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  • A FREE Wedding In Paradise

    10/18/2022 2:17:19 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Love Don't Cost A Thing

    Who said the perfect wedding has to cost a fortune? At Sandals and Beaches Resorts a wedding is even better than you imagined, it can also be FREE.

    The complimentary package features: Dendrobium Morchid Bouquet, Dendrobium Boutonniere, a two-tier Cake, Decorative Centerpiece & White Table Linen. This wedding gift is free when you stay 3 nights or longer.

    Hooray! It’s Your Big Day

    We encourage you to dream differently about an event that is all you own. Whether you choose our FREE wedding option, use one of our new inspirations as a guide, or decide to fully customize your wedding events, our talented and professional Wedding Entourage will happily bring your vision to life. What’s personal for you is priority for us.

    To learn more, click on the link to set up an appointment today or contact us at 866-547-5362.


  • Why You Should Create a Honeymoon Registry Instead of a Gift Registry

    10/7/2022 2:33:59 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    As exciting as weddings are, we can all agree that the honeymoon is something we’re all looking forward to afterwards. When researching destinations and planning out a dream itinerary, you think of all the wonderful things you and your partner can do on this unforgettable trip. However, one thing that may be in the back of your mind is planning for the expenses, especially after that amazing wedding.

    Traditional registries are great for couples who may be in need of household items and other essentials. But maybe you want to switch it up and try something that will be more meaningful for you and your partner. What better way to do that than to create an opportunity for a dream honeymoon! You can either have your guests donate money instead of gifts or add items to your honeymoon itinerary.


    You may be asking what exactly a honeymoon registry is and how it’s different from the typical gift registry. To keep it simple, a honeymoon registry gives an opportunity for couples to ask their guests to take part in gifting experiences, rather than traditional household items. Honeymoon Wishes provides the platform to do so and allows the process to be fun and simple. With easy-to-use tools and over 850 destinations to choose from, we provide a seamless experience for both gift givers and couples.


       •    Diverse Gift Options : Having the ability to offer unique experiences, incredible adventures, and dreamy hotel accommodations provide guests more options when choosing their gifts. With traditional gift registries, you can get stuck when it comes to diversifying your gift choices. However, when it comes to a honeymoon registry, you’ll find that there are tons of great options to choose from.

       •    Easy to Use : One of the many great things about having an online honeymoon registry is how easy it is for guests to contribute. By listing your honeymoon registry on your website, guests can send over contributions with just a few clicks. Rather than stressing about finding the perfect gift, this makes it a seamless and overall, more convenient experience for gift givers too.

       •    Funding Something More Meaningful : The memories you make on a honeymoon will last a lifetime. As you and your partner share a wonderful trip together, you’ll create special stories to tell for years to come. Make sure to put as much detail as possible when creating your registry in order to tell your guests how much this trip means to you.


    The great thing about Honeymoon Wishes is we take away the stress and hassle of asking for gifts directly. Rather, you are able to simply add items instantly from our website to your registry for guests to contribute. We offer many unique experiences and ideas that you and your partner can choose from. You can also personalize the experiences and add them into your registry as well. There are endless possibilities to choose from and your loved ones will be able to pick which they would love to contribute towards. The more options, the better!


    Since you are in control of your wedding registry, you can determine how much a guest can contribute. As experiences and gifts vary, you can edit each gift amount. In the end, guests can always choose how much they would like to give. It’s also important to note that the funds can be used in any way you and your partner would like. As we mentioned earlier, this kind of flexibility is one of the main highlights of creating a honeymoon registry.

    You can still go that route if you and your partner believe you would benefit from a traditional gift registry. It all depends on your goals and needs at the moment. The choice is always yours. However, when it comes to making a honeymoon registry, nothing beats the excitement you get when building up your list of activities and daydreaming of all the wonderful things you can do. Having the chance to go on an unforgettable trip creates so much thrill and something to look forward to even after your wedding.


    Even if you’re still on the fence, we recommend heading over to Virtual to see what may catch your eye. From destinations like Bali, Bora Bora, and Mexico, the opportunities you and your partner have are endless. When making your decision, take into account what would matter to you both in the long run and see what choice is right for you!

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