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  • How To Choose a Family-Friendly Safari

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    When planning a family safari to South Africa, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is which lodge to choose. There are many choices in South Africa but the key is to choose a kid-friendly accommodation that fits your budget and lifestyle. Here are some things to consider when searching for the best family-friendly safari lodges in South Africa.

    Are children permitted on the safari game drives or walks?

    Each lodge has specific rules about the minimum age that children should be before going on a safari game drive. At most lodges in South Africa, the minimum age for children to participate in a safari game drive is six years old. For safety reasons, young children (under age 16) are rarely permitted on game walks. Most safari lodges will allow any aged children on a safari game drive if you reserve your own vehicle for your family. However, at Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge any aged children are permitted on all safari game drives.

    What do kids do when they’re not on a safari game drive?

    Many lodges offer activities for children during the day. These can range from walks around the property, crafts, baking, treasure hunts and more. At Thornybush Game Lodge children receive a “Ranger-in-Training” pack, which contains a backpack, coloring book and crayons, and a safari-interactive toy. Thornybush also offers kids spa treatments in shorter time frames and with kid-friendly names, like the baboon chest rub.

    Does the safari lodge offer educational programming for children?

    Whether you are travel schooling or simply on vacation, families often want to include educational programs for children during their holiday in South Africa. For example, at Shamwari Game Reserve’s Riverdene Lodge and Sarili Lodge, appointed staff meet with families upon arrival to talk about specific activities appropriate for the family’s size, children’s ages and weather considerations. There are various activities to teach humane and compassionate care for animals, such as visits to the Born Free Foundation Big Cat Rescue Centre and the Shamwari Rehabilitation Centre. There are also activities suited for indoors and other social and cultural activities to engage in.

    Does the safari lodge offer babysitting?

    Whether it is because parents would like to take part in a game drive together, go to the onsite spa or even relax for some time on their own, it is important that the safari lodge you stay at offers babysitting or “child minding” services. For example, if children are not permitted on game drives for safety reason, babysitting services are available (for a fee). Savanna Safari Lodge has a trained nanny on staff who keep kids busy in fun, engaging activities specially designed for “bush babies.”

    Does the safari lodge offer discounts for kids?

    A family safari trip to South Africa can be very expensive. To cut costs, consider staying at a lodge that offers a “kids eat” or “stay free” promotion. Also keep in mind the age classification for kids may vary from hotel to hotel. For example, at Madikwe Game Reserve the lodge’s children aged 0-5 stay for free and children 6-15 pay half the adult rate, with two paying adults.

    Can families share a room at a safari lodge?

    Many safari lodges have family suites or small houses/chalets to accommodate multi-generational or large families. Dependent on the lodge, there are age limits on how old kids can be to stay in a room with parents. At Kariega Game Reserve the Main Lodge offers three- and four-bedroom chalets ideal for multi-generation families or larger families.

    There are many great options for families to have a wonderful safari in South Africa. The key is to determine what your needs are and research your options. And of course, it is always helpful to have a trusted resource available (like the staff of Africa Specialists at Tyus Tours & Travel to help you find the best option to meet your needs.

  • Cuba Travel Ban Goes Into Effect

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    The Trump administration on Tuesday ended the most popular forms of U.S. travel to Cuba, banning cruise ships and a heavily used category of educational travel in an attempt to cut off cash to the island’s communist government.

    Cruise travel from the U.S. to Cuba began in May 2016 during President Barack Obama’s opening with the island. It has become the most popular form of U.S. leisure travel to the island, bringing 142,721 people in the first four months of the year, a more than 300% increase over the same period last year. For travelers confused about the thicket of federal regulations governing travel to Cuba, cruises offered a simple, one-stop, guaranteed-legal way to travel.

    That now appears to be over, with an estimated 800,000 cruise passenger bookings affected, according to cruise industry group Cruise Lines International Association.

    The Cuban government imposed food rationing last month as a result of tightened U.S. sanctions and a drop in subsidized oil and other aid from Venezuela. For the Cuban government, cruise travel generated many millions of dollars a year in docking fees and payments for on-shore excursions, although those figures were never made public. Cuba also has become the most-requested destination for many South Florida-based cruise lines.

    I Megan King, a spokesperson for cruise industry group Cruise Lines International Association, told USA TODAY that the new regulations were announced suddenly and will have massive implications.

    "Without warning, CLIA cruise line members are forced to eliminate all Cuba destinations from all itineraries effective immediately. This affects nearly 800,000 passenger bookings that are scheduled or already underway. All these bookings had been made under a general license previously issued by the United States Government that authorized “people to people” travel to Cuba."

