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  • When is Hurricane Season?

    6/26/2023 8:59:47 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Hurricane Dorian

    Hurricane season typically runs from June 1st to November 30th in the Atlantic basin, which includes the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. However, the peak of the season is usually in the months of August to October. During this time, there is a higher likelihood of tropical storms and hurricanes forming and making landfall in the affected regions.

    How does it affect travel?

    Hurricane season can have a significant impact on travel plans, especially for those who are travelling to or from the regions affected by hurricanes. The impact may be felt in several ways, including:

    1. Flight cancellations and delays: Airlines may cancel flights or delay them due to the weather conditions associated with hurricanes. This can cause significant inconvenience to travellers who may have to wait for long hours or even days to get to their destinations.

    2. Evacuation orders: In the event of a hurricane, local authorities may issue evacuation orders, requiring tourists and residents to leave the affected areas. This can disrupt travel plans and lead to unplanned expenses, such as accommodation and transportation costs.

    3. Road closures: Hurricanes can cause flooding and landslides, leading to road closures and disrupting travel plans. Travellers may have to take alternative routes or modes of transportation, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

    4. Damaged infrastructure: Hurricanes can cause significant damage to infrastructure, including airports, ports, and roads. This can affect the ability of tourists to travel to and from the affected areas, as well as the availability of essential services such as power and water.

    5. Safety concerns: The safety of travellers is of utmost importance during hurricane season. Travellers may be advised to avoid travelling to the affected areas or take precautions such as carrying emergency supplies and staying informed about weather conditions.

    Precautions to take during hurricane season

    If you are planning to travel during hurricane season, it is essential to take precautions to ensure your safety and minimize the disruption to your travel plans. Some of the precautions you can take include:

    1. Staying informed: Keep up to date with weather reports and travel advisories issued by local authorities and airlines.

    2. Flexibility: Be flexible with your travel plans and consider rescheduling your trip if there is a high likelihood of a hurricane forming or making landfall in your destination.

    3. Travel insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers trip cancellation or delays due to weather-related issues.

    4. Emergency supplies: Carry emergency supplies such as food, water, and first-aid kit in case of an emergency.

    5. Plan ahead: Make a plan ahead of time for what you will do in the event of a hurricane, including evacuation routes, emergency contacts, and accommodation options.

    In conclusion, hurricane season can have a significant impact on travel plans, especially for those travelling to or from the affected regions. It is essential to take precautions and stay informed to ensure your safety and minimize disruptions to your travel plans. Remember, safety should always be a priority, and it is better to err on the side of caution when it comes to hurricane season.

  • Get More Adventure For Your Dollar

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    Discover the best vacation value around. Only Royal Caribbean® offers more activities, dining venues, entertainment options and experiences, delivering more memories without tapping into your wallet. Explore the world onboard 26 innovative ships and experience an unforgettable family reunion, wedding or simply a quick getaway with friends — the convenience of unpacking once and activities for all ages and interests make it the perfect choice. Get more adventures for your hard-earned vacation dollar with the most award-winning cruise line in the Caribbean

    Hit Broadway shows including the musical Grease, CATS, Mamma Mia!, We Will Rock You and Saturday Night Fever. Live music and comedy shows. Aqua shows and ice-skating shows. Parades and parties on the Royal Promenade. Comedy and live jazz club. Nightclubs, karaoke and sing-along piano bars. Lounge games and contests, such as trivia, Puzzle Break, Battle of the Sexes and more

    FlowRider® surf simulator and Rock-Climbing Wall. Quantum Class — RipCord® by iFLY® skydiving simulator, North Star® observation capsule and SeaPlex® play space with bumper cars, roller skating, trapeze school, video games and more. Oasis Class — Take a plunge down the tallest slide at sea, Ultimate Abyss. And adventure down The Perfect Storm waterslide trio — Typhoons, Cyclones and Supercells. Thrilling multi-level waterslides and slides on select ships

    Meals, Beverages & Room Service

    Main dining room with savory multicourse feasts each night. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in various venues throughout each ship. Choose from tasty Mexican street fare at El Loco Fresh. Windjammer casual buffet on every ship, open for every meal. Variety of juices, teas, coffees, soft drinks and water throughout the ship and with meals

    Kids & Teens

    Award-winning Adventure Ocean® Youth Program with educational, engaging activities. Totally reimagined spaces for kids and hangouts exclusively for teens. Glow-in-the-dark laser tag challenges. And much more. Fuel — A club just for teens with soda fountain, computers and dance floor. The Living Room — Teen lounge area with movies, games and live DJ

    Fitness Center & Sports Activities

    State-of-the-art fitness center, with massage and spa services available on every ship . Table tennis. Full-size basketball and sports court. Group fitness classes, such as sunrise stretch, fab abs, dancing, meditation and more. Seminars on topics like weight loss, reflexology, stargazing and more. Deck Games — Volleyball, pool games, tug of war and other active challenges. Running / jogging track

    Spacious, comfortable accommodations for everyone — from solo travelers to groups of up to 14 guests. Virtual Balcony SM staterooms bring stunning HD views from the outside into your room. Twice daily housekeeping and turndown service. Accessible accommodations on every ship. Choose from the most balconies in the Caribbean and the only interior-facing neighborhood balconies in the industry.

