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  • Watch Out for Post-Pandemic Travel Scams

    6/24/2021 3:31:10 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    A reprint from travelpulse.com 06/03/2021

    As cybercrime rises, so do the scams and travel is not immune. In fact, with so much pent-up demand in the industry, prices are rising and so are the number of people who are spoofing websites in order to lure in the vulnerable.

    Has anyone offered you free or nearly free trips recently? Rock-bottom deals in a market that is oversaturated with rising prices are tempting but most likely not legit.

    Phone calls, emails and postcards with enticing travel offers look tempting, but a deal that’s way under the value of a trip—like five nights in a hotel plus airfare to Maui for $200—means it’s probably a scam,”

    The best way to avoid falling victim to these deals is to walk away if it seems too good to be true.

    If a company asks you to pay with a prepaid gift card instead of a credit card or debit card, it’s a scam. Always work with a trusted travel agency or company that has a long, proven history of offering travel opportunities.

    Rental cars are hard to come by in a post-pandemic travel landscape. So of course, deals that offer cars at affordable prices are to be met with some skepticism.

    Several travelers alerted us this spring to fake rental-car-company scams. Crooks set up phony customer service numbers online that look just like those of major rental-car companies,” “When you call, they take your money and personal information, then leave you stranded.”

    It's also been some reported fake sites selling TSA PreCheck and Global Entry programs.

    “Travelers interested in enrolling in or renewing TSA PreCheck should start the process by going to the official government website, tsa.gov.

    Looking for a vacation rental? Watch out for fraudulent companies that are offering properties that are not real.

    Keep all of your interactions with a vacation property’s owners on the website of legitimate companies,” A request to take your conversation off the site is a sign of a likely scam. If a property has few reviews or seems too good to be true, search the address online, or check it on Google Maps.”

    Use a Travel Advisor

    One way to avoid getting scammed is to use a reputable travel advisor to assist you with your vacation planning. Travel advisors are an advocate for travelers on many levels. They don’t just re-book canceled flights and help get clients home when things go wrong.

    Travel advisors help their customers avoid situations where they may get scammed and steer them clear of deals that are too good to be true. Good advisors provide their customers with peace of mind as well as a safe, healthy and seamless travel experience—especially during a pandemic.

    Need help in planning your vacation call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362 or visit our website at www.tyustours.com. To read the complete article or to keep up with the latest travel information visit our FB page @itsyourtime2travel or tune into our podcast “It’s Your Time To Travel” on talktainmentradio.com.

  • Considering Traveling To Hawaii? | Get The Facts Before You Go!

    6/16/2021 10:00:17 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    New York Times, June 11, 2021

    Interest in visiting the islands is running high, but the price of paradise can be multiple Covid tests, expensive stints in quarantine, long waits in line and more.

    Currently, to visit the islands or move between them, travelers, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not, have to show a negative Covid test result taken within 72 hours of traveling. These tests range in price, with some people paying $200 or $300.

    Vaccinated travelers complain that the tests are expensive and unnecessary and that getting the correct information about what is required is too difficult.

    “Today’s Hawaii travel is much tougher than you might think,” said Cheryl Temple, a former mayor of the town of Orting in Washington who is currently in Kauai. “Read every word when researching and click on every link. It’s all there, but I missed a small but significant piece.”

    Ms. Temple’s son lives on the island of Kauai, but recently had surgery on Oahu. She flew there to meet him and then flew to Kauai with him, where she planned to spend time caring for him at his home. She is fully vaccinated and before traveling from the mainland to Oahu had gotten a negative Covid test. But when she landed in Kauai, she was told she either had to fly back to Oahu and get tested or immediately go into quarantine on Kauai for 10 days, in a hotel apart from her son. She flew back to Oahu, got tested for $150 and then flew back to Kauai.

    Other travelers relate similarly frustrating experiences when traveling between islands. They said that the rules for testing to get to Hawaii from the mainland are clear and well-explained on the Safe Travel site, but rules about inter-island travel are vaguer and harder to understand. The state’s Tourism Authority said that Hawaii’s rental car fleet decreased by more than 40 percent during the pandemic because many car companies sold off their cars. One client, who recently traveled to Maui, said she got quoted a price of $3,000 to rent a car for 12 days.