    Unfortunately, King said, cruise lines are virtually powerless in this situation: "The new rules effectively make it illegal to cruise to Cuba from the United States. While this situation is completely beyond our control, we are genuinely sorry for all cruise line guests who were looking forward to their previously booked itineraries to Cuba."

    Commercial airline flights appear to be unaffected by the new measures and travel for university groups, academic research, journalism and professional meetings will continue to be allowed.

    Tyus Tours & Travel has land only tours available to Cuba for more information visit http://bit.ly/2SxIinr or call 866-547-5362.

  • Costa Rica World of Nature

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    Photo by Isabella Jusková on Unsplash

    Immerse yourself in an emerald wonderland, where almendro trees climb high into a cloud forest, extraordinary animals roam free, and hundreds of bird species take flight. From discoveries on water to journeys terra firma, experience Costa Rica - a living Eden on Central America's isthmus. Experience the rainforest up close over 2 nights at a remote resort. Sample the fresh cacao during a visit to a local plantation. Savor the flavors of a farm-to-table lunch at a family owned finca. Give back to Costa Rica's preservation efforts during a visit to the green sea turtle research station in Tortuguero National Park, where more than a dozen of Costa Rica's endangered species live. Embark on a crocodile safari in the jungle, and a bird-watching cruise in a dense rainforests. Admire the white sand beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park, and stand suspended over the rainforest floor on a journey across a network of hanging bridges. Hike the lave fields of the world-famous Arena Volcano, or soar over jungle canopies on a zip line. This is the very best of Costa Rica - a world of nature.

    For more information on this amazing 12 day tour of Costa Rica visit https://www.tyustours.com/14434245_21812.htm or call 866-547-5362.

    This Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 8pm, Tyus Tours & Travel will host “Its Your Time 2 Travel” on talktainmentradio.com where we will discuss “Discover Costa Rica”. Tune in or join the conversation by calling 877-932-9766.

  • 6 Simple Travel Tips for Better Sleep on Your Next Flight

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    There are so many things to be excited about when booking a trip. Unfortunately, an overnight flight isn’t one of them, especially if you struggle with sleeping on a plane. The good news: Despite being packed into an uncomfortable economy seat, it is possible to get some shut-eye. On your next flight, try the following.

    1. Pack an Ergonomic Body Pillow

    You may fly with a travel pillow, but do you actually think it’s comfortable? The problem is most don’t actually offer proper support, not to mention your head still falls forward. If you’re really craving some shut-eye on your next flight, opt instead for an ergonomic full-body pillow that cradles your head, like the Travelrest Travel Pillow.

    The pillow looks like a soft seat belt that attaches around you or your seat. It becomes wider at the top to gently hold your head in place. If you’re a minimalist, you’ll love that it can be deflated and rolled up to clip securely to your luggage.

    2. Load Your iPod with ASMR

    Also known as “autonomous sensory meridian response,” ASMR refers to a euphoric tingling that typically starts in the head and moves down the body for deep relaxation.

    It’s brought on by triggers — soothing sounds and sometimes gentle gestures — like tapping, scratching, whispering, page turning and a simulated spa treatment giving you personal attention.

    If the idea of getting your ears massaged by a stranger via your iPod sounds weird, scroll through YouTube and you’ll see that top ASMRists like GentleWhispering, ASMRRequests and Ricky7Whispers have hundreds of thousands of followers (because their voices are drug-free, sleep-inducing magic!).

    Tip: ASMR is best enjoyed with SleepPhones, soft, pillowy headphones you can lay your head on.

    3. Download Relaxation Apps

    Technology can keep you awake, whether from Facebook addiction or screens emitting blue light that disrupts snooze cycles; but sometimes it can also help you sleep. Take, for instance, relaxation apps.

    One to download before your next flight is Sleep Machine, which features a library of stereo sounds, ambient sounds and ambient music to choose from. You can play up to three tracks at one time to create your own sleep inducing soundtrack.

    There’s also Pzizz, which has a similar concept but through binaural beats, a phenomenon in which two tones create the illusion of a third tone — the binaural beat — being present. Interestingly, ancient cultures even tapped into the powers of consistent rhythmic beats, using them for relaxation and healing (though they typically used drums instead of iPhones).

    Finally, Headspace is a must-download app for any fliers who have ever said, “I can’t meditate.” The app is like meditation for dummies, teaching you exactly how to reach clarity and quiet those inner voices for easier plane rest.

