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"With so many travel options out there, it can be overwhelming. As your travel agency we will work as your 'value interpreter'. Using our expertise, we will find amazing experiences that exceed your every desire, but not your budget. With our services, you will be confident that your Dream Vacation will be perfectly planned, hassle-free, and filled with monents you'll never forget."

  • How to get around Tokyo Japan for the Summer Games

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    Tokyo is sure to be in its prime during the Summer Games. As is usually the case when traveling outside of your familiar surroundings, there are always challenges present.


    As is the case in most great cities of the world, traffic and congestion can be an issue in Tokyo. Add to that the confusing address system and getting around can be a challenge.

    In addition, traffic during the Games often isn’t as bad as expected. Some schools and businesses will shut down for the competition period and a portion of local commuter traffic is reduced from the equation.

    Another upside is that Tokyo has a notoriously punctual train system, which will make getting to the Summer Games venues quick and comfortable.

    In addition to the efficient train system, taxis and ride sharing services like Uber are also plentiful in Tokyo. It’s worthwhile to note that most taxi drivers will not speak English so having your destination written in Japanese is helpful when possible (our local hosts and hotel concierge can assist with this). On Japanese taxis, a red light illuminated in the front window indicates that the vehicle is available for hire.

    The bottom line: this is still one of the biggest events in the world and our best advice is to plan for extra time, be flexible, and bring along a good pair of walking shoes as many games' venues have wide security parameters. But don’t think you’re in this alone; it’s the goal of our host team to make your experience as seamless as possible.

    Tyus Tours & Travel has reserved space on two Asia cruises that will have you in Toyko during the Olympics for 3 days/2 nights, August 1 to August 3, 2020, plus visit ports, Hong Kong, Kochi Japan, Osaka Japan, Nagoya, Kobe Japan and Okinawa.

    For more information on the cruises visit http://bit.ly/2yasEGn or http://bit.ly/32R63MR or call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362.

  • Tokyo Reportedly Looks to Cruise Ships to Resolve Olympic Hotel Shortage

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    The 2020 Summer Olympic Games is headed to Tokyo, but the city is anticipating a shortage of accommodations with the influx in visitors.

    According to a report in Agency France Presse (AFP), the city is looking to cruise ships to serve as floating hotels to resolve the problem.

    Even a construction boom cannot resolve the problem of a shortage. The report suggests Tokyo could be short as many as 14,000 rooms for Olympic-related tourists.

    Local officials are suggesting mooring ships in harbors in Tokyo and nearby Yokohama to house people during the Games.

    Tyus Tours & Travel has reserved space on two Asia cruises that will have you in Toyko during the Olympics for 3 days/2 nights, August 1 to August 3, 2020, plus visit ports, Hong Kong, Kochi Japan, Osaka Japan, Nagoya, Kobe Japan and Okinawa.

    For more information on the cruises visit http://bit.ly/2yasEGn or http://bit.ly/32R63MR or call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362.

  • Adventure Seekers? Head to the Friendly Isle of Molokai Hawaii

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    Come to Molokai to get off the beaten path and the “Friendly Isle” will be happy to oblige. You may have heard of Kalaupapa National Historical Park, but for a different view take a drive to Palaau State Park, the 34-acre recreation area in Central Molokai with magnificent views overlooking the peninsula. And while Kamakou Preserve is an off the beaten path treasure, the dunes of Moomomi Preserve in northwest Molokai, also under the care of the Nature Conservancy, provides another unexpected adventure.

    Light up your summer with Independence Day savings to Hawaii.

    Save up to 30%, take advantage of free nights, and much more. To find out more click here or call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362.

  • Why the Internet hasn't put Travel Advisors out of work?

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    Americans are ambivalent when it comes to getting away. Americans left 658 million vacation days on the table and yet, when we do manage to get out of the house, we're splurging more.

    With so little vacation time and so much money at stake, the pressure is on to make every moment count. Maybe that's why the use of travel advisors has jumped more than 50 percent.

    Many experts recommend building a long-term relationship with a travel advisor so that person can get to know you, your family, and your travel preferences.

    Meet up with the travel advisor so that he or she can spend the time to understand your needs before actually sitting down to plan your vacation.

    Once you found that perfect someone what will he or she do for you? Plenty.

    Time and Money

    One big reason to use a travel agent is to get a better deal. The American Society of Travel Advisors estimates vacationers will save an average of $452 per trip plus about four hours of planning by using one. Time is your most precious commodity, so why waste yours combing through 38 travel websites, the average number that DIY vacationers typically visit before booking?

