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Amtrak Vacations has proudly been the National Tour Operator for Amtrak since 2006. We've got you covered. If the train goes there, so do we. Book a trip in reverse, add on any destination, choose hotels from 3, 4, or 5 stars.Tyus Tours & Travel is an proud agent for Amtrak Vacations

  • Amtrak Vacations offers Rail Vacations including rail, hotel, sightseeing, and meals
  • Hundreds of Pre-Planned trips to choose from including quick weekend getaways to 1-2-3 weeks long.
  • All itineraries are customizable and Independent (not an Escorted Group)
  • National Parks are the most popular destinations in the U.S. (Grand Canyon, Glacier, and more)
  • Amtrak Vacations is a 1 stop shop & takes the complexity oout of planning and entire vacation from start to finish