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Carey International, Inc. is the global leader in chauffeured services and ground transportation logistics management, providing full-service solutions for the world's most discerning travelers. Since 1921, the Carey® brand has represented uncompromising reliability and impeccable professionalism, safety, security and quality. Carey International, Inc. is comprised of two distinct brands Carey® and Embarque® that offer unique customer experiences, but share the same set of core competencies and centralized operational platforms.

Our Service

Carey International, Inc. (“Carey International”) features unique, comprehensive, standards-based luxury transportation services offered through the largest network of service providers in our industry - -  The Exclusive Carey® Franchise Network, the Carey Alliance Network®, and the Embarque Network. 

This exclusive global network spans more than 1000 cities worldwide, and offers unrivaled safety, consistency of service standards, and innovative travel technology for both travelers and arrangers.  These uncompromising standards and innovative features come together to provide our arrangers and travelers with unparalleled peace-of-mind - - no matter where they chose to travel.

Global Standards

We offer the only truly consistent and uniform brands in the chauffeured transportation services industry because we’ve developed the largest network of branded operations.  It is through this closely monitored network that we’re able to enforce operational uniformity and ensure a level of business consistency that our competitors cannot. Keys to our success in this regard are our Operations & Standards Manuals. Updated quarterly, these powerful, comprehensive guides cover all Carey and Embarque standards, from acceptable vehicle types and maintenance scheduling, to branding and decor in the local office. We go beyond these stringent standards with frequent inspections and field audits, as well as utilizing our customer satisfaction monitor surveys.

Professional Operators

Our chauffeurs and drivers deliver the industry gold-standard in professionalism, expertise and knowledge. All Carey chauffeurs and Embarque drivers possess all licenses and certifications required by federal, state, and local laws. Prospective chauffeurs and drivers are subjected to rigorous pre-engagement screening, including a comprehensive background check which features:

  • Motor vehicle driving record investigation
  • Federal, State and Local Criminal background check
  • Seven-year Social Security check
  • Federal Terrorist Watch-list screening
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Reference check
  • Licensing/credentialing verification

Once performing services for Carey or Embarque, chauffeurs and drivers are subjected to randomized drug and alcohol testing, annual criminal re-screening, as well as regular inspections monitoring:

  • Vehicle condition
  • Presentation and hygiene
  • Fatigue

All chauffeurs and drivers are subjected to annual service performance reviews.  These service reviews assist with evaluating and monitoring compliance with our safety standards and customer service performance.  We use this compliance monitoring tool in conjunction with our comprehensive customer satisfaction surveys to ensure optimal chauffeur and driver performance.

All Carey professional chauffeurs must meet and undergo the following requirements:

  • A minimum of three years of experience prior to being allowed to perform services for Carey clients
  • Extensive driving safety certification
  • Adherence to a professional dress code

All Embarque drivers:

  • Receive extensive training and coursework in safety and required standards
  • Are attired in a professional, distinct, blue button-down collared shirts

World Class Fleet

The Carey fleet features a full line of luxury and executive vehicles, while the Embarque fleet features only US EPA SmartWay® Certified Fuel-Efficient vehicles.  Both fleets are well-maintained, non-smoking, and subjected to rigid global standards for safety, presentation and cleanliness.


Carey International Elite

Introducing Carey International EliteTM Rates from Carey International. Carey International EliteTM Rates are special discounted prices on specific services, routes, or vehicle types that have been carefully selected to create more value for travelers and travel professionals alike. Carey International EliteTM Rates are only available to travel professionals.

Elite rates from major airports to the most popular cruise ports in The United States and Canada. You will save up to 10% on Carey®  and Embarque®  services. Rates include all Carey and Embarque vehicle types and are valid for any reservation date.


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