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"With so many travel options out there, it can be overwhelming. As your travel agency we will work as your 'value interpreter'. Using our expertise, we will find amazing experiences that exceed your every desire, but not your budget. With our services, you will be confident that your Dream Vacation will be perfectly planned, hassle-free, and filled with monents you'll never forget."

  • Ask a Travel Advisor 2022

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    Travel Advisors get why we travel...and that's why Travel Advisors get you there.

    When you use a travel advisor to design your dream getaway, expect to be treated like a VIP. How, you may ask? Think spa credits, extra in-room amenities, complimentary transfers and more. So, what makes you feel like a VIP when you travel? Let us know in the comments!

  • National FREE Park Day

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    National parks are America’s natural wonders everyone can explore – and they’re everywhere. You can discover more than 400 national park sites in all corners of the country and four U.S. territories (American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands). On six days in 2021, all National Park Service (NPS) sites that typically charge entrance fees (between $5-$35) will waive admission charges. Park visitors should still expect activity and amenity fees for things like camping, in-park transportation, boat launches, and special tours.

    Mark your calendars and for these entrance fee-free dates in 2021 :

        1.     Jan. 18, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday
        2.     April 17, the first day of National Park Week
        3.     Aug. 4, one-year anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act
        4.     Aug. 25, NPS birthday
        5.     Sept. 25, National Public Lands Day
        6.     Nov. 11, Veterans Day

    These fee-free days celebrate or commemorate significant events. According to Margaret Everson, the acting director for NPS, “Every national park provides a variety of opportunities for visitors to get out in nature, connect with our common heritage and experience the vast array of benefits that come from spending time outdoors.”

    Save up to $250 on National Parks vacations visit http://bit.ly/2tCV2hX for more information.

  • Ask a Travel Advisor

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    Good things come to those who book their vacations with travel advisors, like complimentary room upgrades, private transfers, exclusive cocktail parties, spa discounts, and so much more. So, where to, next? Let us know in the comments!

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