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  • Take The Leap and Get Married February 29, 2020

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    Leap "4" Love Wedding Package

    2020 is a leap year – which means couples, families and loved ones have one additional day in the calendar year to make memories that will last a lifetime. In celebration of this unique moment-in-time, Tyus Tours & Travel along with Sandals® Resorts and Beaches® Resorts are encouraging couples to take the leap and get married on the ever-elusive February 29th leap day in 2020 – one that only occurs every four years.

    The Sandals & Beaches Leap “4” Love Wedding Package are only available to guests who plan to wed at select Sandals and Beaches® Resorts on February 29, 2020. The Leap “4” Love Wedding Package incorporates four unique elements of nature to elevate the wedding experience to new heights: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Couples who book the Sandals & Beaches Leap “4” Love Wedding Package now through January 31, 2020, and have confirmed a wedding date on February 29, 2020, will be afforded the following:

    Sand Ceremony for the element of Earth

    Wedding couples will be united even closer through a unique Sand Ceremony. Couples are given a keepsake vase, for which they can choose two different colors of sand. The sand will then be poured into the vase, combining the two colors. This ceremony beautifully symbolizes two lives becoming one and the start of forever together.

    White Dove Release for the element of Air

    Ever imagine exchanging your vows while beautiful white doves are being released behind you? The talented Sandals Wedding Team will make that dream a reality by coordinating an unforgettable white dove release, adding excitement and inspiration to a bride and groom’s big day.

    4-Course Candlelight Dinner for Two for the element of Fire

    Nothing says romance like a private candlelight dinner for two. This allows the wedding couple to enjoy a sunset dinner under the stars with white-glove service, the very best in 5-Star Global Gourmet cuisine and unlimited pours of Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks® wines.

    Seaside Trash-The-Dress Photo Shoot for the element of Water

    Completing the package is a seaside “trash-the-dress” photo shoot. A professional EPIX wedding photographer will capture the most beautiful shots of a bride and groom right alongside the Caribbean ocean and set atop the warm, white-sand beaches, giving the newlywed’s memories to take home and cherish forever.

    Each of the package’s four components – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – ladder up to create an unforgettable wedding day for two people in love. As the experts in everything love and romance, Sandals and Beaches Resorts are constantly looking for ways to innovate the wedding experience, which is why the resort company is encouraging couples to take the leap and get married during this unique moment-in-time.

    Please note the Leap “4” Love Wedding package is not available for Sandals Emerald Bay, Sandals Royal Bahamian, Sandals Grenada Resort & Spa and Beaches Turks & Caicos.

    To receive more information on Leap “4” Love Wedding Package click here or call 866-547-5362.

  • Quiz: Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?

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    Thinking of getting married in Nassau Paradise Island but unsure if a destination wedding is right for you? Take our quiz and discover if a Bahamas destination wedding is the right fit to make all of your wedding dreams come true.

    1. Are you determined to stick to your budget?

    a) Yes, we need to know exactly how much this wedding is going to cost.
    b) Our budget is more of a suggestion.

    2. Do you want a large wedding?

    a) We just want to be surrounded by our closest friends and family.
    b) Yes, all of our family and friends simply have to be there.

    3. Is the idea of planning a wedding stressful to you?

    a) Yes, I’m not exactly the most organized.
    b) No, I love this kind of thing!

    4. When it comes to your ceremony and reception, what’s your style?

    a) Simple and straightforward.
    b) More, more, more!

    5. Do the people on your guest list live near you? Do you get to spend a lot of time together?

    a) Yeah, we see each other all the time.
    b) There are quite a few people on the list who live out of town or farther away.

    6. How likely is it that your friends and family are going to be able to travel?

    a) The guests that matter would definitely be willing to make a trip.
    b) Good question…I’m not sure if they all even have passports.

    7. Is it important to spend a lot of time with your guests?

    a) Yes! We want to be able to spend time with each and every one of our guests to make sure they’re having a great time.
    b) We’ll try, but in the end, it’s our day.

    8. Do you and your fiancé like to travel?

    a) Yes! It’s something that we both love and that has brought us closer together.
    b) No, we’ve never managed to plan a trip.

    9. Think about your dress code. Are you looking for something formal or relaxed?

    a) We’re thinking of keeping it simple and laidback.
    b) Is that even a question? Formal for sure!

    10. When you think of your wedding ceremony, what’s most important to you?

    a) A stunning setting.
    b) A religious ceremony in a traditional space.

    If you answered mostly A’s :

    A Destination Wedding is Perfect For You!
    When it comes to saying, “I do”, a destination wedding would be perfect for you! You and your spouse-to-be have always enjoyed travel, you’ll get to spend extended time with your nearest and dearest, and you’ll appreciate the stunning simplicity of a wedding by the beach. Not only that, a destination wedding helps you stick to your budget because although you may be traveling abroad, attractive wedding packages in The Bahamas and a smaller guest list will help mitigate any surprise bills.

