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  • Travel Sites and Attractions, You Can Tour Virtually

    3/26/2020 9:07:03 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Photo by Alice Triquet on Unsplash

    Travel from Home

    It's an understatement to say that the travel and tourism industry is feeling the impact of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak but, naturally, an industry that touches nearly every aspect of life remains there at an uncertain time. Here are nine coveted attractions you can experience virtually from home.

    Yellowstone National Park

    Yellowstone National Park, which spans three different states, is well known as a tourist hotbed come summer but first-time visitors don't need to leave home to experience some of the park's most iconic sites, thanks to the National Park Service (NPS), which offers convenient virtual tours and 3-D models.

    Yosemite National Park

    Like Yellowstone, Yosemite National Park in California is among the nation's most-visited national parks. But seeing it while avoiding large crowds is easy as VirtualYosemite.org has done the work for you to provide a slew of lifelike experiences.

    Georgia Aquarium

    Sea otters. Beluga whales. Piranhas. That's just some of the mesmerizing marine life that Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium is putting on display for free from its website in the wake of a two-week closure that began this past weekend.

    San Diego Zoo

    The San Diego Zoo is also putting webcams to work so that would-be visitors can still experience their favorite animals while social distancing. Viewers have the option of watching live cams or archived footage of pandas Bai Yun and Xiao Liwu.

    Walt Disney World

    The only thing better than being in Walt Disney World is experiencing it virtually. Fortunately, technology allows us to feel like we're there without actually being there. Google Street View offers 360-degree panoramas while virtual travelers can also experience the theme park's most beloved rides from a first-person point of view.

    The Louvre

    The world's largest art museum, which recently hosted a record number of visitors, is closed for now but is still offering free virtual tours online. For the time being, users can tour Egyptian antiquities, remains of the Louvre's moat and much more.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    The country's largest art museum is also one of the world's most visited, attracting millions each year. Although the New York City icon has temporarily closed, it's still possible to experience The Met's award-winning art and architecture far from the Big Apple.

    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    Like Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium, California's Monterey Bay Aquarium is providing free webcams while would-be visitors stay home. This spring, viewers can watch birds, jellyfish, penguins and even sharks from the comfort of their device.

    Great Wall of China

    Travel to mainland China is near impossible amid the COVID-19 outbreak but you can still experience the Great Wall of China as if you were actually there. This bucket-list site spans thousands of miles and dates back millenniums, but a virtual tour ensures that you'll see the very best parts.


    To book a vacation to any of these great destinations call Tyus Tours and Travel at 866-547-5362 or visit www.tyustours.com

  • Why You Should Wait to Change or Cancel Your Flight?

    3/16/2020 5:12:20 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Ever since the first reported cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) hit the news in December, the coronavirus has dominated headlines everywhere. This outbreak, originating in Wuhan, China, has already had a major impact on economies across the globe. No industry has been more affected by the coronavirus outbreak than the travel industry.

    Free Guide to Travel During the Coronavirus Outbreak

    Download our free guide on travel during the coronavirus for facts regarding the outbreak as well as health and travel safety tips.
    Click here to download our free PDF

    Why you should wait to change or cancel your flight?

    Many airlines are responding with waived schedule changes and special accommodations for rebooking applicable airfare.

    • Airlines are not offering waivers for changes beyond April travel, but it is likely that they will offer a waiver for free changes as you get closer to departure.
    • Airlines are changing their schedules frequently right now. If they do a major schedule change, it is likely that you will get a FULL REFUND.
    • Airfare prices are in a decline.
    • You could pay a lot to change your ticket now when it is likely to be free if you wait.
    • You could cancel for a steep penalty now, but if you wait, there is a very good chance they will get a full refund.
    • It’s tempting to take advantage of some of the reduced pricing on airfare right now. But if you can wait, airfare prices will likely be even lower. You could end up paying only slightly more than their original ticket price to travel in the high season!

    But can you get cheaper flights by canceling?

    Your seeing all of the flight prices dropping and you want to get a cheaper price. Any penny pincher would love to get these prices, but it’s better to be patient. If you canceled now you would not get a waiver. Therefore, you would end up paying more money in the end to get that “cheaper” flight.

    Remember to contact a travel expert

    Although travel crises don’t come around too often, travel advisors know how the airlines work and WE’RE THE EXPERT. As the coronavirus hysteria continues contact a travel advisor for the best advice.

  • The All-New Beaches Negril

    3/11/2020 9:24:05 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Located on the Best and Widest Stretch of Negril's Famed 7-Mile Beach

    Beaches Negril, the most awarded Resort for families in Negril, has completed an array of enhancements, making it the newest and trendiest resort for families the new Beaches Negril now offers guests the most spectacular interior décor, furnishings and fixtures in all of its modern rooms.

    Some of the renovation highlights include the Walkout Grand Butler Family Suite which can accommodate a family of 12 and features the most beautiful beachfront views imaginable, three bedrooms, four full bathrooms and a living room leading out to a private walkout patio where guests can bask in the tropical garden and beach views. The Walkout Grand Concierge Family Suite, which can accommodate a family of 9, is just steps from the main pool, offering a spacious living room leading to a private patio. Additionally, just last year, Beaches Negril kicked off the cosmetic upgrades by introducing nine new luxurious rooms and suites for guests, giving them even more family-friendly accommodation options to choose from.

    You are sure to enjoy our best-in-class service with some of the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry. And, unlike other resorts, Beaches guarantee the highest standards of luxury, quality, choice, and service, giving you peace of mind. Now is the time to visit Beaches Negril and take advantage of their award-winning reputation. To learn more about Beaches Negril click here. To book or for more information visit https://www.tyustours.com or call Tyus Tours and Travel at 866-547-5362.

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