida To book call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362.


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