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  • If You Call Yourself a Halloween Superfan, You Must Visit These 5 Towns

    10/31/2016 12:40:09 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    by Jessica Kleinschmidt


    Halloween is just around the corner and while some may slip into a simple costume and greet trick-or-treaters at the door, some may want to take a more adventurous route.


    There are so many towns across the U.S. that pushes the Halloween envelope a little bit more than costumes and cocktails. Here are five of them.


    Seattle, Washington


    We know the Northwest is dripping in some of the most breathtaking foliage, but around the Seattle area, there are a few more events that makes the October holiday a bit more fun.


    In October, “Thrill the World” puts on a Michael Jackson “Thriller” performance. The group practices throughout the autumn months and performs the dance on October 29th. The best part? The dance is performed worldwide. If you want to see the performance in Seattle, it takes place at the Artspace Hiawatha Lofts.


    You can experience a beer crawl, or take it to the next level with an Oktoberfest at the Washington State Fair.


    According to Seattle Pipeline, you can also experience the “Georgetown Morgue.” I can almost guarantee I would not want to attend that.


    St. Helens, Oregon


    Remember the Disney Channel Original Movie Halloweentown? We all have a best friend who claims that as his/her favorite, so I can guarantee you have heard of it. Well, you can take that best friend to Oregon to experience Halloweentown in real life.


    In St. Helens, Oregon, at the beginning of October you can experience the cult classic “in the town where Halloween never sleeps.” In the Old Town District you can attend the haunted town tour and most importantly witness the lighting of The Great Pumpkin.


    Kimberly J. Brown or “Marnie” from the film plans on visiting the town throughout the event as well according to Oregon Live.


    Carson City, Nevada


    Nevada’s capital city (no, it’s not Las Vegas or Reno) also has plenty of Halloween events to attend. The cute little town hosts a pumpkin patch and a scavenger hunt as well as Halloween karaoke.


    You can go on the Ghost Walk Tour by Bats in the Belfry at the end of the month around the historic Virginia City. It’s creepy, so come prepared.


    You can take a look at some of the photos on their website. Don’t be surprised if you see something out of the ordinary.


    New Orleans, Louisiana


    If you don’t know how wild New Orleans can be during Halloween, just take a look at New Orleans Online. They say it is “second only to Mardi Gras for a wild and crazy kind of fun.”


    The distinction with the haunted tours is taken to a new level when you check out the voodoo shops in the area. “The spirit of Marie Laveau, the High Priestess of 19th century New Orleans, can still be felt in the vibes that surround you in some of these shops. You might even learn a few spells and mystical incantations,” says the site.


    The 3-D parade called the “Krewe of Boo” will set your trip over the top. It’s definitely a bucket list type of trip.


    Idaho Penitentiary


    This event is not for the faint of heart.


    During the annual “Frightened Felons” event at the Old Idaho Penitentiary in Boise, you can tour the “only haunted cell” in the town. Along with adult beverages and hot cocoa, you get to interact with actors posing as prisoners.


    Throughout the year you can also go on cemetery and night tours. Discover the unmarked graves and why some names “cannot be found in any prison register.”

  • 7 Reason’s Why “NOW” is The Best Time To Travel To Alaska!

    10/30/2016 11:23:59 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Vacaton Packages

    If you always dreamed of traveling to Alaska, stop putting it off. Alaska is a destination unlike any other, showcasing a side of the United States that’s rarely seen. Alaska is still truly wild and open to endless adventure. These are the 7 reasons to go to Alaska and go “Now”.


             1. It won’t be the same forever:

    Global warming is real; ask any Alaskan. Alaska’s landscape is changing as our climate is warming. Climate change is not only affecting ice, but also Alaska’s bird, animal and marine in habitants.


             2. Alaska’s Sesquicentennial Anniversary:

    In 2017 Alaska will celebrates its 150thanniversary as part of the United States. Sitka, the site of the original purchase, will recognizing the milestone with yearlong cultural events. And if you miss everything going on this year or next, make sure to plan on Alaska for 2019, when Alaskans can rejoice over 60 years of being official..


           3. Alaska ranked 3rdmost beautiful state in America:

    No state will leave you in complete awe of the wild like Alaska. Alaska boasts the rugged wilderness that just doesn’t exist in the rest of America.


           4. National Parks:

    Alaska has eight national parks: Denali, Gates of the Arctic, Glacier Bay, Katmai, Kenai Fjords, Kobuk Valley, Lake Clark and Wrangell-St. Elias. All except Kenai Fjords and Kobuk Valley are actually classified as both national parks and national preserves. Mountainous Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is the largest national park in the United States at 13.2 million acres.


           5. State Park:

    One of the largest state parks in the nation is Chugach (CHEW-gatch) is 20 minutes from downtown Anchorage. Chugach has scenic overlooks, hiking camping and kayaking are just a handful of possibilities.


