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  • We Couldn’t Do It With Out You

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    As the travel industry grows in complexity and diversity, travelers are recognizing the need for knowledgeable, up-to-date professionals to guide them through the planning process.

    Booking a vacation online sounds easy, but ultimately ends up costing travelers time and money they don’t anticipate. Many online booking sites are not upfront about hidden fees and regulations. Sorting out a change or booking mistake will often require travelers to spend hours on hold with a call center, finally reaching someone who really doesn’t care how your experience turns out. Tyus Tours & Travel are personally invested in making sure your trip goes smoothly. We are there to assist and advocate for you before, during, and after their trip.

    Tyus Tours & Travel has access to hotels and travel suppliers that we have developed relationships with through time, and experience. Suppliers are much more likely to cater to the needs (and maybe toss in some fun extras) of travelers booking through Tyus Tours & Travel who have long-standing relationships with their brand.

    You have some very specific parameters about your itinerary — dates, times, airlines, and airports. Tyus Tours & Travel knows that departing one day earlier or later can make a difference of hundreds of dollars. Or that choosing an alternative airport can result in savings that surpass the cab fare to drive a little further. Tyus Tours & Travel works our best travel agent magic when you can clearly express your travel goals, but value our judgment on the specifics on how to reach them.

    Every time we travel, we’re scoping out hotels, restaurants, and local attractions. We ask questions, attend trade shows, and try every new experience available to make sure Tyus Tours & Travel can offer our best recommendations.

    Tyus Tours & Travel has your best interest in mind. Tyus Tours & Travel wants to develop long-term working relationship with you, designing vacations and travel experiences that always exceed expectations. If Tyus Tours & Travel is advising against a “cheap” option, it’s because we believe the discount is not worth the drop in quality or may cost you more in the long-run.

    We love what we do, really! We work hard and love it. We’re in travel because we love travel and everything related. We’re passionate about sharing our skills and knowledge and making your travel dreams come true!

    And we couldn’t be in business for 34 years without you.

  • Dive Into Adventure On Grand Bahama Island

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    Image credit: @visitgbi

    Have you ever explored the magical world that lives under the ocean’s surface surrounding Grand Bahama Island? It’s a diver’s paradise and a great way to continue exploring the island far beyond the sand!

    When you dive deep into the crystal-clear waters of Grand Bahama, you’ll find detailed coral gardens, playful dolphins and inviting blue spaces. There is so much to discover beyond the beach! Oddly enough, many people barely enter this magical world. Instead, they seem to prefer other land-based adventures like relaxing in a chair by the pool and catching some rays. Trust us—if you go out on a dive boat, you’ll be completely captivated by everything you see in this amazing underwater world.

    Grand Bahama Island’s reputation as a diver’s paradise has been growing ever since the earliest episodes of Sea Hunt were filmed here in the late 1950s.


    Grand Bahama Island is one of the few places you are guaranteed to dive with dolphins in the wild. This is done through the Underwater Explorers’ Society’s (UNEXSO) “Dolphin Dive” program, where local dolphins from the Dolphin Experience frolic with divers at a reef about a mile off shore. Many people can only imagine getting this close to a dolphin in the wild. Don’t miss out on this rare and amazing experience––swim with them right here on Grand Bahama Island.


    If you want to dive with sharks, there are two feeding programs you can participate in on Grand Bahama Island; one with UNEXSO and another with West End Watersports. In both programs, an experienced shark feeder wearing chain mail offers fish to a swirling group of Caribbean reef sharks. Anyone who’s done this dive will tell you that it makes for an incredible photo opportunity.!

    The adventure will typically begin with a detailed briefing at the dock. The shark feeder will run through the various phases of the dive, then you will travel to the dive site together via boat. Once in the water, you will soon be amazed at the sights around you. You will often see 10-25 sharks, varying in length from 4 to 9 feet, many of which will come quite close to the group. Definitely an experience to remember!

    With a diverse daily activities program, marvelous beaches, sports, and fun, your vacation is bound to become unforgettable. Enjoy being part of the many activities under the warm tropical sun, accompanied by people who every day put on their best smile. Breathtaking views and a lively entertainment-fun atmosphere make this an ideal setting to enjoy of your favorite pastimes with the opportunity to create new memories. Shark and Dolphin Encounters are just the beginning! For more information visit

  • How Jamaica Does Adventure
    Funjet Insider December 14, 2020

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    Jamaica might be one of the Caribbean’s most laid-back hideaways where care-free days mix and mingle with reggae-filled nights—but that doesn’t mean it’s all blissful beach days. When you visit Jamaica, you can expect the adventure of a lifetime.

    Dolphin Encounter

    Calling all fun-lovin’ families! On this visit to Dolphin Cove, you’ll get up close and personal with the creatures we all know and love so much. You’ll start off with learning more about dolphins, including their habits and behaviors. Then, you’ll get into the water and interact with them! And don’t worry – you’ll have the option of a shallow or deep-water swim, that way everyone gets to have a blast!

    Jamwest Superdeal

    Ready for a change of pace after a few days of lounging on the beach? The Jamwest Superdeal is all about adrenaline-fueled action. You have a choice of three thrilling activities: a backroad ATV adventure, a view of the jungle via zip-line, an awe-inspiring safari tour, or a horseback ride through paradise. Afterwards, you can wind down with a trip to the aviary, petting zoo, and mineral bath.

    Cool Runnings Dunns River Day Cruise

    To book you Jamaica Adventure visit

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