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  • Summer Sightseeing in Europe

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    Ride into Summer Season

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  • 10 Splendid Places in Bihar Which You Should Visit This Year

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    Vacaton Packages

    Bihar, the land that gave us the renowned Nalanda University and entertained us with exotic dances and delicate cuisine – is a site to behold. Patna, the capital of this eastern state was once capital of ancient India - Pataliputra. Due to its rich heritage and traditionit holds a unique place in India. The state was the nectar of knowledge and scholarly activities in the ancient age. It holds a wide range of shrines, pilgrimages, universities and natural landscapes.


    Here, we are attempting to highlight 10 such beautiful places of Bihar:


    1.   Mahavir’s Birth Place in Vaishali

    Photoby Gpdprince, CC BY-SA 3.0


    Vaishali is a renowned archaeological site in Bihar. It has connections dating back to the times of Mahavir and Buddha. It is also the birth place of the Jain guru Mahavir. Buddha delivered his last sermon of Lord Buddha. Hence, this place is an important in the roadmap of Jainism and Buddhism. Another, interesting feature of this region are the Lichhavi rulers, who chose Vaishali as their capital city. As with other centres of learning this city too has its connection with the Chinese travellers Fa Hienand Hieun Tsang. The beautiful courtesan Amrapali made Vaishali one of the sought-after destinations in Bihar.


    2.   Nalanda University

    Photoby Wonderlane, CC BY 2.0


    How can one forget Nalanda? The greatest seat of knowledge in ancient India. The ruins of Nalanda University, the oldest such centre in the world is situated here. Although much of it that remains today are the pillars and structures of the old university, yet visit to Nalandais an experience in itself. The university house the best scholarly activities in the world comprising of pupils and teachers from all over the world. Even Buddha and Mahavir have been known to impart lessons here. The site boasts of the presence Chinese travellers Hieun Tsang.


    3.   The Yoga Centres Of Munger


    Munger, is the powerhouse of yoga in Bihar. Though primarily known for its yogic centres and activities, other famous historical places in Mungerare the Krishna Vatika, Munger Fort, Durga Mandir etc. It was once the capital of Mir Kasim’s kingdom, the traitor who succeeded Siraj-ud-dawla, the last ruler of Bengal. However, the city has its origin much earlier during Aryan rulewho used this land as midland territories.


    4.   Sher Shah’s Tomb in Sasaram

    PhotobyNandanupadhyay, CC BY-SA 3.0


    Much of Bihar basks under the glory of ancient Indian yet some parts owe their lineage to the medieval period. Sasaram is one such place. Here lies the tomb of Humayun successor, the Mughal emperor Sher Shah Suri. It is sandstone architecture guarded by a beautiful lake.


    5.   Sitamarhi, The Birth Place of Sita

    Photoby Dr. Shashidhar Kumar "Videha", CC BY-SA 4.0


    We all know the legendary story of Sita, the daughter of king Janak. Very few of us know, it was actually here in Bihar, where Janak found Sita in a farmland. Sitamarhiis the actual site where Sita was born. Consequently, here lies the century old Janaki temple dedicated to Sita. This is the only temple that worships Sita. Other than this, the houses a rock sanctuary dating back to Mauryian Empire.


    6.   Sonepur Animal Trade Fair


    Bihar has its own version of famous trade fair, quite similar to Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan. The November Animal Trade Fair in Sonepuris one such feature. This fair is for those seeking to explore the human sea of India. Spread over a wide area, this fair sell almost anything you desire. However, the animal trade is the thing to watch out for, specially the cattle fair. This fair started during the reigns of Chandragupta Maurya and has been going strong till date.


    7.   Barabar Rock Caves of Sultanpur

    Photoby Photo Dharma, CC BY 2.0


    Enough of temples, stupas and historic. Now let’s look for desolate beauty. The Barabar Caves, are just that. These 4 caves are the most ancient caves curved out from rocks. Built during the mauriyan rule these caves hold testimonials to Jain and Buddhist arts. The caves are seated on the hills of Nagarjuni and Barabar.


    8.   Kanwar Sanctuary of Begusarai

    Siberian Stonechat, Photoby Vaibhavchou, CC BY-SA 3.0


    Coming to nature, there is no dearth of wildlife in Bihar. The Kanwar Lakeis a glaring avenue for wildlife enthusiasts. This is an ox-bow shaped freshwater lake which is home to more 60 species of birds – both domestic and migratory species. Recently, conservation efforts have led to the inclusion of this lake in the coveted Wetland category.


    9.   Kakolat Waterfalls Near Nawada

    Photoby Vivekobey, CC BY-SA 4.0


    While we are focusing on nature and wildlife, let us take a look at the only waterfall in Bihar. This short waterfall is located at border of Bihar and Jharkhand. An essential feature of the Kakolat hills, it is an ideal place to spend a day in the cradle of nature. The place is nearly 150km away from Patna. Nawada, the closest point is 30kms away from the waterfall.


    10.        Shanti Stupa and Vulture Peak of Rajgir

    Photoby Abhishek Singh,CC0 1.0


    Rajgir is an important pilgrimage for Buddhists. The Vulture Peak and the Shanti Stupa are the places to visit in Rajgir. While the Grihhakuta Peak (Vulture Peak) is a vulture shaped peak where Buddha delivered his sermons, and converted Emperor Bimbisara. The Shanti Stupa on the other hand is a place which depicts the life of Lord Buddha. It is an intrinsic part of the 7 peace pagodas. Architecture enthusiasts will learn a great deal about Japanese Architecturefrom these 2 pagodas.


    Bihar enlists many such wonderful places. It appeals to all, partly to some people and wholly to others.Go out and travel to a different era.


    Author’s Bio:

    A travel addict and compassionate seeker, Rohit has explored the length and breadth of his country. He stumbles upon a new India whenever he travels. His experiences can be found in TransIndiaTravels.com.


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