    Hidden Gems

    While travel advisors can't always secure lower prices than travel sites, they can often score you an upgrade on your rental car or your hotel room or other perks that will improve your vacation and stretch your budget. Plus, with their knowledge find you hidden gems that you won’t find on the internet.

    Peace of Mind

    Travel Advisors can help you feel confident that your vacation will match your expectations. Travel advisors can warn you the travel brochure price, while attractive, may not be exactly what you'll end up paying if there are hidden fees, extra activities, or meals that aren't included in the 'all-inclusive package.' " When you book through an advisor, that person should be able to clarify all your costs upfront.

    Help with Hiccups

    And what if something goes awry when you're on the road? It's not 'if' something goes wrong, it's 'when' something goes wrong. When that happens, your travel advisor should be able to find you new accommodations, book a flight, or get you an emergency rental car, leaving you free to enjoy the rest of your vacation fun.

    Good travel advisors, are experts at "planning and executing” experiences that you can't Google.

    Dream Vacations

    With so many travel options out there, it can be overwhelming. As your travel advisor we will work as your 'value interpreter'. Using our expertise, we will find amazing experiences that exceed your every desire, but not your budget. With our travel services, you will be confident that your Dream Vacation will be perfectly planned, hassle-free, and filled with moments you'll never forget.

    Meet Up

    So, let’s meet up to discuss your dream vacations. You can call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362 to set up an appointment or visit us online at www.tyustours.com to request information and visit our Facebook page @tyustourstravel to add an appointment.

    Also, you can tune into our radio show “Its Your Time 2 Travel” on talktainmentradio.com every Tuesday at 8 pm or join the conversation by calling 877-932-9766. On Its Your Time 2 Travel we discuss vacation getaways all over the world as well as address the many health benefits in taking time for vacations.

  • All Eyes will be on Tokyo in 2020

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    Every four years, the world unites for one of the biggest events in sport. All the excitement surrounding the Summer Games has shifted to Tokyo and 2020 can’t come soon enough. While most will enjoy the Summer Games from their televisions, those in attendance in the Tokyo 2020 venue will experience something extraordinary. They’ll watch history in the making while experiencing that electric atmosphere that seems to exist only at the Games. If there’s one sporting event that should be on your bucket list, it’s this one.

    Tokyo is sure to make a wonderful host city and will also have the honor of introducing 5 new sports to the Summer Games: sport climbing, karate, skateboarding, surfing, and the return of baseball/softball.

    An Epic Event in an Amazing Destination

    In terms of being an ideal Summer Games host, Tokyo has all the boxes checked. Having previously hosted the Games in 1964, the city has both the experience and the tourist appeal. Japan’s capital is brimming with impressive cultural attractions, outstanding shopping, and incredible gastronomy. And let’s not forget the abundance of neon lights, the affinity for electronic gadgets, and the spectacular nightlife. There really is nowhere else in the world like Tokyo and we can’t wait show you this fascinating city.

    We Take Care of all the Details

    Rest assured knowing that Tyus Tours & Travel has a highly qualified team who will take great care of you every step of the way.

    Before you leave, you’ll have access to a dedicated personal concierge who can assist with all the small details that will make your trip perfect? They are at your service to assist with recommendations and reservations for things like restaurants, tee times, and additional tours or excursions. Your personal concierge will ensure you have everything you need and that all your questions are answered before you embark on your Summer Games experience.

    During your stay in Tokyo you’ll receive high-touch service from our friendly onsite host team, made up of experienced event specialists and bilingual local experts. We want to take the stress out of traveling and make your experience as seamless as possible. We’ll meet you upon arrival, stay in close contact with you throughout your stay, and see you off when you depart. Our onsite host team is at your disposal via phone, text, email, or in person for anything you need during your visit to Tokyo.

    Summer Games in Tokyo Japan are July 24 2020 to August 9, 2020. Tyus Tours & Travel has several packages and travel options available to make this bucket list vacation a dream come true.

    For more information visit www.tyustours.com or call 866-547-5362

  • How To Choose a Family-Friendly Safari

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    When planning a family safari to South Africa, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is which lodge to choose. There are many choices in South Africa but the key is to choose a kid-friendly accommodation that fits your budget and lifestyle. Here are some things to consider when searching for the best family-friendly safari lodges in South Africa.

    Are children permitted on the safari game drives or walks?

    Each lodge has specific rules about the minimum age that children should be before going on a safari game drive. At most lodges in South Africa, the minimum age for children to participate in a safari game drive is six years old. For safety reasons, young children (under age 16) are rarely permitted on game walks. Most safari lodges will allow any aged children on a safari game drive if you reserve your own vehicle for your family. However, at Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge any aged children are permitted on all safari game drives.

