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  • How To Travel To Cuba

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    Traveling to Cuba is unlike traveling to any other destination in the world. You just can't book a flight-hotel and travel to Cuba. As a non-Cuban American citizen due to the travel restrictions caused by the United States Embargo against Cuba travel to Cuba is limited to people-to-people tours and regulated by the U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign of Foreighn Assets Control (OFAC) under the U.S. Embargo. The result is the only American travelers that are going to Cuba have to obtain a license through the Office of Foreign Assets Control. (Cost about $75). Licensed travel is available for people to people tours, educational travel for businessmen, family travel for Cuban Americans with family on the island, religious travel, sports and agriculture.


    You Must Travel in a Group


    Under the people-to-people law, we are obligated to take travelers to Cuba in a group. However, even if you plannned on traveling to Cuba solo, being part of a tour allows you the opportunity  to travel with compatible people, while adventuring the island with our tour guides.


    The tour guides make sure you visit all of the well-known sites, as well as those hidden treasures that you may or may not been aware of. Regardless of where our travelers are from or their age, Cuban experts find joy in making everybody's experience an unforgettable one.


    Tyus Tours & Travel offers tours with everything included.  We book all the hotels, schedule all of the events, buses and hail all of the taxis. Group travel for people-to-people has many advantages over regular tourist vacations.  First, we're able to share our knowledge and take you to locations most tourist would never find or think of travelling to. This will give you a truly once in a lifetime experience that will make you want to return.


    There is Free Time for Non-group experience


    Full participation by our guests is required by the U.S. Department of the Treasuary's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). It requires that those traveling under a people-to-people license to participate in a full-time schedule of cultural exchange activities resulting in a purposeful interaction bewtween the travelers and Cubans. However, you will have free time to explore or entertain yourselves before the itinerary begins or after the scheduled activities are over. Not to worry our tours are packed with exciting and memorable adventures and activities that you wouldn't find on your own.


    Bring Goods To Donate


    Donations are a thoughtful gesture when visiting Cuba. While travelers shouldn't feel obligated to bring gifts to Cuba, it is important to keep in mind that anything you may to bring will be very much appreciated. Goods are scarce in Cuba and while Cubans are incredibly resourceful things like clothing, toiletries, school supplies, and toys will be gratefully appreciated.


    What to Bring


    When you're travelling international it is advised to bring prescription drugs in their original, pharmacy-issued bottles. Make sure to pack comfortable sneakers, bring a bathing suit or swim trunks. It is advisable to pack light clothers and hats for May through September as it gets very hot during the day. Long-sleeved shirts and light sweaters for the evening are more appropriate for October through April. For the evening bring a dresser outfit.




    It can be difficult to find specific items in a pinch because goods aren't as readily available on the island. Therefore, if you're accustomed to living a specific lifestyle you should bring all the comforts needed.


    Suggested Goods are:

    Sunblock, sunglasses insect repellent contact lens solution, toilet paper or tissues for public restrooms, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, dental floss, bandages creams and ointments, toothbrush, reading materials, cigarette lighters, compact umbrella, light rain jacket, feminine hygiene products, over-the-counter drugs, hair dryer, shaving cream and razor.


    Laundry Services or Dry Cleaning


    The higher rated hotels (4 stars and up) offer laundry and dry cleaning at a reasonable price.


    Things you need to know


    Credit and debit cards issued by an American bank will not work in Cuba. Cash is required. You may exchange your U.S. Dollars for Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) upon arrival in Cuba.


    There is no service for U.S. cell phones in Cuba and callng from Cuba is very expensive. Hotels have internet service available for a fee. However please be aware that service is less reliable and internet speeds are slow.


    U.S. travelers are allowed to bring home up to $400 USD worth of good acquired in Cuba for personal use. Please be aware that no more than $100 USD of the merchandise may consist of alcohol or tobacco products.


    Please note: the hotel check-in process takes longer than in the U.S. .Each guest may be asked to fill out a form with additional information as some hotels require a copy of your passport information upon check in.


    Cuba is a country that has been inaccessible to Americans for decades and it is important to go into the Cuban experience with an open mind and make the most of every moment. The increased interest in Cuba has placed heavy demands on limited resources and infrastructure which may result in lower standards of hotels and amenities than you're accustomed to. Temporary power outages, low water pressre, limited air conditioning are not uncommon in Cuba.


    It is important to remain flexible as some changes to the itinerary may be necessary while on tour due to situations beyond our control. Keep in mind, the purpose of this trip is to have meaningful interactions with the locals. Many places you will visit are not typical tourist destinations and thus are not always accessible. If a planned people-to -people exchange isn't available, it will be replaced with another one just as enriching and your full people-to-experience will be preserved.


    These are exciting times in Cuba your travels to Cuba is both historic as well as culturally diverse. For more information on Cuba tune into "Its Your Time 2 Travel, February 5 or February 19, 2019 at 8 pm on talktainmentradio.com or bit.ly/Sxlinr for additional information.