    If you answered mostly B’s :

    The Wedding of Your Dreams is One Held at Home.
    You are traditionalists at heart, and you can’t bear the idea of getting married without the entire extended family present. And that’s just fine! If staying home is what will make your wedding dreams come true then that’s exactly what you should do. If a destination wedding isn’t worth it to you, consider saving up for a honeymoon in the Bahamas instead! That way you can enjoy Nassau Paradise Island, just the two of you.

    For more information visit Tyus Tours & Travel Romance travel page for information on Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, Anniversaries and Romantic Getaways.


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    Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

    Getting engaged is a whirlwind, trust us! From the moment your partner pops the question to the thrilling day you get to tell your loved ones the news in person. It can be easy to let the excitement overcome you, I mean you have waited all this time for this exact moment! Being engaged is such a special and memorable time in life. There is truly nothing like looking forward to walking down the aisle to the love of your life. With all of the emotion of what to look forward to, it is important to consider what your top priorities should be after getting engaged. The process of what comes next is generally the same for all couples, but some may want some more time than others to relish in the joy of being a fiancé and slowly move along in the wedding planning process. When you are ready to start thinking about the next steps, and answering those 1,000 questions you’ve undoubtedly been asked, our suggestions below may be the best starting point for checking things off of your list.

    1. How long would you like your engagement to be?

    This question may be the easiest one to answer straightaway. Some couples may be looking for a 1-year engagement, the ideal time to plan a wedding at home or in destination. On the other hand, there are many couples out there who are in no hurry, and may have other life commitments such as education, a future job change, or littles ones that take top priority for time and financial commitments.

    2. Is there a particular or special date you are hoping to be married on?

    This of course is going to navigate your decision making too! If you’ve dreamed of a quirky date like being married on Leap Day, or having your dating anniversary land on the perfect summer Saturday, your wedding planning and budgeting may very well revolve around this.

    3. How many guests are you estimating?

    While this seems odd to consider right at the start, it is really important! The total number of guests is ultimately going to determine two very important things: one being your actual wedding venue, and the other the wedding budget itself in total. You’ll want a firm grasp of about how many people you think would attend or be invited. After all, you don’t want to fall in love with a venue that holds 150 guests if you are thinking 200 may join. In regards to your wedding budget, the total number of guests is going to determine the total cost of everything from food and beverage to décor rental.

    4. What are the parameters of your wedding budget for expenses?

    Yup, this question. I know, it’s a tough one. It’s the one that no one enjoys talking about. Let’s be honest for a moment here, weddings are expensive. Whether you are getting married in destination or in a rural barn, you’re likely going to invest a good chunk of change. Have ‘the talk’ with your families and your partner right away. Remember that today, tradition is tough to carry on and even more challenging to navigate through.

    To help with your wedding budget we offer a Free Honeymoon Registry where your Friends and Family can contribute towards your Honeymoon. On your honeymoon registry list anything you wish to do on your honeymoon. It works just like a gift registry but instead of unwanted gifts guest will give you gifts to help make your Honeymoon Perfect.

    5. Where do you want to be married?

    Married in Mexico or married in Milwaukee? To get started, I suggest making a list of top options: Eloping, Destination Wedding, Local Wedding, or Local Destination Wedding. You and your partner will likely decide very quickly which one fits your vision the best. Having a firm idea of the where will help you navigate to the when and how much questions above. Of course, if you are considering a destination wedding, we offer a Destination Wedding Tool that will help you explore destinations without leaving home.

    6. What is more important to the you, time of year or cost?

    While it may seem a bit repetitive to the questions above, this is still a great one and offers a new perspective. True both locally and in destination, the time of year will generally dictate the cost. For local US weddings, we know that peak wedding season usually lays between May-October in many areas. The pricing for weddings during these months tend to be high compared to November-April. In contrast, couples considering hosting a destination wedding should also remember that while the cost of the wedding itself is generally the same throughout the year at all destinations, the cost of travel does vary. Travel is traditionally most expensive from Christmas through Easter week and over any major holiday. If you are looking to save some serious cash, it is suggested to keep an open mind to being married in the off season wherever it may be.

    7. When did you get engaged?

    When you got engaged can really determine a lot! It really sets the stepping stones for how fast or slow you may be able to go in terms of planning. For instance, if you get engaged in April, planning and successfully executing a wedding for September of that same year may be a bit of a stretch. The biggest factor aside from financial capabilities, is that most dates are going to be reserved already. As a general rule of thumb, we see peak wedding dates for both destination weddings and local weddings get reserved about 12-14 months in advance. Another example of this might be, if you get engaged over the holiday season, consider looking two peak seasons from now. Many couples who become engaged at Christmas of 2019 are likely considering summer of 2021 for their big day. As with everything, planning is key!

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