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  • Disney's Magical Private Caribbean Island

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    Disney's Magical Private Caribbean Island

    (Don't forget your Camera)


    Image having your own private island. 


    Well, Disney has done just that with its enchanted Castaway Cay. This tranquil retreat is just for Disney cruisers and embodies the perfect island paradise. The tropical island hideaway located just 225 nautical miles from Port Canaveral, Florida is a stop on all Disney’s Bahamian and Caribbean cruises.


    There’s no shortage of things to do here.


    Ships dock right on the island, allowing Disney cruisers to disembark directly onto the pier. A short 15-minute walk leads to unbelievable amenities, including powdery white and sandy Castaway Family Beach. The beach area is quite extensive with points and coves along the shoreline. 

    Trams are available for those who need them (or want to get to the beach faster) and traverse all Castaway Cay amenities. Beach towels are provided by cruise line members at the pier, so no need to pack those in your suitcase or beach bag.


    Beach and Water Fun 


    Snorkeling is available to those wanting to explore the Caribbean’s undersea marine habitat in Snorkeling Lagoon just off Castaway Family Beach. 

    Two submerged submarines from Magic Kingdom’s retired 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction add an element of adventure for intrepid snorkelers. 


    The Pelican Plunge, the 2,400 square-foot floating platform with two bending twisting water slides dropping squealing riders directly into the lagoon. A giant “bucket dump” of water delivering hundreds of gallons brings more anticipation and laughter and four water cannons provides sharp-shooting fun with floating nautical targets. 


    Game pavilions near the Family Beach offer a variety of sand and shaded games like volleyball, tetherball, foosball, ping-pong, pool, shuffleboard and basketball. And there are also places where each age group can hang out with their peers that include planned activities like Teen Hideout or Scuttle’s Cove kids club for the younger cruisers. 


    Inner tubes, snorkel masks and fins can be rented from Gil’s Fin and Floats or Flippers & Floats on the beach, while kayaks, paddle boats, paddle boards and Aqua Trikes can also be rented for use in this water wonderland. Hammocks are located beachfront.  


    Port Adventures 


    Castaway Ray’s Stingray Adventure gives participants the chance to feed, touch and snorkel with the friendly rays in a private lagoon. Onsite marine specialists provided interesting facts and answered questions about these fascinating sea creatures. 

    (Interestingly, stingrays here have had their barbs manicured and groomed back by the Cay’s nature specialists for participant’s protection.) 

    Catch-and-Release Family Fishing Adventures take visitors for a trolling trip on the clear waters of the Cay in search of grouper, snapper, mahi-mahi and barracuda. Another option to learn more about hooking and reeling is the off-island Bottom Fishing activity. 

    Tour boats on the Glass Bottom Boat Scenic Voyage take visitors out to Castaway Cay’s majestic barrier reef on a one-hour guided sea tour that’s perfect for the entire family. Parasailing adventure soars high above Castaway Cay for an unforgettable thrilling experience and the chance to see the Cay from a bird's eye view. 


    Dining on Castaway Cay 


    Dining here is all included as part of the cruise package. A buffet lunch is provided at picnic tables, but lunch is a culinary feast, that is served on real plates with stainless silverware. 


    Hot dogs and hamburgers were on the menu, along with myriad other delectable food choices like chicken, ribs, fish, corn-on-the-cob, salads, and all the fixins’ imaginable. Self-serve drink bars offered several warm and cold beverages. 


    Desserts featured a variety of fruits, banana bread and, of course, “cookies.” Also, there is a self-serve ice cream machine with a variety of flavors. 


    Thirst Quenchers 


    The Beach bars on the island has Disney’s innovative and creative touches. Castaway Air Bar is a ramshackle building with 1920s air hanger décor. 

     Then there’s the appropriately-named Conched Out Bar and the Sand Bar. All served a variety of cocktails, beer and wine. Don't forget to try the Cay’s signature island drink, the Konk Kooler-a luscious libation made with two rums, orange juice, passion fruit and cream of coconut. 


    Exploring the Island 


    Beach cruiser bicycles for the entire family are available for rent. Though Castaway Cay sits on 1,000 acres, only 55 of these are developed. The remainder of the island can be explored along 1.5 miles of paved bike trails leading to secluded beaches, including the adults-only beach at Serenity Bay. Further down, private family beach cabanas can be reserved in advance of the cruise. 

    A 40-foot observation tower surrounded by the dense flora and fauna of the island provided breathtaking views of the Cay and the Disney ship docked in the distance. 


    At the end of the day, don't forget to stop for family photos on the way back to your Disney Cruise Ship.  Also, Castaway Cay merchandise isn’t sold on the cruise ship, so don't forget to purchased T-shirts and memorabilia before returning the ship. 


    The Castaway Cay allows families to live for memories that cannot be put into words. 


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