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  • A Travel Pandemic Safety Kit

    12/28/2021 2:54:51 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Protective vinyl casing

    COVID cases are on the rise again with the contagious Delta and Omicron variant. Initial reports indicate that while Omicron spreads quickly, it might be milder than the first COVID variants, at least for vaccinated people.

    But taking precautions when you travel is still essential, whether or not you're vaccinated. Everyone must wear a mask over their nose and mouth on planes, buses, trains, taxis, and other forms of public transportation. And all experts agree the best way to protect yourself and others is to get your vaccine, including the booster, if you're eligible.

    While it's relatively safe to travel, that's only true if you take proper precautions. This is what you need to know to travel safely in 2022, whether you're flying or driving, vaccinated or not.

    Proof Of Vaccination

    Even if you're traveling domestically, it's a good idea to have proof with you just in case a public space or business upon arrival requires it.

    If you want to travel with your physical vaccine card, we suggest putting it in a protective vinyl casing (see picture above). But there are also a handful of apps, such as CommonPass and VeriFLY, that allow you to upload proof of vaccine and even connect PCR test results so you have proof of your low-risk all in one place.


    Masks are required on all airlines, regardless of your vaccination status or where you're flying. They're also recommended for any public place while driving, like public restrooms or service stations.

    As coronavirus is an airborne virus, wearing a mask is still one of the key ways to reduce spreading or getting COVID, especially in an indoor, crowded place like an airport or airplane.

    Why are masks so important? Think of the COVID virus like cigarette smoke spreading indoors — it flows throughout the space (beyond 6 feet from the person who exhaled it and around plexiglass barriers) and can hang in the air for hours, even after the person is no longer in the room.

    Considering its spread ability, and given how contagious the Delta variant is, it's more important than ever to wear a well-fitting mask to both prevent spreading the virus to others and inhaling it yourself.

    Did You Know?

    If a mask causes your glasses or sunglasses to fog up, that's a sign it doesn't fit properly and is allowing potentially virus-laden air in and out. Use a special tape like Cabeau Tape between the fabric and your skin where there's a gap to create a better seal

    At-home COVID-19 test

    Even if your destination doesn't require it and even if you're vaccinated, it's wise to get a COVID test both before you travel and after you arrive to minimize the chance of spreading the virus to vulnerable people. If you are planning on visiting others, make sure to get tested to ensure everyone's safety.

    Hand soap, sanitizer, and wipes

    Traveling exposes you to tons of germs — viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and fungi — outside of COVID that can cause illnesses. It's super important to clean your hands before and after you eat.

    The best way is wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and then dry them thoroughly with a paper or cloth towel (rather than an air blower).

    But since that's not always possible, the second-best option is to use hand sanitizer. Always pack one with at least 60% alcohol in your carry-on, and rub it all over your hands, even the nooks and crannies, until it evaporates.

    Antibacterial hand wipes are less ideal since they sometimes contain harmful chemicals and may contribute to antibiotic resistance. But in a pinch, they're definitely better than having unclean hands. Keep in mind that most wipes are formulated for objects and not for skin, and the formula needs to be at least 60% alcohol to kill viruses.

    Disinfectant wipes

    Keeping high-touch surfaces clean is important especially high-touch surfaces on planes — armrests, tray tables, in-flight entertainment screens — can transmit germs, so it's wise to wipe down surfaces around your seat with a disinfectant wipe. Be sure to clean your phone too — you might be surprised by how dirty it actually is.

    Storage bags

    When flying, carry-on storage is essential to make it easy to access hand sanitizer and other essential items. Ideally, your carry-on bag has multiple pockets so you can keep things like food and extra masks separate from dirty items. You can also use a small pouch to keep these essentials right on top.

    We also recommend having a few plastic bags available to store dirty masks, in addition to things like used disinfectant wipes or tissues until you can find a trash can. You'll want one for your car and in your carry-on.

