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  • How To Prepare For Europe's Air Disruptions

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    Flights provide the power to experience new destinations and cultures in-person, across the world. Soaring through high skies over green terrain and blue seas, air travel is surprisingly not everyone's favorite part of travel. However, it's essential to know the impact air travel can have on your vacation. Be ahead of any problems that may arise and have a plan before you depart.

    Air Issues 101

    Security Delays

    With the increase in security measures across international airports, travelers are experiencing hefty wait times going through immigration and customs. Be advise  of this before you depart so you're aware ahead of time. While transfer services monitor flight delays, they don't keep into account flight changes, cancellations or wait times that exceed one hour for customs. To avoid missing a transfer,  contact the transfer service on their voucher once they land or if their flight has been changed or cancelled.

    Air Strikes

    Make sure the airlines have your contact information. The airlines will typically notified several hours prior to labor strikes. They will work quickly and efficiently reviewing all affected tickets, adjusting itineraries, and securing new flights with the least disruption possible. They will contact you and advise of the situation and new flight information when possible. If they don’t have contact details they will notify your travel agent so that they can advise you  appropriately.

    Schedule Changes

    Airlines modify their schedules constantly.  If a flight is changed by at least 60 minutes and disturbs a connecting flight, you will be advise of the schedule change and offer alternate schedules that are closest available to the original schedule. Please note, all schedule changes must be confirmed in email format. So make sure your contact information is available.

    Missed Flight

    If you miss a flight at your own expense (ie. late to the airport, don’t show up, etc.) the airlines will automatically have the remainder of your flights cancelled under the same PNR. Since you did not arrive on time, you’re considered a “no-show” and the airline assumes you will be missing the remainder of your flights. So arrive at the airport 3 hours early for international flight.

    Flight Delay or Cancellation

    When flights are delayed or cancelled, we are all at the mercy of the airline.  We advise you  to discuss your options with the airline representative and to be friendly and calm; the airline representative is in full control of rebooking their flight.

    If additional services are booked:

    Delayed: Transfer services monitor flight delays and are prepared to pick-up at the new estimated arrival time. In the worst case scenario, and you have an overnight delay, call your travel agent so they can advise the hotel and transfer services.

    Cancelled: If the flight is cancelled, transfer services need to be contacted timely, to advise of the new flight details. This can be done directly by you or by calling our emergency line. All contact information is included within the travel documents.

    We strongly suggest Travel Insurance.  You can call their business line so they can advise the hotel and transfer services.


    Tyus Tours and Travel uses Europe Express who offers both private and published rates for most major international carriers in all classes of service, including economy, premium economy, business class, and first class. In addition to arranging transatlantic airfare, we can also ticket a large number of inter-European flights. Many of these flights cannot be searched online, if you require a domestic European segment, please contact Tyus Tours & travel to inquire about pricing and availability. Please note; many international flights require the inclusion of land components and requirements vary by carrier. 

    Frequent flyer mileage, seat assignments and baggage fees and sizes vary by carrier and can change suddenly so it is always important to check these requirements prior to travel. To read more about baggage fees, airport taxes and other airport-related topics, please click here.

    To book your Europe Vacation call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362.








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