    4. Shut Out Distractions

    A soft eye mask and ear plugs go a long way in making an airplane nap a possibility. For extra comfort, wear a shawl scarf to the airport, which doubles as an airplane blanket (since these are often not always free on planes anymore).

    5. Get the Right Seat

    Avoid sleeping near bathrooms where people often congregate (and lean on your seat like you’re not even there!). Instead, try snagging the bulkhead or emergency-exit row for more legroom — often with no added charge — and enough space that your seatmates won’t disturb you when getting up.

    You can also download the Seat Alerts app from ExpertFlyer, which shows you color-coded airplane maps so you can see which seat offers the best napping possibilities. It also alerts you when a seat you want opens up. Remember, there’s no industry standard on things like legroom and pitch, so oftentimes the amount of sleep you get could be increased with a seat change.

    6. Freshen the Air Up There

    Air travel is notoriously drying, but carrying liquid moisturizers through security can be a hassle. Instead, hydrate with moisturized wipes, and you won’t have to worry about carry-on lotion sizes.

    Choose e.l.f. Hydrating Water Cleansing Cloths with gentle aloe vera to leave your skin cleansed so your pores can breathe midair.

    To combat inflammation, pack a bottle of Yoga Balm to ease any aches and pains due to sitting down for several consecutive hours on the flight.

    Yoga Balm’s organic essential healing blend is used to spot-treat tense muscles, promote healing and enhance natural wellness. Its minty scent has the added benefit of aromatherapy to help freshen stale airplane air.

  • The Best Museum Exhibitions In New York City Now!

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    Searching for listings and reviews for the best New York museum exhibitions and shows? We have you covered.

    New York City has tons of things going for it, from incredible buildings to breathtaking parks. But surely, the top of the list includes NYC’s vast array of museums, covering every field of culture and knowledge: There are quirky museums and interactive museums, free museums and world-beating art institutions like the Metropolitan Museum. Between them, they offer so many exhibitions, of every variety and taste, that it's hard to keep track of them. We've got you covered with our select list of the best museum exhibitions in NYC.

    Things to do, Exhibitions

    "The Power of Intention: Reinventing the (Prayer) Wheel"

    The Rubin Museum of Art, Chelsea, Until Oct 14 2019

    Many of the most visually audacious and immersive exhibitions in NYC turn into selfie traps. The Rubin’s “Power of Intention: Reinventing the (Prayer) Wheel” is not that kind of show—or, at least, it asks you to be fully present and mindful instead of Instagramming. Of the numerous works of interactive contemporary art inspired by Tibetan Buddhist practices, we suggest checking out Scenocosme’s “Metamorphy” (pictured): When you touch the piece’s fabric membrane, it conjures up a “storm” using motion-sensing camera projection. The installation will make you think about how your energy affects the karma of the world.

    Art, Contemporary art

    “Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving”

    Brooklyn Museum | Brooklyn, NY, Prospect Heights, Until May 12 2019

    Though countless exhibitions have covered the work of the iconoclastic Mexican artist, the Brooklyn Museum’s new show is the first in the U.S. to feature personal artifacts from Kahlo’s childhood home, La Casa Azul. While browsing through her paintings, drawings and photos, you can also marvel at jewelry, hand-painted corsets, prosthetics and other lived-in items, all of which illustrate the heritage, rituals and mission at the heart of Kahlo’s life and work.

    Things to do, Exhibitions

    “Germ City: Microbes and the Metropolis”

    Museum of the City of New York, East Harlem, Until Apr 28 2019

    Germs, bacteria, viruses—New Yorkers encounter them by the millions every day while going about their business. Just thinking about what could be covering those poles in subway cars is enough to make your skin crawl. But contagious bugs have always been part of city life, and in this exhibition, the Museum of the City of New York charts the history of diseases in Gotham, and the many strategies that municipal authorities employed to combat them.

    Things to do, Exhibitions

    "Gateway to Himalayan Art"

    The Rubin Museum of Art, Chelsea, Until May 13 2019

    Do you enjoy the Rubin but feel a bit lost within the dizzying array of deities that figure in its works? This exhibition is the perfect initiation to the wide cast of characters that, by turns, traipse gleefully and skulk threateningly through Himalayan art. Don't miss the display explaining the process of Nepalese lost-wax metal casting and the life-size reproductions of murals from Tibet's Lukhang Temple.

