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  • National Plan for Vacation Day

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  • Come Home To America

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    It’s time to embrace the future. And the perfect time to explore the great rivers of our continent. Come home to American and save up to $3,000 per stateroom*

    Demand for close-to-home itineraries is growing fast and our small ships fill quickly. Book now for the best choice of itineraries, staterooms and sailing dates, and enjoy our risk-free cancellation policy! To learn more visit

    Tyus Tours & Travel

  • 4 Reasons Why Jamaica Should Top Your Places to Visit

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    You’re planning a vacation, but you’re a little stuck.

    You know you want a spectacular beach, and you want that “not-a-care-in-the-world, all-inclusive” feeling. One snag — that describes a lot of destinations. Like, a lot a lot with Funjet Vacations. So how to choose? We have four compelling reasons that Jamaica might just be what you are looking for.

    No. 1: Flavor, baby.

    The food alone is reason enough to pick Jamaica for your next getaway. The island is known for bold, audacious flavor, with jerk chicken as the highlight. You can also prepare your taste buds for fresh-caught seafood, curried goat, fried plantains and ackee. Treat yourself to the spice of life — literally.

    No. 2: Dance the night away.

    If the day of the week ends in a “Y”, you can find a spot to get your groove on in Jamaica. Music courses through the island and dance is used for a variety of reasons — including worship, cultural celebrations, formal events, social gatherings and storytelling. Whether you are at the beach or a local club, let your hips join in the conversation.

    No. 3: Shared language.

    English is the official language of Jamaica, making it easy to navigate and get to know the local populace. Listen closely though and you’ll also hear Patois coursing through the streets. Grown out of English and African languages, Patois is spoken in a sing-song dialect, reflecting the color and personality Jamaica is proud of.

    No. 4: Welcome with open arms.

    Jamaicans are welcoming to all tourists, thrilled to share their culture of music, art and sport. Big smiles and even bigger hugs are the norm. You’ll make the kind of vacation friends that will have you coming back again and again.

    Bonus: Miles and miles of beaches

    We couldn’t let a whole blog post go without mentioning Jamaica’s beaches. With white sand, mountainous backgrounds, breathtaking sunsets and postcard-perfect blue water, you couldn’t find a better spot in the world to spend your vacation days.

    Tyus Tours & Travel would be happy to take you to the Land of Alright.

  • Private & Bespoke Caribbean Tours
    Think Luxury. Feel Exclusive. Feel Privacy!

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    We are excited to offer one-of-a-kind, off the beaten path experiences, especially for you, with only the ones you love. You decide who you want to share the magic of nature's untapped beauty alongside.

    Private Collection

    Once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list experiences for only you and your family. Safety and togetherness are paramount - this is one adventure that is not risky!

    Take on the great outdoors and enjoy exclusive, off-the-grid and private adventures, just for you and yours, deep within the tropics.

    Whether it’s sailing the deep blue sea in a luxury catamaran; an off-the-beaten-path ‘drive your own adventure’ in your very own guided-Mini Cooper; island-hopping to your own private oasis; or circumnavigating the islands as captain of your own speedboat, we have designed the perfect outing for you and your crew.

    Caribbean dreams become a reality, as you can literally see, live and experience the tropics however you choose.

    Bespoke Experience

    We give you the pen to write your own adventure. You dream it, we design it. Wonder this way with us!

    We take the phrase, ‘you only live once’ to heart and that’s why we are giving you the opportunity to tell us how you want to live.

    Our guides have been curating new and existing journeys, from the off-the-beaten-path to the unimaginably mystifying, for you to enjoy with your loved ones. Get inspired and begin to wonder where your next journey will take you.

    Not sure what the wide-open and majestic Caribbean can offer to you? Get ready to uncover hidden wonders and gems you can’t even believe exist. Tell us how you want to see, live and experience the tropics; we promise you we’ll make it happen.

    To learn more visit or call Tyus Tours and Travel at 866-547-5362.

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