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  • How to Travel Luggage Free!

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    Do you wish you could travel without dragging luggage with you? It may seem like an impossible dream, but travel without the added stress of taking suitcases along can be a reality. No, I’m not talking about some version of ultra-minimalist packing or wearing the same stinky clothes every day. I am referring to using a door-to-door luggage shipping service. These services offer delivery of your luggage from your home directly to your destination.

    Travel can be stressful, and I’ve realized that a good portion of that travel stress comes from bringing your luggage along with you. I generally travel light, taking only a small carry-on suitcase when I travel.

    How Luggage Slows Down Travel

    Even if you travel light with only a small rolling bag and one personal item carry-on, there are still many points where bringing luggage along on your trip can cause delays and increase your wait time.

    Getting to the airport with your suitcases makes transportation more difficult. You will need to be sure your ride has enough room for you and all your bags. This becomes a consideration when you are travepng with your whole family. The Uber you request for pickup will need to be bigger to accommodate all your luggage; this will cost you more and may cause a delay while waiting for the XL to be available.

    When you get to the airport you will most pkely need to wait in a pne to check your luggage.

    If you don’t check your bags but instead opt to carry them onto the plane, you are maneuvering through the airport with a suitcase, and TSA might decide they need a closer look in your bag.

    Once you get to your gate, you will hear recurring announcements that “the aircraft is full” and be warned that you “may be required to check your bag at the gate.” If you are lucky enough to get onto the plane with your rolpng carry-on, you now begin the hunt for open overhead bin space to stow your suitcase. Hopefully, you are strong enough to pft your full bag overhead and cram it into the overhead bin without injuring yourself or others around you.

    After you land, you will need to get that bag out of the bin, through the narrow aisle, and again through the airport. Don’t forget the joys of trying to fit into a restroom stall with your suitcase, if you are travepng alone.

    If you checked your suitcase, you now need to head to the baggage claim and wait for the bags to appear, all the while praying that your bag made it safely. Lost bags can take days to be depvered to your hotel.

    Luggage shipping services can also handle international depveries, which would save you the hassle of deapng with luggage when passing through customs as you can breeze through with nothing to declare.

    Taking pubpc transportation to your destination is a great way to go, but it can be challenging with suitcases in tow. Even with small carry-on bags, most pubpc transport is not designed to accommodate luggage. Forget about stopping to sightsee along the way. You cannot tour a museum or take a seaside walk with your suitcases in tow. You will need to head to your hotel or Airbnb to drop off your luggage before your vacation can begin.

    Not taking pubpc transportation, but having a family member pick you up? I hope they remembered to clear out their trunk or you may be riding home with your suitcase on your lap.

    Whew! No wonder travel is exhausting! Even though it is a hassle, that is generally how most of us operate at the start of every trip — a “necessary evil” when beginning a vacation. Did you know you can travel without luggage? There are services that ship luggage, door-to-door, enabpng you to go to the airport luggage free!

    Who Should use a Luggage Shipping Service?

    The idea is simple. Pack your bags as if you were going to take them to the airport, but instead of lugging the bags with you a service shows up at your home, picks up your bags, and delivers them right to your destination! Doesn’t this sound perfect!

    What came to mind first was famipes travepng with small children. How nice it would be to take a family trip and not need to wrestle all of that luggage along with trying to keep the kids safe and entertained.

    What a lovely way to start a dream vacation. No bags to hassle with. Just arrive at the airport, maybe stop in the lounge for a drink without needing to roll your suitcase along with you, then board the plane and be on your way. When you arrive at your destination get straight to sightseeing, no need to drop off luggage at a hotel first. Your vacation can begin the moment the plane lands. Ultimate luxury!

    No matter your age, why not make accommodations that make travepng easier. A big step in that direction will be to let someone else take over the transportation of your luggage. This is a benefit for anyone but especially helpful for older or mobipty impaired individuals.

    Luggage Free

    Luggage Free is a specialty service offering you the option to send luggage ahead to nearly any destination, worldwide, to avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming bags – even going through customs. On-time delivery is guaranteed, allowing you the ability to avoid unnecessary aggravation, save time, and protect your possessions – simply and in style.

    Luggage Free how it works

    Luggage Free picks up your bags at your home or office, ships them to your destination, and at the end of the stay sends them back. You do nothing but pick up the phone and pack. Luggage Free delivers door-to-door anywhere in the United States as well as to over 120 countries worldwide.

