We Specialize but Can Help with Anything: 

As a travel professional, we do our very best to help you with any and all requests for travel, “We specialize in cruises, both ocean and river, all-inclusive resort vacations, destination weddings and honeymoons, guided tours, European vacations, resort stays, theme park vacations, etc. But We’ll be happy to help you with anything else that you have in mind.  I am passionate about planning multi-generational, family vacations because I am a grandfather who enjoys his family. 


We're Always Learning Too:  

We are constantly learning about travel, whether it is reading or traveling to destinations and resorts. When we travel, it is work. There is very little downtime, and when there is a breakfast or lunch, it is usually a working meal. We network with other travel agents, and we talk about tips and ideas that we have had success with. My whole life is about travel, I cannot get away from talking about it because everyone wants to talk about travel.


Some Never Charge a Fee. 

Our services are always 100 percent free, but we do charge a small fee for if you're only booking airfare. Although we provide complimentary benefits you cannot access yourself, VIP experiences we know how to arrange, knowledge of the area that is more accurate than the internet provides, and often, better rates because of the volume we sell. 



About the Owner: 

Tyus Tours & Travel LLC has been in the travel business since 1997 and is owned and operated by Ricky Tyus who worked as a Travel Agent for Travel One (now known as American Express Travel). Travel has changed a lot since 1997 and every year we are re-trained by the best suppliers in the travel business to create Dream Vacations. 


Ricky Tyus also hosts a weekly radio show called "Its Your Time 2 Travel" on talktainmentradio.com. "Its Your Time 2 Travel" is a radio show that discusses and explores the various means of travel and vacation get-aways all over the world as well as addresses the many health benefits in planning and taking time for vacations. 


The show provides a forum and opportunity for representatives from various vacation getaways to share information about their destination or services with our listening audience. Through the sharing of information from vendors and the research done in preparing the radio show we have found hidden gems in many destinations that helps us create memories that will last a lifetime.




July 24, 2018


Disney Vacation for a family of five

I just wanted to say Thank you so much!! Our trip was absolutely amazing and problem free!!!!! Thank you  Arnetta D.

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