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  • Adventure in Hawaii

    11/22/2019 8:22:20 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    For some, their dream vacation to Hawaii includes relaxing under the sun, taking leisurely walks by the ocean or spending an afternoon at the spa. But, due to the ideal year-round weather and an abundance of adventure options, Hawaii is also the perfect spot for thrill-seekers. If you want to feel the rush of adrenaline as you zip-line through the forest or hike alongside an active volcano, this itinerary will be perfect for you.

    You can start by flying into the Hawaii Island. Here you will be able to surf with the locals at beaches like Banyans on the island’s West Shore or Honolii Beach Park in Hilo. But, if you are less experienced, you might prefer spots like Pine Trees Beach, which is just north of the Kona Airport or Kahaluu Beach in Keahou. If they don’t have any experience and are eager to learn, suggest a surf lesson. Lessons are a great way for tourists to interact with locals, giving you an even more authentic experience. To keep the balance between land and water adventures, recommend ATV tours or zip-lining. These activities will give you a unique opportunity to see breathtaking views while getting your fill of excitement. Lastly, suggest hiking or biking to the Kilauea volcano. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, so it truly is a must see if you are headed to Hawaii Island.

    After spending a few days adventuring on Hawaii Island, you should hop on an inter-island flight to Kauai. There are only two airlines offering flights between the islands: Hawaiian Airlines and Mokulele Airlines. Mokulele Airlines is a much smaller airline and only flies to Oahu, Maui, Molokai and Hawaii Island, so you’ll need to fly with Hawaiian. Hawaiian Airlines is the most reputable inter-island carrier and has flights between all of the major islands. A non-stop flight from Hawaii Island to Kauai takes about an hour, so you won’t give up too much of their day.

    Once in Kauai, you will be mesmerized by the lush green landscape that blankets the coastal cliffs and you will quickly understand why this island has earned the name of the “Garden Isle.” To take advantage of the natural beauty, you can hike the Awaawapuhi Trail or the Kalalau Trail. Both of these hikes are more advanced, but provide awe-inspiring views. If you prefer a less strenuous hike, you can opt for Kuilau Ridge Trail or Hanakapiai Falls. While these hikes will have ample photo ops, if you truly want to experience the beauty of Kauai, be sure try kayaking along the Na Pali Coast. You won’t be let down, as it has previously been ranked by National Geographic as one of the best adventures.

    Keep in mind that kayaking the Na Pali Coast can be strenuous and difficult depending on weather conditions. If you want adventure but don’t have the experience, you can recommend a half-day catamaran snorkel tour. Wrap up the trip by booking a helicopter ride above Kauai. The cinematic views will have you reflecting on what a beautiful, adventurous trip it is.

    Hawaii adventures you can book on Tyustours.

    Zip-line tours
    Big Island ATV Tour Through Waipio Valley
    Small Group Surf Lesson
    Bike/Hike to Active lava Surface Flows

    Hawaii Mystery Deals

    A little bit of Mystery; A whole lot of luxury. Let us lead you to paradise with an element of surprise. You pick the destination; we pick the resort. It’s that simple. To book your Hawaii vacation visit the Hawaii Expert Tyus Tours & Travel or call 866-547-5362.

  • Why Hawaii Is The Perfect Vacation

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    With trends showing a continued rise of experiential travel and eco-tourism, the Hawaiian Islands offer many opportunities for a meaningful and potentially life-changing experiences.

    Unique Culture

    The diverse culture of Hawaii is expressed in (among other things) language, music, art, theater, dance, film, cuisine and a multitude of festivals. At the core of each is the spirit of Aloha, in the fluid arc of a hula dancer’s hands or in the soft rhythm of a slack key guitar.


    Beneath the breathtaking natural wonder and exotic beauty unique to each of the Hawaiian Islands, there are vital roots. These are the stories of the people who tend to them. Who cultivate ancient ways of living in harmony with the environment and embrace local and Hawaiian culture with equal parts aloha and responsibility? For the next generation. And for Hawaii to stay rooted.

    Exhilarating Adventures

    Hawaii’s beautiful beaches are only the beginning. From surfing the gentle waves of Waikiki Beach to snorkeling with manta rays on the Kona Coast, there’s never a dull moment in the Hawaiian Islands. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or searching for activities the whole family can enjoy, here are some exhilarating ways to experience this adventurer's playground.

    KapohoKine Adventures

    From our two-mile-long Zipline Through Paradise, to the only volcano tour on the Big Island chosen “BEST” by Princess Cruises the adventure of your dreams awaits with KapohoKine Adventures!

    Discover Hawaii's Roots

    All of the Hawaiian Islands have complex and fragile ecosystems that are easily affected by outside influences. This is partly why Hawaii has the highest number of endangered and threatened native plant and animal species of any place on the planet. An important value for native Hawaiians and Hawaii locals is the idea of malama aina or to care for the land. There are many ways visitors can learn about the native traditions used to work the land—and help locals keep Hawaii more sustainable for generations to come. For travelers interested in eco-tourism experiences, there are a variety of farm and agricultural tours, botanical gardens and more that showcase the islands’ unique environments.

    The possibilities are virtually endless on each of the six Hawaiian Islands. Come with an open mind and open heart and learn from the people that you too will want to experience the beauty of the culture and history of the islands.

    Say hello to 2020

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