    Tyus Tours & Travel



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  • Mickey And Minnie's Surprise Party At Sea

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    Mickey and Minnie's Surprise Party at Sea is a celebration that will take place one afternoon on the Disney Fantasy's popular seven-night itineraries. You can join favorite Disney characters for some fun in the sun as they celebrate Mickey's 90th in style, complete with special costumes and a song made just for the occasion-"Its a Good Time".


    And of course, what birthday party would be complete without food! This celebration is all about Mickey, and the food is no exception-you will enjoy Mickey ice cream bars and Mickey pretzels, while a specialty drink in a cup shaped like (you guessed it) Mickey will be offered.


    That is just the beginning of the fun to come at Mickey and Minnie's Surprise Party at Sea, as there will be many more surprisies in store this summer on the Disney Fantasy.

  • The Seven 'Fun Tips' Of Christmas

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    Tip #1 Merry Season To You!

    We take celebration seriously, packing extra fun into everything! So whether you're spending a holiday at sea in 2018-yes, there's still time or eyeing one for late 2019, we wish you some very happy, very fun holidays!


    Tip #2 It's Almost Next Year!

    And that means....Carnival Panorama! When you hang your 2019 Calendar, circle December 11th. That's the day you get to finally enjoy all this ship has to offer, including the first Sky Zone trampoline park at sea.


    Tip #3 Cruising To Europe!

    You have two ways to cruise Europe and both are the fun way. There's the Mediterranean's laid-back sidewalk cafe vibe, but then Northern Europe has that mountain-n-glacier thing going on. Carnival Radiance and Carnival Legend are the amazing ships that will get you there.


    Tip #4 The Biggest Of Big News!

    We make big announcements. This one on the other hand is huge. Sailing in 2020 is Mardi Gras, a brand new ship with not just a rollercoaster onboard (the first ever at sea) but a name that pays homage to the Carnival ship that started it all.


    Tip #5 Help Escape The Cold!

    Book a cruise for early 2019 and get outdoors at sea, enjoying a winter that's way less wintery, It's definitely not cold where we're sailing.


    Tip #6 There's A Big Chicken On The Way!

    When Carnival Radiance debuts 2020, one part will have Shaq's name all over it: the chicken restaurant. Yes really-this ship is going to have the world's first big chicken at sea, featuring the good stuff from the big guy for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


    Tip #7 Let Yourself TryThe Wild Life

    Know what's cool? Alaska! That's not a joke-sumeer's the perfect season for you to grab you're jackets and cruise this beautiful state made of quaint towns and some absolutely stunning nature.


    For more information contact Tyus Tours & Travel

    866-547-5362 or 614-583-9144

  • Give The Gift Of A Disney Vacation

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    Giving a Walt Disney World vacation is the perfect holiday gift for loved ones to create memories that last a lifetime. You can cross another holiday present off your list. With so many unique and exciting things for you to discover at all 4 theme parks in the new year. Now is the best time to book your 2019 getaway. Save 25% on rooms at select Disney Resort Hotels. To learn more click here.


    When you embark on a Disney Cruise, you'll experience the one of a kind magic of  Disney Entertainment, the relaxing wonder of an ocean voyage and the enchantment of tropical destinations. Up to 25% savings on select  tropical cruises from both coast. To learn more click here.


    Discover the excitement of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California featuring 2 amazing theme parks Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park! You can celebrate a brand new year by staying close to can't miss theme park fun with this magical offer at Disneyland. Save up to 25% on select rooms at Disneyland Resort Hotel. For more information visit click here.


    Tis the season to save on a River Cruise Adventure. On an Adventures by Disney trip you're a traveler and an adventurer, not a tourist . You and your family become active participants in incredible stories, experiences and cultures through immersive activities only Disney can bring you. This holiday season save $250 per person when you give the gift of a seclect Adventures by Disney River Cruise Vacation. To learn more click here.


    To book or for more information contact Tyus Tours & Travel


  • Cuba Travel Is Making A Comeback

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    Between hurricanes making headlines, advisories being issued by the U.S. Department of State and the Trump administration's decision to undo some of President Barak Obama's policies with regard to American travel, 2017 was not a good year for Cuba tourism.


    All of 2017 and the first couple months of 2018 were much weaker than in previous years. In reality, very little has changed regarding the laws pertaining to American travel to Cuba.


    Today, reality seems to be sinking in with travelers who now realize the Cuban Tourism hasn't simply dried up and disappeared. Since May of this year Cuba has seen spikes in leads and bookings for the destination.


    Group requests, which sunk o an all-time low in 2017, have been registering a 10-fold increase since July. The group figures also include a noteworthy increase in multi-generational family travel as well as a spike in professional organization travel.


    The Island's Hotel Industry Is Also Booming


    Melia hotels is adding 2,145 new hotel rooms through hotel renovation or construction by the end of 2018 in key spots where American visit including Cienfuegos, Camaguey, and Varadero.


    Iberostar is also opening two new luxury properties: The Grand Packard Hotel and in eastern Cuba the Iberostar Holguin. Renovations are also underway for the famed Hotel Riviera in Havana and more hotels are slated to launch across the island in 2019 and beyond.