    Art, Contemporary art

    "Implicit Tensions: Mapplethorpe Now”

    Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Upper East Side, Until Jul 10 2019

    Thirty years after his death, artist Robert Mapplethorpe still provokes. While capturing the fever dream of underground NYC in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, he ignited national conversations—and conflicts—on sex, race, censorship and government involvement in art, all of which still rage on today. Running until July, the first section of the Guggenheim’s ambitious, two-part exhibition displays Polaroids, collages, nude photographs, portraits of celebrities and the artist himself, and takes on the New York S & M scene.

    Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth

    The Morgan Library & Museum, Murray Hill, Until May 12 2019

    Wielding original maps, manuscripts, photographs and illustrations, the Morgan Library reconstructs J.R.R. Tolkien’s journey from the trenches of World War I to the creation of the beloved, world-renowned Lord of the Rings saga.

    To get your free New York Subway Map visit http://bit.ly/2XdZgJR

    For more information on New York Vacations call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362.

    You may also visit http://bit.ly/2Ue4FOM for more information or book your New York City vacation by visiting http://bit.ly/2PbfFfe.

  • Peru, The Richest Country In The World!

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    Peru is one of the many treasures of South America. Its home to diverse cuisine, colorful people, legendary sites and some of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth. It’s pretty much the perfect destination for any type of traveler, whether you’re into food, culture, adventure, sightseeing or a little bit of everything!

    Here are just a few of the things you have to look forward to when you travel Peru.

    Machu Picchu

    A visit to one of the world’s most legendary sites is an absolute “must do” for anyone who travels to South America. High in the Andes Mountains with stunning panoramic views, this spectacular 15th century collection of structures and terraces will leave you awestruck. Uncover the mysteries of this incredible place.

    Lima, Peru

    Take a walking tour through the historic city center of Lima, Peru to discover the city’s fascinating history. People often pass through Lima without giving it a thought while on their way to iconic sites like Machu Picchu, but that is a very big mistake. The city center is one of the most important destinations for you to visit in all of Peru due to the number of historically significant landmarks. Go to San Francisco Monastery and enter the catacombs. See the Government Center, the Cathedral at Plaza de Armas and many other magnificent landmarks.

    Eat, eat, eat

    Foodies everywhere are flocking to Lima, Peru to enjoy some of the most irresistible food in South America. The food there has always been diverse and incredible due to the climate there, but today more than ever, Lima is the place to be to enjoy some of the most exciting culinary delights on the continent.

    Peruvian food draws together influences from Latin America, Europe and the Amazon. Lima’s chefs create a fusion of flavors brought to life by a blend of ingredients indigenous to the area as well as those brought to Peru by visitors from around the globe. Look forward to enjoying lots of very fresh steamed fish, fruits and vegetables and a myriad of other culinary delights that will dance on your tongue.

    Be sure to get a little taste of everything by visiting higher end restaurants as well as local food stands. It’s the perfect way to enjoy everything Peruvian cuisine has to offer—from sophisticated dishes to simple creations.

    Shop for Treasures

    Peru is the place to shop till you drop! The diversity of products is simply amazing. You’ll find many handicraft markets as well as top end ceramic shops, art galleries, jewelry stores and clothing boutiques, particularly in Lima and Cuzco. The Andean textile heritage is still very much alive in Peru. Look for colorful Andean textiles in the form of blankets, ponchos, shawls, and scarves.

    Not convinced yet? Enjoy this video to hear what our guests have to say about Peru! https://youtu.be/YBlo5BqqagA.

    Request Information!

  • Las Vegas-It's Going To Be KOAS!

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    You don't have to gamble and go clubbing to fill a Vegas vacation agenda. There's always something new to do in the desert city that never sleeps.


    Try Flying Superman-style 12 stories high over the Las Vegas Stripe at speeds up to 40 mph. Take the 35 second ride that travels above the bustling Linq Promenade, past Sprinkles cupcakes, Brooklyn Bowl and Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips toward the towering High Roller observation wheel. When completed you can say you rode Fly Ling, the first Zipline on the Strip.But. there's also the VooDoo zip-line at Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino just off The Strip, and Slotzilla at the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas.




    The Slotzilla will launch you out of a giant slot machine that's 11 stories tall over Fremont Street underneath the second largest video screen on earth which gives you the best view of their mesmerizing light show. The light show plays every hour on the screen which is 1500 feet long and 90 feet wide.


    There are 2 ways to fly. The Zoom line shoots you all the way down Fremont Street Superman-Style or try the less intense Zipline which is only 77 Feet high where you can fly seated.


    Tip: The views are spectacular at night.


