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  • How To Avoid Passport Panic

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    No matter how many times you’ve asked to double check the expiration dates on your passports, I think almost every travel advisor has a story about a last-minute passport issue. Maybe you looked at the date wrong. Maybe you sent it in for renewal thinking you’ll have it back in time for your trip.

    Whatever the case might be, it’s no fun being in this situation. According to Condé Nast Traveler, there is still a backlog of passport applications officials are working through, and travelers should apply much earlier than they might think.

    There’s a good chance you’re already given this advice, but for those who don’t listen and find themselves in a passport panic, there is something you can do to help – introduce them to CIBTvisas. The company has been offering passport services for over 30 years and can help you get a passport renewed in as little as one to three days if needed.

    “CIBTvisas’ expedited passport service means that advisors can help you get to where you are planning to go in a seamless, stress-free way,” said Steven Diehl, CIBT's chief corporate development and emerging markets officer. “With passport delays at an all-time high, CIBTvisas can turn around an expedited passport in 1-3 days, as long as your departure is scheduled within two-weeks of departure.”

    When a customer uses the Premium Service for passport renewal, CIBTvisas can handle everything from start to finish, including getting the forms filled out, validated and approved for submission. Fees for this service range from $199 to $999 depending on the traveler and their documentation needs. For many people, the cost is well worth it if it means you don’t have to cancel your vacation.

    “According to the U.S. Department of State, as of March 2023, passport processing times are 10-13 weeks (about 3 months) for routine service and 7-9 weeks (about 2 months) for expedited service, not including mailing time.

    To learn more about CIBTvisas’ passport services, click here.

  • Hot Springs Around the World

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    Travel insights from Jenna Buege, senior editor of The Compass

    Defined by the Dictionary as “a spring of naturally hot water, typically heated by subterranean volcanic activity,” hot springs are some of the Earth’s most magnificent features. And, with their warm temperatures, curious odors and colorful waters, hot springs are some of the world’s most mystical features too with ancient cultures and some modern folk believing the intriguing waters to hold magical properties.

    Whatever they believe, travelers can experience the wonder of hot springs for themselves at popular destinations across the globe. From the jungles of Indonesia to the remote lands of Alaska, a visit to one of these incredible formations makes for an unforgettable experience.

    Banjar Hot Springs, Indonesia

    While many hot springs are associated with frigid temperatures and arctic climates, these natural wonders are found in warm-weather destinations too. A prime example is Indonesia’s Banjar Hot Springs, a series of sulfuric pools hidden within the region’s lush jungle landscape.

    Stone dragons carved into the wall of Banjar Hot Springs' first hot pool. (Photo courtesy of Banjar Hot Springs)

    Reaching temps up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, visitors can treat themselves to a day of rest and relaxation as they bop between the complex’s three pools, two of which are adorned with stone-carved dragon spouts. In addition to soaking their worries away, visitors can explore Banjar Hot Springs’ colorful tropical gardens, enjoy refreshing bites or continue the pampering at the onsite spa.

    Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

    An enchanting show with its iridescent shades of purple, blue and green, millions of people visit Alaska each year for their chance to witness the Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern Lights). And of all the places in The Great North to experience this incredible natural wonder, Fairbanks — with its placement under the “Auroral Oval” — is one of the best. To make a magical experience even more amazing, visitors can make the trek to Chena Hot Springs Resort, a complex with guest rooms, a full-service spa, an onsite restaurant, and, most importantly, access to The Chena Hot Springs where viewing the Northern Lights is taken to an entirely new level.

    Chena Hot Springs in the summer. (Photo by Jacob Boomsma courtesy of Conde Nast Traveler)

    Composed of a variety of minerals — including silica, iron, aluminum and calcium —, the waters within the Chena Hot Springs are believed to hold natural healing properties. And due to their intriguing nature, people have flocked to the wellness wonder for centuries. From the region’s indigenous people to residents of the Lower 48 and international visitors, the Chena Hot Springs are a worthwhile attraction all year round.

    Fun fact: Besides the hot springs, visitors to Chena Hot Springs Resort can explore the complex’s Aurora Ice Museum and Ice Bar.

    Kerosene Creek, New Zealand

    A natural treasure hidden 35 minutes south of the city of Rotorua, New Zealand’s Kerosene Creek is a geothermal stream dotted with gentle cascades, rocky outcroppings and majestic woodland scenery. Presenting no shortage of cozy spots to bathe and relax, the stream’s toasty waters have attracted visitors and locals alike for centuries.

    One of the small cascades at Kerosene Creek. (Photo by Jess Sinn courtesy of The Outbound Collective)

    With a name like Kerosene Creek, it’s hard not to stop and wonder if the area is safe for swimming. Alas, visitors need not worry as the creek was named for its smell, the result of which is due to the mixing of ancient volcanic chemicals. However, as an added safety note, 100% Pure New Zealand (the New Zealand tourism authority) reminds travelers they should take care not to put their heads underwater due to the possible presence of amoebas and potentially harmful bacteria (Note: this is a rule of thumb for many hot springs).

