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  • Cuba Travel Is Making A Comeback

    11/13/2018 4:47:16 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Between hurricanes making headlines, advisories being issued by the U.S. Department of State and the Trump administration's decision to undo some of President Barak Obama's policies with regard to American travel, 2017 was not a good year for Cuba tourism.


    All of 2017 and the first couple months of 2018 were much weaker than in previous years. In reality, very little has changed regarding the laws pertaining to American travel to Cuba.


    Today, reality seems to be sinking in with travelers who now realize the Cuban Tourism hasn't simply dried up and disappeared. Since May of this year Cuba has seen spikes in leads and bookings for the destination.


    Group requests, which sunk o an all-time low in 2017, have been registering a 10-fold increase since July. The group figures also include a noteworthy increase in multi-generational family travel as well as a spike in professional organization travel.


    The Island's Hotel Industry Is Also Booming


    Melia hotels is adding 2,145 new hotel rooms through hotel renovation or construction by the end of 2018 in key spots where American visit including Cienfuegos, Camaguey, and Varadero.


    Iberostar is also opening two new luxury properties: The Grand Packard Hotel and in eastern Cuba the Iberostar Holguin. Renovations are also underway for the famed Hotel Riviera in Havana and more hotels are slated to launch across the island in 2019 and beyond.


    U.S. Commercial Airlines Providing Non-Stop Service to Cuba


    In yet another sign of the island's compelling comeback, there are now five U.S. commericial airlines providing non-stop service from the U.S. to Cuba with new routes launching in November and beyond.


    One Additional Point Of Note, Traveling t Cuba Is Incredibly Safe


    In fact, the U.S. Department of State lowered the travel advisory from level 3 to level 2, putting travel to Cuba the same as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the Bahamas.


    Cuba Announcing New Tours


    The world-famous record label Putumaya World Music is creating a never-been-done-before series of musical expeditions mirroring Putumayo's extensive world music album collection.


    In addition to private meet-and-greet and performances with artists, Putumayo's own Jacob Edgar will be accompanying each trip and sharing his insight. Cuba is also preparing to launch "Private Departures" in Cuba in mid-November, which will allow a group of as few as two people to book their own departure date, select whatever hotel they want on the island and whichever itinerary they want.


    The trips are slightly more exprensive than group tours but are designedf to allow for maximum flexibility when visiting Cuba.


    A Unique Itinerary


    Tyus Tours & Travel and SeaDream Yacht Club is offering a truly unique itinerary exploring Cuba's exotic destination by Mega Yacht. 


    Your curiosity for Cuba will be fulfilled. All itineraries will depart from Havana or Cienfuegos and circumnavigate the western side of the island. The 112-guest Mega Yacht, SeaDream II will provide the ideal vantage point to experience some the country's most storied and least travel ports. To learn more about this unique itinerary click here.


    Now is a great time to visit Cuba. They just selected a new president. There is a lot of hope in Cuba, you can be part of history. Experience Cuba Today!


    To book your Cuba Vacation call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362.

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