    It's also helpful to have a designated clean storage bag where you can put your mask when you take it off to keep away from dirty surfaces or other people's breath. Avoid placing your mask on a table or your arm to minimize germ contamination.

    Power Bank

    A power bank to charge your phone, so you can avoid high-touch areas like airport wall outlets. Keep the power bank in your carry-on bag, so it’s ready any time you head to the airport.


    Because it can be difficult to replace certain medications in many destinations, especially with the pandemic-related supply chain disruptions, we recommend taking twice the medication you might need-just in case.

    Pandemic Travel Insurance

    One of the best ways to protect yourself during your travels is with trip insurance, whether it’s in the pandemic-era or not, but especially in this time of uncertainty. Not all insurance providers offer pandemic protection, so it’s especially important to make sure to find a company that will protect you from the costs that can arise from Covid-related complications.

    Stay Flexible

    If you are planning to take a trip while the pandemic rages on, try to keep your plans as flexible as possible. The more wiggle room you leave for yourself, the more time and options become available.

    Bottom Line

    Everything in your travel pandemic safety can help prevent you from becoming infected with Covid-19, but still be prepared with knowledge on what will happen if you do test positive for Covid-19 while traveling. Be informed on the requirements and protocol for the country or countries you are planning on visiting. Know “symptomatic” is defined by the person examining you, not you.

  • Celebrate The Holidays In Las Vegas

    12/16/2021 8:55:03 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    With an abundance of sparkling lights, outdoor events and activities to choose from, Las Vegas shows itself as the ultimate destination to celebrate and spread the joy. Get outside and behold the beauty of the winter scenery created at The Ice Rink at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas where you skated across 4,200 square feet of real ice and roasted s’mores by the firepits; strolled through three acres of holiday fun at Ethel M. Chocolates Cactus Garden Holiday Lights nightly; and see millions of festive light arrangements on a 2½ mile ride, all without getting out of the car at Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens will once again transform into a winter wonderland.

    Experience Vegas crafted food & beverage with the return of Merry Crimson at Red Rock Resort, a festive indoor and outdoor poolside lounge that transforms into Tinsel Town. Next to Red Rock Resort you can also check out Enchant Christmas at Las Vegas Ballpark where a world of holiday wonder awaits; featuring ice skating, lighted maze, unique food, beverage and event Santa. Bad Elf at Shady Grove Lounge in the Silverton Casino is decked out for the holidays with Bad Elf pop-up bar featuring themed cocktails you won’t want to miss!

    Holidays also transform our entertainment scene for the season with A Very Terry Christmas at New York New York, Barry Manilow brings some holiday cheer in the beginning of December with A Very Barry Christmas at Westgate Resort. Family dinner show Firelight Barn Dinner Theater in Henderson will also celebrate the holidays with their seasonal showcase. You can enjoy a holiday classic at Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort for the Anaheim Ballet's production of The Nutcracker in nearby Laughlin, NV.

    Take a ride through a winter wonderland during a magical train ride with Santa. The 90 minute unforgettable experience features storytelling, hot chocolate and cookies complete with a visit from Santa in nearby Boulder City aboard the Boulder City Santa Express. To book your Las Vegas Getaway visit https://bit.ly/3seob2q or call us at 866-547-5362.

  • Unwrap The Unexpected

    12/8/2021 11:34:38 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Unwrap luxury today—before perfection sails away.

    Glide along the Caribbean or Mediterranean coastline in elegant informality and easygoing ambiance. Discover highly personalized, anticipatory service, gourmet al fresco dining, and abundant open-deck space—with all activities offered in the fresh air. Encounter ample opportunities to relax on board, with spa and sport options designed to enrich and enliven. Relax in spacious staterooms and suites, enjoying superior amenities and commanding views. There is simply no better way for you to experience complete comfort than on a SeaDream journey.

    Celebrate the unexpected delights of the yachting experience with our special collection of 2022 itineraries—now available with $1,000 savings per stateroom.

    To learn more visit http://bit.ly/2kGgtOg

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