    Kraus Hot Springs, Canada

    Only accessible via Canada’s Nahanni River, Kraus Hot Springs rewards adventurous travelers with its sweeping mountain views and steamy temperatures — a welcome retreat from the region’s sometimes frigid climate. To ensure visitors arrive at their destination safely, it is strongly recommended travelers look to a licensed raft or canoe guide to help them navigate the sometimes-unpredictable waters leading to this magnificent spot.

    A man enjoys the scenery at Kraus Hot Springs. (Photo courtesy of

    Again, the voyage is nothing short of intrepid, but well worth the effort. In fact, Kraus Hot Springs is located within the borders of Nahanni National Park Reserve — a park turned UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978 — a region considered by many to be one of the most scenic places in all of Canada’s Northwest Territory.

    Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, New Mexico

    A series of dreamy thermal springs set amongst the scorching desert landscape; New Mexico’s Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs bring a refreshing touch to the region’s otherwise dry climate. And Ojo Caliente, with its pure, natural spring waters, has long been admired — first by Native peoples and distant tribes who believed the spot to be sacred, and then by Spanish explorers and medical professionals who hoped to use the springs’ natural properties for healing purposes.

    A pool overlooking the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs. (Photo courtesy of Ojo Spa Resorts)

    Today, the area continues to draw attention with people flocking to the mystical waters in search of a rejuvenating experience. To access Ojo Caliente, travelers can visit Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa where they can book a stay, spa experience or simply soak in the legendary pools.

    Sky Lagoon, Iceland

    Home to over 45 natural hot springs and more than 200 swimming pools, it is safe to say the Land of Fire and Ice is an ideal destination for travelers looking to experience Earth’s geothermal wonders. One of the newer hot spring resorts and spas in the area is Sky Lagoon, an impressive complex that treats visitors to “a voyage through Icelandic bathing culture.”

    An aerial shot of Iceland's Sky Lagoon. (Photo courtesy of Guide to Iceland)

    So, what exactly does that look like? According to Sky Lagoon, it all comes down to a seven-step ritual guests will undergo during their visit: The Lagoon, Glacier Pool, Sauna, Energizing Mist, Cleansing Scrub, Steam and Shower — All of which takes place from the comfort of a 229-foot infinity pool overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean. After they feel sufficiently soaked, guests can fill up on food and drink at Sky Lagoon’s three onsite offerings — Smakk Bar, Lagoon Bar and Sky Cafe.

    Takaragawa Onsen, Japan

    A collection of four open-air baths set alongside the Takara River, Takaragawa Onsen is a cozy escape situated on the borders of Joshin’etsukogen and Oze National Parks. Scenic in every sense of the word, a vibrant canopy of trees lines the banks, changing colors with the seasons. Snowcapped mountaintops peak through the trees making it hard to believe this natural escape is just a few hours north of the busy streets of Tokyo.

    Japan's Takaragawa Onsen in the winter. (Photo courtesy of

    Travelers looking to extend their stay can opt to spend the night as Takaragawa Onsen offers a variety of rooms in its Main Hall, Annex and East Buildings. Additionally, visitors will find onsite dining options and a Courtesy Bus with shuttle options from Minakami and Jomo-Kogen Stations makes visiting this natural gem easy and convenient.

    Termas Geométricas, Chile

    The culmination of the waters of more than 60 springs, Chile’s Termas Geométricas Hot Spring Complex is like something out of a dream with its bountiful jungle scenery, jagged cliffsides and bright red elevated walkways. The complex consists of 18 stone pools of varying sizes and totals around 1,640 feet. During their visit, guests will notice wood and other natural materials used throughout the design, a choice made by architect Germán del Sol to bring “the baths to geometry to achieve a harmonious whole.”

    An aerial shot of Geométricas Hot Spring Complex's red bridges and pools. (Photo courtesy of Geométricas Hot Spring Complex)

    in addition to achieving harmony with the world around them, visitors will find The Quincho, an onsite restaurant serving culinary favorites like pizza, sandwiches, salads and soup. Then, to cool off, guests can trek to the site’s natural waterfall where they will find refreshment in its rushing waters. To learn more visit

  • Now Is The Time To Book Your Winter Getaway

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    Snow, city or beach?

    The festive season will be on us in the blink of an eye, and our homes are already selling fast. Whether you want to sink your toes into the sand, go on an alpine adventure, or take a break full of culture and charm, now is the time to book the perfect home away from home for you and your loved ones.

    Take them to the mountains

    Take them to the city

    Take them to the beach

    Start Planning Your Getaway Today!

    Luxury Vacation Rental Apartments & Homes

    Speak to us about your travel plans, we’re here to help.


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  • Sandals Virtual Wedding Party September 2023

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