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  • Top Five Experiences for Visitors to Jamaica

    3/25/2022 1:38:57 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    An all-inclusive experience is typically the primary reason people opt to visit the island nation of Jamaica. After all, where better to enjoy it than in the place where the concept was basically invented? Not only are the resorts unforgettable, but there’s more to this destination than barefoot luxury in exclusive settings. Now’s the perfect time to explore, and Jamaica has travelers feeling safe and prepared.

    Jamaica’s new normal for travel delivers an authentic, relaxing and safe travel experience, pairing a comprehensive destination-wide approach with a heightened focus. When travelers fly in with United Vacations into Montego Bay and stay in hilltop inns on a hill to luxurious villas or resorts and hotels, every visitor is appreciated and made to feel that way.

    Personal Encounters

    Hospitality with a smile and graciousness is not only part of the economic fabric of this Caribbean nation, but an important part of the culture there. A welcoming, warm attitude is ingrained in the lifestyle of its residents, and something the people are proud to share. The nonstop smiles and irie vibes in friendly atmospheres are effortless to adopt. It doesn’t take long at all to feel that you’re truly wanted here, to witness the pride its citizens take in their unique heritage, traditions, landscapes and way of life.

    A Stay to Savor

    Wrapped up in all those cultural and personal identifiers is, of course, cuisine. There’s a lot more to Jamaican gastronomy than jerk chicken … although that dish is undisputedly delicious and rightfully famous! It’s worth it to bypass your default beach eats for traditional Jamaican dishes, including curries, stews, soups, rice-based dishes, deep fried goodies, and of course, seafood fresh from the never-ending coastlines. For greens, going local with callaloo, okra, ackee, jicama makes a colorful plate an exciting adventure. Explore dishes from different countries without leaving the island, where the ethnic mix of people who have settled on Jamaica throughout the centuries have created a distinct, unusual and delightful palette of flavors for any palate.

    Fall for the Water

    With so much to eat, it’s a good thing that Jamaica also offers a lot of ways to work up an appetite. One of the favorite pastimes of visitors is to seek out and discover its many waterfalls. There are over 40 across the island, with Dunn’s River in the lead as the most well-known. This dramatic 200-foot fall extends nearly 600 feet, broken up by giant steps and small pools, ending near a Caribbean beach. The hour-long hike and climb—escorted by a professional, like a guide from Amstar DMC, for instance—is well worth the trek to many, and this attraction is on “must-see” lists for first-time travelers. But, if you want to keep chasing waterfalls, stay on your feet. The jungles are simply full of them, some more or less “discovered” or claimed, which is why the exact count is as fluid as the water cascading down them.

    Stay for the Beaches

    The waterfalls are spectacular, but the beaches are legendary. For instance, the Seven Mile Beach in Negril features blindingly bright white sands that ease into equally electric blue waters. Best of all, this internationally acclaimed beach is only one of around 50. You’re never far away from a shore in Jamaica, and that’s no matter what leisurely activity you’re taking part of. For instance, world-class, full-service spa services often take place by the ocean; private beachside cabanas are common at gorgeous resorts, many of which also have state-of-the-art fitness facilities that sometimes overlook those endless ocean views.

    Accessible Amazement

    Now that you’re dreaming of going, the best and easiest way to get to Jamaica is with United Vacations. As the full-service vacation provider, UV has the best prices guaranteed on United Airlines®. Plus, with over 1,250 nonstop routes from the U.S. through 2021, fly directly there from Newark, Chicago, Dulles or Houston. Your loyal United® flyers enjoy UV’s unique low deposit policy when they book and earn MileagePlus benefits on the way. So, what are you waiting for? Click here for the latest promotions that will get you up, away, and checking off all five of these Jamaican “musts” as fast as Usain Bolt sprints.

  • The Island That Will Get You More Value

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    One Happy Island Redefines “Value Vacation”

    Used to be that “value” was just another code word for “inexpensive.” It denoted a tight budget, fewer frills, an absence of bells and more assuredly whistles.

    But today, our priorities have changed. Money is no longer the be-all, end-all of what defines vacation “value.” Instead, value has returned to its original meaning: getting the most out of every dollar and minute spent, a wider range of choices at the ready, and unquestionable dependability and reliability.

    For these, it’s harder to find a destination that matches these criteria better than Aruba.

    First of all, let’s talk about the weather. Really! And not just small talk weather-speak, but a proper and respectful acknowledgement about what is quite frankly the most universally, objectively perfect climate in the world.

    For those who don’t know. Aruba is an unexpectedly desert island in the middle of the Caribbean, complete with cacti and their signature fofoti trees. But unlike some other deserts, it’s warm and breezy day through night and year-round! It’s ideally temperate every single day with a stable 86-degree temperature, cooled by refreshing trade winds, and enough moisture in the air to keep your hair and skin happy but not so much that it feels humid. With the highest number of sunny days than any other island, there’s nary a rain cloud in sight to ruin any adventure plans or poolside naps.

    And yes, that’s even through the most tumultuous hurricane season.

    Aruba is located off the Hurricane Belt; it’s one of the ABC islands that are safety outside of the path of major storm development. And that’s one of its greatest values, the weather-proof safety of the destination, something few places can ever boast!

    Finally, there’s the value of freedom and choice. With a full, all-encompassing range of stay options from luxury resorts to boutique hotels, you can stick to a budget or splurge on the good life easily—whichever is more right for the occasion and comfortable for the traveler. And outside of the hotel, there’s so much to do—landscapes to explore, waterscapes to dive into, uniquely Aruban experiences to be had, from nightlife to dining. It’s why Aruba is known as a tiny island just chock-full of big treasures.

    All of this leads to the redefinition of vacation value. Although you get a lot for your spend on Aruba, the depth of this destination’s value extends far beyond dollars saved. You can’t put a price on the high value of 100% fully usable days of vacation, uninterrupted by unexpected inclement weather. Nor on being able to do anything and everything you could possibly dream of on your beach vacation, supplemented by the maintained value of health, safety, and—of course! —your happiness on One Happy Island.

    To book your Aruba vacation visit

  • Save-The-Date

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