    The cost of ride shares with services including Uber and Lyft is also extremely high. The Tourism Authority is urging travelers to use other modes of transportation to navigate the islands.

    At every turn, travelers said that they were required to show the QR code they received when they uploaded their test results before getting on a flight — when renting a car, checking into a hotel, at some restaurants and when participating in various excursions. Some found the process tedious and unnecessarily strict. A simpler solution, many people said, would be to make it possible to show that you’ve been vaccinated once — upon arrival at the airport. And those traveling between islands said one test should suffice. The assumption should be that if you are in Hawaii, you have been through the rigorous screening process to get there. Authorities, however, said the state instituted the rigorous testing rules in an effort to protect locals.

    But some travelers, said that they understand the abundance of precautions that the state is taking. Others said that they specifically chose to go to Hawaii because they knew that coronavirus has been taken seriously there and they would be safe. Jumping through the hoops, they say, is a small price to pay for paradise.

    To read the complete article visit our Facebook page @itsyourtime2travel or to book a Hawaii vacation visit https://bit.ly/3aS3z5t.

  • New York Re-Open

    6/7/2021 2:36:50 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    We are thrilled to welcome you back to New York City—all five boroughs are open and ready to be explored on your next visit. Broadway tickets are on sale (with many shows reopening beginning September 14); the subway has resumed at 24-hour service; businesses, including restaurants, are no longer limited by capacity (only by the space available for patrons to maintain social distance); and the following guidelines have been implemented in New York :

            There is no gathering limit for groups with fully vaccinated attendees.
            For non-vaccinated attendees, social distancing remains in place. At indoor events above the gathering limit (250 people), attendees over the age of four who are not presenting proof of full vaccination must instead present proof of a recent negative Covid-19 test result (i.e., PCR/NAAT taken 72 hours or less prior to admission or an antigen test taken 6 hours or less prior to admission). Outdoor events do not require proof of a recent negative Covid-19 test result.
            The 1am curfew for catered events has been lifted.
            Vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear masks at most businesses and public settings, though individual businesses may require patrons to continue doing so. Masks must still be worn in some settings, including airports and public transit.
            Covid-19 vaccines are available in NYC to all US residents who are 12 and older, including domestic visitors to the five boroughs. Those who are ages 12 through 17 are eligible only for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which is a two-dose regimen with at least 21 days between shots.

    Additionally, Mayor de Blasio signed an Executive Order eliminating the 5.875% hotel room occupancy tax rate for a three-month period, from June 1 through August 31, 2021 (other City and State taxes still apply). With these updates, big events are returning to NYC this summer and fall, including the following :

            Tribeca Festival | June 9–20
            ABB FIA Formula E Championship | July 10–11
            NY NOW®, the modern wholesale market for retailers and specialty buyers seeking diversity and discovery, which will be the first event hosted at the newly reopened Javits Center | August 8–11
            TD Five Boro Bike Tour | August 22
            US Open Tennis Championships at Arthur Ashe Stadium, with fans this year | August 30–September 12
            New York Fashion Week, with Spring Studios as the hub in partnership with IMG | September 8–12
            The Governors Ball at Citi Field | September 24–26
            TCS New York City Marathon returning for its 50th year, operating at 60% of typical participant field for a total of 33,000 runners | November 7

    Stepping into Manhattan’s Chinatown, one of the largest in the US, is like finding yourself immersed in another country. Its street vendors, tearooms, dim sum parlors, lively parks and storied restaurants, within a network of narrow streets, lend the area a distinctive feel and provide some of the many reasons to visit.

    Stepping into Manhattan’s Chinatown, one of the largest in the US, is like finding yourself immersed in another country. Its street vendors, tearooms, dim sum parlors, lively parks and storied restaurants, within a network of narrow streets, lend the area a distinctive feel and provide some of the many reasons to visit.

    Stay tuned as we open new adventures to New York City.

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