    What do kids do when they’re not on a safari game drive?

    Many lodges offer activities for children during the day. These can range from walks around the property, crafts, baking, treasure hunts and more. At Thornybush Game Lodge children receive a “Ranger-in-Training” pack, which contains a backpack, coloring book and crayons, and a safari-interactive toy. Thornybush also offers kids spa treatments in shorter time frames and with kid-friendly names, like the baboon chest rub.

    Does the safari lodge offer educational programming for children?

    Whether you are travel schooling or simply on vacation, families often want to include educational programs for children during their holiday in South Africa. For example, at Shamwari Game Reserve’s Riverdene Lodge and Sarili Lodge, appointed staff meet with families upon arrival to talk about specific activities appropriate for the family’s size, children’s ages and weather considerations. There are various activities to teach humane and compassionate care for animals, such as visits to the Born Free Foundation Big Cat Rescue Centre and the Shamwari Rehabilitation Centre. There are also activities suited for indoors and other social and cultural activities to engage in.

    Does the safari lodge offer babysitting?

    Whether it is because parents would like to take part in a game drive together, go to the onsite spa or even relax for some time on their own, it is important that the safari lodge you stay at offers babysitting or “child minding” services. For example, if children are not permitted on game drives for safety reason, babysitting services are available (for a fee). Savanna Safari Lodge has a trained nanny on staff who keep kids busy in fun, engaging activities specially designed for “bush babies.”

    Does the safari lodge offer discounts for kids?

    A family safari trip to South Africa can be very expensive. To cut costs, consider staying at a lodge that offers a “kids eat” or “stay free” promotion. Also keep in mind the age classification for kids may vary from hotel to hotel. For example, at Madikwe Game Reserve the lodge’s children aged 0-5 stay for free and children 6-15 pay half the adult rate, with two paying adults.

    Can families share a room at a safari lodge?

    Many safari lodges have family suites or small houses/chalets to accommodate multi-generational or large families. Dependent on the lodge, there are age limits on how old kids can be to stay in a room with parents. At Kariega Game Reserve the Main Lodge offers three- and four-bedroom chalets ideal for multi-generation families or larger families.

    There are many great options for families to have a wonderful safari in South Africa. The key is to determine what your needs are and research your options. And of course, it is always helpful to have a trusted resource available (like the staff of Africa Specialists at Tyus Tours & Travel to help you find the best option to meet your needs.

  • Cuba Travel Ban Goes Into Effect

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    The Trump administration on Tuesday ended the most popular forms of U.S. travel to Cuba, banning cruise ships and a heavily used category of educational travel in an attempt to cut off cash to the island’s communist government.

    Cruise travel from the U.S. to Cuba began in May 2016 during President Barack Obama’s opening with the island. It has become the most popular form of U.S. leisure travel to the island, bringing 142,721 people in the first four months of the year, a more than 300% increase over the same period last year. For travelers confused about the thicket of federal regulations governing travel to Cuba, cruises offered a simple, one-stop, guaranteed-legal way to travel.

    That now appears to be over, with an estimated 800,000 cruise passenger bookings affected, according to cruise industry group Cruise Lines International Association.

    The Cuban government imposed food rationing last month as a result of tightened U.S. sanctions and a drop in subsidized oil and other aid from Venezuela. For the Cuban government, cruise travel generated many millions of dollars a year in docking fees and payments for on-shore excursions, although those figures were never made public. Cuba also has become the most-requested destination for many South Florida-based cruise lines.

    I Megan King, a spokesperson for cruise industry group Cruise Lines International Association, told USA TODAY that the new regulations were announced suddenly and will have massive implications.

    "Without warning, CLIA cruise line members are forced to eliminate all Cuba destinations from all itineraries effective immediately. This affects nearly 800,000 passenger bookings that are scheduled or already underway. All these bookings had been made under a general license previously issued by the United States Government that authorized “people to people” travel to Cuba."

    Unfortunately, King said, cruise lines are virtually powerless in this situation: "The new rules effectively make it illegal to cruise to Cuba from the United States. While this situation is completely beyond our control, we are genuinely sorry for all cruise line guests who were looking forward to their previously booked itineraries to Cuba."

    Commercial airline flights appear to be unaffected by the new measures and travel for university groups, academic research, journalism and professional meetings will continue to be allowed.

    Tyus Tours & Travel has land only tours available to Cuba for more information visit http://bit.ly/2SxIinr or call 866-547-5362.

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