    Labadee® — Our private paradise nestled along the north coast of Haiti, with both thrilling activities and utter relaxation. Perfect Day at CocoCay - Grab a drink at the swim-up bar and soak up the scene in the largest freshwater pool in the Bahamas or enjoy the biggest and boldest Splashaway Bay. Explore authentic Caribbean itineraries with visits to countries such as Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Bahamas. Plus, hundreds of other destinations all over the world, including Alaska, Europe, South America, Bermuda and other exotic itineraries.

    Outdoor poolside movies. Adults-only Solarium, a tranquil covered retreat just for grown-ups, with loungers and whirlpools. Multiple whirlpools for kids and adults alike. Traditional swimming pools plus beach ambience areas and sports zones. H2O Zone and Splashaway Bay for kids.

    Unsurpassed Service

    Royal Caribbean® crew members go above and beyond as a matter of course. Expect personal, attentive service, seamlessly delivered no matter where you are onboard. Thoughtful stateroom attendants remember your preferences and personalize your service.

    Visit https://tyustoursappointmentscheduling.as.me/ to schedule an appointment to book your next adventure today.

  • The Best Thing To Do In And Around Fairbanks Alaska

    6/1/2023 12:48:40 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Travel insights from Jenna Buege, senior editor of The Compass

    So, you want to visit Alaska, aka The Last Frontier. A place known for its unrivaled beauty, fascinating native culture and incredible natural phenomena (read Aurora Borealis), Alaska is unlike anywhere else on Earth. And while many travelers experience the massive state’s coastlines and glacial formations from the comfort of a cruise ship, the Interior region is equally worthy of exploration. Sure, it’s even more remote, but a flight to Fairbanks International Airport (FAI) makes discovering this unique destination more accessible than ever.

    Want to learn more? The city of Fairbanks is the perfect jumping-off point for many noteworthy adventures in this bucket list-worthy destination. Here are a handful of activities travelers can look forward to.

    Visit the Arctic Circle

    Situated 196 driving miles (or 140 air miles) north of Fairbanks, a voyage to the Arctic Circle makes for the perfect day trip for adventurous travelers. However, while 196 miles on a city highway typically takes only a few hours to complete, getting to the Arctic Circle isn’t your average drive. Instead, the geographical spot representing the iconic landmark is only accessible from the Dalton Highway, an all-dirt road requiring vehicles to travel at much slower speeds. And, due to harsh conditions throughout the year, the dirt ‘highway’ is ripe with potholes and speedbumps resulting in the need for constant construction to keep the road somewhat comfortable for the scarce vehicles that utilize it.

    The sign marking the Arctic Circle, photo by Jenna Buege

    All in all, the trek totals around 16 hours by car — eight hours there, and eight hours back. However, for intrepid travelers, the bragging rights alone are enough to endure the rocky ride to the top of the world where they can snap a pic and take it all in.

    Hot tip: to speed things up, travelers can book a “fly-drive tour” to drive half the route and fly the other. Whatever travelers decide, I recommend booking Arctic Circle tours through Northern Alaska Tour Company.

    Learn More About Local and Native Alaskans

    The Morris Thompson Cultural Center is a free resource in downtown Fairbanks where visitors can admire world-class exhibits and learn more about Interior and Arctic Alaska and the people who live there. It’s no secret The Last Frontier is home to a harsh climate, which is why The Morris Thompson Cultural Center highlights Alaskans’ ability to adapt to and thrive alongside the region’s ever-changing seasons and rugged terrain. Additionally, the center shines a special light on the area’s native people through cultural programs and special exhibits including traditional dance performances and a market featuring local goods.

    Interior Alaska Antler Arch at The Morris Thompson Cultural Center, photo by Jenna Buege

    When travelers are done exploring the center’s wide array of fascinating exhibits, they can step outside where they’ll be met by the banks of the famous Chena River. And, if they feel so inclined, visitors can snap a pic with The Morris Thompson Cultural Center’s Instagram-famous antler arch which acts as the perfect backdrop to strike a pose.

    Cruise the Chena River

    Speaking of the Chena River, travelers can experience Fairbanks from a new perspective when they board a delightful Riverboat Discovery cruise. Launching just west of downtown Fairbanks at the Steamboat Landing, Riverboat Discovery is a great place to grab a bite to eat or snag a few souvenirs before boarding one of the company’s three charming vessels for an afternoon on the water. While the scenery is notable enough, travelers can expect to make a few pitstops along the way as they break for bush pilot demonstrations, dog mushing stories and a stop at the Chena Village Living Museum where they’ll embark on a guided walking tour of an Athabascan village.