          6. Annual Events:

    Summer Solstice, Fourth of July, NYO Games. The “Big Four” of Winter: Iditarod, Fur Rendezvous, Iron Dog and Tour of Anchorage.


         7. Alaska has one of the 25 best beach cities in America:

    Yakutat (Yak-attack) Bay is one of America’s 25 best beach city in America. This tiny town is known as “Far North Shore” is great for surfing and fishing.


    Visit Alaska “Now” because who knows what the impact from Global warming will be in a few short years.


    These are just a few reasons to visit Alaska, Anchorage Now! For more reasons listen to our podcast from It’s Your Time To Travel on Talktainmentradio.com on October 25, 2016. Click on link http://talktainmentradio.com/podcasts/Its%20Your%20Time%20to%20Travel%20102516.mp3.

  • Show us your #CruiseSmile for a chance to win an incredible cruise vacation!

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    Vacaton Packages

    October is Plan a Cruise Month, the perfect time to discover a cruise vacation. Visit tyustours.com to begin planning your cruise vacation. A new theme is feature every week, simply share your #CruiseSmile to enter.* This week's theme starting 10/25/2016 is exploring nature cruise for two.


    If exploring nature is your favorite way to vacation, there is a cruise for you! Experience hiking through rainforests, diving into tranquil lagoons or visit the wonders of the Enter the #CruiseSmile sweepstakes during the explore nature theme period from October 25 - 31 for your chance to win your choice of one of these adventurous cruises.


    • October 25: 10-Day Alaska Cruise Land + Sea Journey

    • October 26: Seven-Day Caribbean to Miami Cruise

    • October 27: Seven-Night Tahiti & The Society Islands Voyage

    • October 28 :Seven-Day Alaska Cruise, Tongass Explorer, Vancouver to Anchorage

    • October 29: Seven-Day Mediterranean Cruise

    • October 30: Eight-Day Classic Italy and Dalmatian Coast

    • October 31:14-Day Japan & Taiwan Yokohama to Hong Kong



    Each week someone will win!


    Winners select their choice of the week’s featured Cruise Vacations.
    Ground transportation to and from the airport closest to the departure port for the applicable cruise is provided by Carey®.

    Simply upload your best #CruiseSmile onTwitter or Instagram or  (any photo of your great smile) and you could be cruising off into the sunset.*

    For more information visit @tyustourstravel on facebook or visit www.tyustours.com.


    Tune into It's Your Time To Travel Tuesdays at 8pm on talktainmentradio.com. Special guest this week is "Visit Anhorage Alaska". Tune in to find out why now is the best time to plan a vacation to Alaska. You can join the conversation at 877-932-9766 or download the talktainmentradio.com App.

  • SeaDream is a 2017 Berlitz Winner!

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    Vacaton Packages


    SeaDream is thrilled to win top spots on the 2017 Berlitz Guide to Cruising & Cruise Ships. The new 2017 guide heralds twin 112-guest mega yachts SeaDream I and II, as the top two boutique passenger vessels in the world!

    The new Berlitz Guide, researched and written by Douglas Ward - the world’s top authority on cruising and cruise ships - enforces that when it comes to life on the ocean waves, “SeaDream is beautiful and intimate with excellent food”. Having reviewed almost 300 cruise ships, Ward has named the top-rated ships for 2017. Many of the most highly rated, being officially “small” or “boutique”.

    Explore Yachting>>>

    SeaDream Yacht Club has also earned a spot on the Berlitz 2017 "5 Best Cruises for Foodlies" list. According to Berlitz, these cruise lines have been chosen for the quality and variety of ingredients, their creativity, and presentation.


    Explore Cuisine »


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  • Please Help Those Affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

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    Hurricane Matthew has killed more than 842 people after making land fall Tuesday, October 4, 2016. Organizations are on the ground in Haiti to help with recovery efforts.

    To donate please contact one of the following organizations:

    All Hands Volunteers



    Catholic Relief Services

    Concern Worldwide USA

    Convoy of Hope

    Direct Relief

    Handicap International

    International Relief Teams

    International Medical Corps

    Mission of Hope Haiti

    Operation Blessing International

    Partners in Health

    Salvation Army

    Samaritan's Purse

    Save the Children


    World Concern

    World Vision


    Haiti remains the poorest country in the Americas and one of the poorest in the world with significant needs in basic services. Most dwellings in Haiti are of a poor standard, as the majority of people live in severe poverty. Many houses are one floor high, square and small buildings made of the materials available in the nearby area, with no running water or indoor sewage system. Houses of the colonial era, the gingerbread houses, are usually left to decay.

    Please donate to any of the agencies to help Haiti recover from Hurricane Matthew.  







































































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