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  • 5 Reasons To Take A Winter Rail Vacation

    6/29/2018 11:36:44 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Winter is the perfect season for a rail vacation. From mountains dressed in winter white to bustling cities festively trimmed for the holiday season, a winter rail vacation offers a classic getaway aboard iconic trains. Here are five reasons you should make this the year they take a winter rail vacation.


    1. Rail into breathtaking scenery


    Snow-capped mountains, and frozen waterfalls are just some of the jaw-dropping scenery on a winter rail vacation to the Canadian Rockies or the Swiss Alps. Outdoor enthusiasts and city fans alike enjoy a variety of seasonal activities on these classic winter rail vacations:


    2. Get a new perspective on popular vacation spots


    Popular vacation destinations transform into winter wonderlands during the off-season, such as the Grand Canyon with a dusting of snow; America’s lush Pacific Northwest and Europe’s capital cities and charming villages. Experience winter in these popular destinations:  



    3. Redefine winter


    Trade in snow for sun, sand and surf. Travel aboard legendary long-distance trains, escaping wintry scenes for sun-dappled shores and relaxing cruises to the Hawaiian Islands, Western Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America. Put a new spin on a winter vacation with these sun journeys: 


    4. Cozy Rail Cars and Iconic Train Routes


    Trains tend to be less crowded during the winter months, which makes a rail vacation an especially good idea. Fewer travelers on the train mean more availability in onboard accommodations, less crowded lounge and observation cars, and better access to first choice dining times in the Dining car. Experience winter train travel at its fullest on these winter getaways: 

    5. Seat Still Available. 

    Save $150 per couple on qualifying 2018/19 winter rail vacations and rail-cruise packages. Offer ends June 29, 2018.



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