    A Riverboat Discovery boat docked at the Chena Village Living Museum, photo by Jenna Buege

    At the Chena Village Living Museum, visitors will get a taste of what life was like for ancient Athabascans who have skillfully survived for over 10,000 years. Travelers will marvel at spruce log cabins, find beauty in traditional Native dress and learn about the tools used to hunt a vast array of Alaskan wildlife like wolves, foxes, martens and beavers. Also on site is an active dog kennel where visitors will meet and interact with Alaskan huskies from famous Iditarod Racer Susan Butcher’s Trail Breaker Kennel.

    Eat Thai Food

    With over 20 Thai restaurants within Fairbanks’ city limits, one thing is for certain, the Land of the Midnight Sun can’t get enough of Southeast Asian cuisine. Dating back to 1989, the first Thai restaurant to open in the area was Thai House. However, as more Fairbanksans grew to love the restaurant’s iconic flavors, Thai House quickly outgrew its original location, causing the popular eatery to upgrade to the larger, more elegant location it occupies today.

    Pineapple curry, photo courtesy of Lemongrass

    Similarly, just a few minutes from downtown is Lemongrass, a highly-rated Thai restaurant dishing up fresh Alaskan seafood and locally grown vegetables. Interestingly, in addition to its location in Fairbanks, Lemongrass has a sister store in Chiang Mai, Thailand ensuring diners get the real deal Thai experience when they eat here.

    Sidenote: I was lucky enough to chow down at Lemongrass during my time in Alaska and can’t stop thinking about the pineapple curry. Yum!

    Frolic With Reindeer

    Bears, moose and caribou, no trip to Alaska is complete without an Arctic creature encounter or two. And just northwest of Fairbanks travelers can do just that when they visit Running Reindeer Ranch, a wildlife park where guests are guaranteed to have their chance at an up-close-and-personal experience with one of the north’s favorite furry friends: the reindeer. A 4-H project turned thriving business, Running Reindeer Ranch is family-owned and operated and one of the most exciting tourist experiences in Fairbanks.

    Petting a baby reindeer at Running Reindeer Ranch, photo by Jenna Buege

    The tour kicks off with a quick overview of how the business got its start and some info about the property from one of the ranch’s “Reindeer Wranglers.” The wranglers cover basic safety details and give guests a rundown on their resident reindeer before bringing the stars of the show over for visitors’ first glimpse of the boreal beasts. As they are born and raised on-site, the reindeer at Running Reindeer Ranch are friendly and open to being pet as long as guests follow the communicated guidelines. After their first introduction, guests will join their wrangler on a short walk around the property, reindeer in tow. While not far in distance, the walk is slightly uphill, and travelers will have their chance at a photo op once they reach the top.

    See Antique Cars

    True to its website’s claim, “vintage treads and threads” collide at Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum. A must-see for car enthusiasts and novices alike, this unique collection of 95 pre-World War II automobiles takes visitors back in time as they marvel at old-school automobiles paired with period fashion pieces. Home to the first car in Alaska, Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum engages visitors with immersive exhibits, gorgeous accessories, historical photographs and more.

    Posing in an antique automobile at Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum, photo by Jenna Buege

    In addition to fun at the museum’s brick-and-mortar location, Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum is a living museum meaning many of the cars are regularly operated and even driven. This is especially true during the Alaskan summer when long, hot midnight sun days allow for optimal driving conditions. Be sure to keep an eye out for antique cars!

    Explore Denali National Park

    Situated two hours and 14 minutes south of downtown Fairbanks, a day trip to Denali National Park & Preserve is a must for nature enthusiasts visiting Alaska. Established as Mt. McKinley National Park in 1917, the park was the first of its kind to be dubbed a designated wilderness area. In 2015, the park’s name changed from Mt. McKinley National Park to Denali National Park & Preserve in correspondence with the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act.

    View from Denali National Park, photo by Jenna Buege

    While the park spans 7,408 square miles, Denali has one 135-mile road. Of these 135 miles, only the first 15 are accessible by private vehicle, the remaining 92 are restricted to bus trips operated by the U.S. National Park Service. Despite these limitations, travelers can expect all the joy associated with a national park visit. And with its vast landscapes, rare wildlife and bountiful hiking trails, there’s so much to see and do. Denali National Park is a truly special place, two highlights not to be missed are a stop at the kennels for a dog sled demonstration and a hike at Mountain Vista for the chance to witness Denali, the tallest mountain in North America, firsthand.

    Ride the Alaska Railroad

    With its main line running 470 miles from Seward to Fairbanks, the Alaska Railroad is a relaxing yet adventurous way to travel The Last Frontier. The train conveniently connects essential communities within the Interior and is a popular choice among visitors traveling from Fairbanks to Denali or from Fairbanks to Anchorage thanks to its fabulous dome windows and exhilarating open-air cars.

    Panoramic views on the Alaska Railroad, photo by Jenna Buege

    Yes, it’s true rail travel moves at a slow and steady pace, but a ride aboard Alaska Railways gives vacationers ample time to bask in the glory of Alaska’s rugged landscape as they zip past mountain ranges, chug above rushing rivers and cruise alongside colorful spruce tree lines. The cars are comfortable and spacious allowing riders to settle in for the long haul, plus, onsite dining cars provide tasty dishes when hunger strikes.

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