    The Underground at the Mob Museum


    There are no signs on the green side door outside The Mob Museum. Visitors push a buzzer and a narrow slot in the door opens to reveal a pair of dark eyes. To get in you must say the password ( which is posted weekly on Instagram). Entrance is free with Mob Museum admission or free on its own after 5 p.m. through the side entrance .Inside, a combination speakeasy, distillery and Prohibition exhibit called The Underground and, like the Mob Museum itself, is a must-see in downtown Las Vegas.


    The small distillery makes corn-mash moonshine and you can get a free sample, buy a bottle to take home or order a drink at the bar with moonshine in it. The 30-minute distillery tours, which include samples of moonshine, vodka and Jamaica ginger infusion, are popular and offered daily from noon to 6 p.m.


    Block 16 Urban Food Hall


    A collection of food counters next door to the Marquee nightclub on Cosmopolitan’s second level features niche restaurants beloved around the country.


    It’s easy to call Block 16 a food court, but visitors won’t find Nathan’s, McDonald's or other fast food on the menu at the latest addition to the chic hotel with the trademark crystal chandelier. The Block 16 takeout bags playfully scratch out fast in "fast foodies”.


    Block 16 is tiny and easily overlooked with the arrival of Eataly, the grand new Italian food hall that opened in late December at Park MGM hotel, but it is a great addition to the Las Vegas food scene and Cosmopolitan's already stellar restaurant lineup. (For another quick option, try Cosmo's secret pizza on the same level.)


    Tip: Take a cruise around the place before ordering and bring friends so you can try a bunch of options.


    NoMad Bar


    The bar opened in October and has a vintage vibe, it’s really a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night snacks, in addition to cocktails. On the cocktail menu are drinks for two in a giant copper rooster that sits behind the counter.


    Cocktail enthusiasts flock to the swank new NoMad Bar at the new NoMad Las Vegas hotel for its pedigree. The NoMad Bar in New York was named best bar in North America in 2018 and fourth in the world in the Oscars of bar competitions.


    Tip: Las Vegas is the only place where you will find a NoMad slot machine. A few are stationed at the entrance to the NoMad Hotel off the casino floor at Park MGM hotel.


    Hard Rock Cafe guitar and Tim Burton at the Neon Museum


    The Neon Museum, another downtown Las Vegas gem where old Vegas signs go to die, will add a high-profile neon sign to its boneyard in early March. It is adding the giant guitar from Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, which closed in 2016 after a nearly 30 year run.


    The sign owner, Young Electric Sign Company, donated the guitar to the museum, which launched a $350,000 fundraising campaign in 2017 to transport, restore and maintain the sign.


    The Hard Rock guitar was lit in a lighting ceremony on March 4. Donors will have their names at the base of the guitar.


    Coming this fall and running into February 2020: An exhibition from director Tim Burton. The museum says it's first exhibit of his original fine art in nearly a decade. Ticket sales have not begun.


    Las Vegas-It's Going To Be KOAS


    As is often the case in Las Vegas, the rumors were true. The Palms is building a 100,000-square-foot, multi-level day club and nightclub with a massive glass wall-operable door dividing indoor and outdoor spaces, a DJ booth that rotates 360 degrees, a supplemental dome cover that will make it a year-round destination and a 65-foot bronze sculpture of a headless demon.


    Set to open in April, the club and amphitheater-style complex is the last big piece of the resort’s $690 million update by Station Casinos, which acquired the 17-year-old off-Strip hotel and casino in 2016.


    Imagine attending a Las Vegas pool party in the shadow of British artist Damien Hirst’s eerie, six-story sculpture “Demon with Bowl.” You look around to see layers of private cabanas—39 of them across multiple levels—with sparkling glass pools jutting out over and around the crowd, people dancing and splashing inside them. This could happen at KAOS’ “luxe Greek-inspired oasis” dayclub, as most of its cabanas will feature cantilevered glass pools. Besides the rotating DJ booth that sits at the center of the indoor and outdoor areas, the pool club portion also features an additional stage and live entertainment performance space and “the city’s largest LED wall” on the eastern side of the hotel’s Ivory Tower, streaming live shots of the club for Vegas visitors outside the resort to enjoy.


    Day club business has grown so lucrative in recent years that KAOS will be the first Vegas mega club to be built as a year-round venue. Its nightclub space, according to today’s announcement, “takes inspiration from a modern playhouse, with art and architecture working hand in hand to create a surreal, ever-shifting experience.”


    To find out more about all the KOAS going on in Las Vegas in 2019 tune into Its Your Time 2 Travel on talktainmentradio.com, Tuesday, at 8 pm EDT or you can join the conversation by calling 877-932-9766. To book your Vegas Vacation visit https://www.tyustours.com/14062374_21812.htm.


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