    U.S. Commercial Airlines Providing Non-Stop Service to Cuba


    In yet another sign of the island's compelling comeback, there are now five U.S. commericial airlines providing non-stop service from the U.S. to Cuba with new routes launching in November and beyond.


    One Additional Point Of Note, Traveling t Cuba Is Incredibly Safe


    In fact, the U.S. Department of State lowered the travel advisory from level 3 to level 2, putting travel to Cuba the same as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the Bahamas.


    Cuba Announcing New Tours


    The world-famous record label Putumaya World Music is creating a never-been-done-before series of musical expeditions mirroring Putumayo's extensive world music album collection.


    In addition to private meet-and-greet and performances with artists, Putumayo's own Jacob Edgar will be accompanying each trip and sharing his insight. Cuba is also preparing to launch "Private Departures" in Cuba in mid-November, which will allow a group of as few as two people to book their own departure date, select whatever hotel they want on the island and whichever itinerary they want.


    The trips are slightly more exprensive than group tours but are designedf to allow for maximum flexibility when visiting Cuba.


    A Unique Itinerary


    Tyus Tours & Travel and SeaDream Yacht Club is offering a truly unique itinerary exploring Cuba's exotic destination by Mega Yacht. 


    Your curiosity for Cuba will be fulfilled. All itineraries will depart from Havana or Cienfuegos and circumnavigate the western side of the island. The 112-guest Mega Yacht, SeaDream II will provide the ideal vantage point to experience some the country's most storied and least travel ports. To learn more about this unique itinerary click here.


    Now is a great time to visit Cuba. They just selected a new president. There is a lot of hope in Cuba, you can be part of history. Experience Cuba Today!


    To book your Cuba Vacation call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362.

  • Royal Caibbean Changing The Way They Change The Game!

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    Royal Caribbean® is amping up your favorite ships with never-before-seen thrills, cuisines you crave, and more unforgettable experiences day and night, with our new face of fleet modernization. This is Royal Amplified — the future of adventure.

    Every Adventure Under the Sun

    Outside pool decks get drenched in all new ways to play catch shade or score bragworthy moments. Like first-of-their-kind slides and rides. And pools that offer a refreshing change of lounge space, plus downtime redefining activities day and night.

    Raising the Bar

    Clink, drink and live it up in new bars and nightlife hotspots with a vibe as distinct as the cocktails they shake up. From video games to open mic fame, you’ll find endless ways to be entertained. Plus, downright good food that keeps the night charging on.

    Table Turning

    Fuel up for your adventure with new forays into the cuisine you love. Whether it’s fresh seafood, tasty Mexican fare or hearty Italian dishes. And when the thrills won’t wait, grab a bite on the go at fast casual eateries with food that’s simply delicious.

    Royal Amplified Ships

    The Royal Amplified fleet modernization program will amp up 10 ships in 4 years. Stay tuned to learn more about the new bold adventures that you will experience on these re-imagined ships.

    To learn the how Royal Caribbean is changing the game contact Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362.


  • Five reasons to #ChooseCruise

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    Vacaton Packages

    CLIA is highlighting five key reasons why people should consider a cruise. Fulfilling the bucket list tops those, with 95% of CLIA agents surveyed reporting an uptick in new cruise destinations fueled by travelers yearning to see bucket-list places.

    Sixty-two percent of the agents cited more cruises booked to Alaska, making it the top growth destination, according to CLIA. Other top growth destinations: Caribbean/Bermuda/Mexico, Mediterranean/Europe and Canada/New England.

    Unpacking once is another reason to cruise. Without the hassle of checking into and out of hotels, packing and repacking and coordinating myriad travel details, cruising, CLIA said, is 'the simplest, worry-free way to explore multiple destinations.

    More Adventure

    Many travelers are looking for more adventurous vacations, and CLIA cited Alaska as the favored choice for adventure or expedition travel. Other high-adventure destinations include the Galápagos Islands, the South Pacific and Antarctica.

    Pampering is yet another draw; from its room service to spas, cruise travel is known for this. Suite guests are often waited on by butlers, and spa treatments can range from 24-carat-gold facials to chocolate body massages.

    A fifth reason to #ChooseCruise is more healthy options than ever before. Chefs plan health-conscious foods for various dietary needs, while fitness equipment, classes and seminars keep travelers in shape and options like ice skating, zip lining and surfing provide fun ways to keep active aboard ship.

    Exclusive promotions

    During October, cruise lines are offering exclusive deals and promotions. On social handles like @CLIAGlobal on Twitter, Facebook and more, the association is leveraging daily observances and holidays to showcase cruise travel and integrate cruising into popular social conversations. From National Taco Day and Sweetest Day to Picasso’s Birthday and Great Books Day, CLIA noted October is filled with observances that help show the variety cruising has to offer.

    To view cruise offers visit www.tyustours.com/14182075_21812.htm or call 866-547-5362.


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