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  • Three Biggest Mistakes Travelers Make When Visiting New York City

    9/21/2021 3:00:28 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    MISTAKE #1

    Thinking the NYC subway system is difficult and scary.

    The subway is the lifeline of New York City. If it did not exist, NYC would not be the city it is today. It moves 5.7 million people every weekday and is able to accomplish this feat because it is safe and easy to understand. Gone are the days of dangerous gangs and graffiti-laden trains. While those may be prominent images from the 1970s and 1980s and have become part of popular culture, they no longer are true. And while the subway system may seem hard to navigate, with a little research and insider tips, it’s easy to master. Here are some ways to stay safe in the subway and navigate it successfully.


    Know which direction you are headed In Manhattan, the majority of trains run north and south—uptown and downtown. Only the L train, the #7 train, and the Times Square and Grand Central Shuttle truly operate east and west. Know which train will get you closest to your destination If you are visiting a landmark, 99% of the time you can check their website and see which train is best. Local or express? Local trains make all stops. Express trains will skip stops in order to move people faster. Before getting on an express, make sure that it stops at your desired location, otherwise you may find yourself quickly in an outer borough.

    Don’t be intimidated by the subway map It is posted online, on the wall at the station, and at the top of the subway cars. Once you know where you’re headed, you can easily find the correct line you should be on and can follow the specific color that it’s highlighted in. Ask a local If you are not sure about the direction or the stop, ask a local train rider. New Yorkers can be very nice and happy to help. Utilize resources Check the MTA.info website for schedule changes. Use Google Maps to help plan your subway trip.


    Whenever you are in a new environment, be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention. Keep bags, backpacks, and purses zipped. Keep your wallet/phone in front pockets. Use subway cars that have other riders in them. If it is later in the evening, stand in the center of the platform to enter the train since there most likely will be more riders in the center cars. Do not take out your wallet to give money to panhandlers or performers. If you feel obliged to give, keep a couple of singles and loose change in your pocket for easy access Keep a grip on your cell phones or tablets. When the train you are on pulls in to the station and the doors open, you should be aware people are entering and exiting the train. It is easy for someone to grab your iPhone and run off the train before the doors close if you are not paying attention.

    MISTAKE #2:

    Taking advice from your neighbor, friend, or relative who visited New York City in the last 10 years.

    Do you know how much things change in 10 years, especially in one of the world’s largest cities? Restaurants open and close, new museums open, and entirely new neighborhoods can be established. Ten years is a long time. Your friend means well, but the advice they give cannot be counted on. You need to do your own research and speak with people who are in the know when it comes to New York City. Speak to or contact Tyus Tours & Travel, we’ve been booking New York City for over 20 years.

    MISTAKE #3:

    Thinking you are going to see everything in one trip.

    This is an issue we see all the time when planning trips for our clients. They want to pack so much into their visit, that it is not sustainable. It may seem like everything is very close together when looking at a map, but you need to take into account people, traffic, and walking distance. Of course, we offer VIP skip-the-line tickets for most attractions and pre-opening tours so you can fit in that extra museum, but you should never rush yourself and your traveling companions too much because then it becomes no fun. Pick the five most important things you want to do and then the second three things and then a list of possible things if time allows. Also think about visiting New York at different times of the year. Each season offers something special. The fall offers wonderful weather and the debut of new Broadway shows. By the end of November and December, NYC is all about the holidays and you cannot help but be mesmerized by it all. January and February offer the best deals on travel to NYC, with the added bonus of Restaurant Week and Broadway Week. The best strategy is to visit us at www.tyustours.com or contact the pros at Tyus Tours & Travel and have us plan the perfect NYC vacation for you. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Packages are now available.

  • Save Up to 25% Off Select Disney Cruises

    9/7/2021 1:11:45 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Disney Cruise Line is offering a great new rate on select cruises from Port Canaveral, FL in September, October and November 2021. Guests can save up to 25% on prevailing rates as published by Disney Cruise Line for select Disney cruises by booking Verandah Category with Restrictions.

    Please note that this offer is valid for new bookings only. Full payment is required at the time of booking for all Guests and is nonrefundable. Full legal names of all Guests are required at the time of booking and no name changes are allowed. The specific stateroom will be assigned at a later time, based on availability. For more information visit https://bit.ly/3775q5b.

  • How to Elevate Your Safety When Traveling

    9/1/2021 4:12:42 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Although some people may be “over it”, we are unfortunately still living amongst an ongoing pandemic. There is no need to halt travel, though, as there are several health and safety measures to take which lessen the chance of contracting the virus.

    More than ever before, tourists should look to travel advisors when booking their trips. Advisors have seen it all – both good and bad – and they are the experts when it comes to traveling amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    We can answer the questions

    Which destinations are open and welcoming visitors? Which hotels and resorts have sanitary measures in place? What type of documentation is currently needed?

    These are all questions an agent should be able to answer right now. In addition to being able to answer the obvious inquiries, there are several ways in which travel agents can aid in putting clients’ safety first during the booking process.

    If you do happen to have someone that’s worried about flying, we can put their minds at ease by reminding them that the chances of getting COVID-19 on a plane are extremely low. Mask wearing and sanitization measures are still very much in place on airplanes and in airports.

    After we’ve calmed your nerves, we can suggest a variety of ways to decrease the chances of contracting the virus during travel.

    First off: book a private transfer. Upon arrival in the destination, you will feel so much better getting into a vehicle with only their travel party instead of boarding a bus filled with strangers or using a rideshare app that may not have the proper cleaning procedures in place between passengers.

    Another way to lessen the interactions with others is by booking at a spacious resort. There are a number of hotels in the popular tourist destinations that have plenty of room for each visitor to have their own area instead of being crammed in between other guests by the pool. It’s also important to choose properties that continue to focus on health and safety measures.

    To take it a step further, suggest a room upgrade. Reserving a spacious suite that includes amenities such as a private pool and room service means guests will spend less time in public areas and more time relaxing on their own.

    Encouraging travelers to purchase travel insurance has always been an important step in the booking process, but it’s even more important now in the current climate. We urge everyone to add travel insurance to their reservation.

    Also, learn how to travel Luggage FREE.

    With these added precautions in place, you will feel at ease as you embark on a much-needed vacation. Start planning your next getaway today.

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