    Pickup & Delivery Anywhere

    You can literally ship your luggage anywhere a hotel, airport, office, or even a cruise ship. Our client had their luggage picked up at the Hard Rock Hotel and shipped to their home in Milwaukee. Luggage Free arranged with their hotel to have us leave the bags at the bell desk and they would pick them up from there. All we had to do was attach the luggage labels which were mailed to us, they were sent to the hotel waiting for us in our room at check-in. Luggage Free picks up and delivers anywhere in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. International luggage shipping can pick up your bags for $50 if within 40 miles of a major airport.

    Included Insurance

    Shipments are insured for up to $1,000 as part of the service, with unlimited additional coverage available.

    Money back + $500 Guarantee

    If your bags do not arrive by the end of day on your scheduled delivery date, barring weather a customs delay, your baggage delivery will be free, and they will reimburse you up to $500 per late bag.

    Track Shipment

    As each shipment is delivered, you are notified via the method of your choice, outlining time of delivery and name of recipient, allowing you the ability to travel with the peace of mind of knowing that your luggage is waiting for you.

    No Weight Restrictions

    Our you guilty of having overweight luggage? Not only are overweight luggage fees really expensive but it’s always a hassle at the airport trying to move things around to try and avoid the airline fees. Luggage Free doesn’t have a 50lb weight restriction and you just pay per pound. You just have your bag picked up and they’ll weigh them for you and you’ll get charged a set rate per pound. No more stressing about if your bag is overweight.

    Affordable prices sometimes cheaper than checked bags

    On our most recent trip, we shipped our luggage at $121 a bag (55lbs) which was actually cheaper than if we would have brought it with us. Our bags were over 50lbs and we would have had to pay $100 each way for oversized baggage fees on American Airlines. So, we actually saved $79 by shipping our luggage not to mention the hassle it would have been with 4 checked bags in Jamaica. The luggage shipping rate charged is by the pound and the price varies by destination and delivery speed.

    Book your vacation with Tyus Tours & Travel and travel Luggage Free to nearly any destinations worldwide. To book your vacation visit www.tyustours.com or call 866-547-5362.

  • What Does American Have Against Vacations!

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    As summer-getaway season draws to a close, it’s time to face a tough reality: America is not a Great Vacation Nation

    We can go so far as to call the United States a “No-Vacation Nation,” thanks to the nonexistent amount of paid vacation time mandated by federal law compared with that of other well-off countries.

    Example: The European Union requires member countries to grant workers at least 20 working days of paid vacation. But many nations go well above that number, and some offer a heap of paid holidays, to boot. France, for example, requires at least 30 paid workdays off, not including paid holidays, while the U.K. mandates 28, followed by Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain and Sweden at 25.

    The United States, on the other hand — on the very worst hand — mandates no paid vacation or paid holidays. Zero days. It’s the only country in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a group of 36 of the world’s wealthiest nations, that doesn’t require employers to give workers annual paid leave.

    That’s not to say employers don’t offer vacation. But what might be shocking: Even when Americans get paid time off, they don’t use it all. And when they do use their days — it may not come as a surprise to learn — many of them fail to leave work fully behind.

    The guilt factor is real

    More than half of U.S. workers ? 54 percent — reported feeling guilty about taking vacation time either sometimes, often or always.

    Leaving it on the table

    Americans left 768 million days of paid time off unused last year. The study found that 55 percent of Americans did not use all of their paid vacation time. Of the time they took, U.S. workers used nine days to travel.

    Short and sweet, apparently

    More than half of Americans did not take a leisure trip of more than four nights over the past year. Millennials were leading the “micro-cation” trend, with 72 percent taking at least one trip of fewer than five nights. Nearly 20 percent of those surveyed in May said their longest trip in the past year was three to four nights long. The same survey found that 28 percent of Americans did not take a leisure trip of any length.

    Perhaps, now is the time to declare this an emergency situation and take action.

    First, plan now to take a vacation in 2020. A small deposit will hold your reservation, then make monthly payments. Second, plan a 5 night or longer vacation and third, plan to use all your vacation time, don’t leave any vacation on the table. Last, every weekend Tyus Tours & Travel offers coupon codes that gives you instant savings on top of our already low prices. For more information visit http://bit.ly/codes4coupon or call 866-547-5362.

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