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  • Unique Vacation Tours: Aloe Vera Production Around the World

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    Photo Courtesy of Aruba Aloe Factory, Museum Store

    If you are like many people, you seek out some interesting, unique experiences while traveling. This very well may include touring unique sites while on a vacation.

    If you are also like many individuals in this day and age, you may make use of aloe vera, as well as products that contain aloe vera, with some regularity. With this in mind, the history and production of aloe vera has resulted in some interesting points of interests for people on vacation in different parts of the world, including in the Caribbean and the United States. These are some aloe vera historical or production sites that you will want to consider adding to your vacation travels to-do list if you will be in the area of one or another of these locations.

    Aruba Aloe Museum, Factory, and Store

    Aruba is one of the most vibrant and beautiful travel destinations in all of the world. People flock to Aruba each and every year for the beaches and the parties. The nightlife of Aruba is incomparable in many ways.

    The reality is that there is more to do on Aruba than lie on the beach and party. There are also some interesting sites to take in, including the amazing Aruba Aloe Museum, Factory, and Store. The Aruba Aloe Museum, Factory, and Store is located at Hato, Aruba. Everything is "nearby" on Aruba and the Aruba Aloe Museum, Factory, and Store is only minutes away from the main hotel area on the island.

    The Aruba Aloe Museum, Factory, and Store features a free tour of the factory operation. Tours start every 15 minutes and are conducted in English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamento (whish is Aruba’s native language). Tours are conducted from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, and on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Aruba Aloe Museum, Factory, and Store is closed on Sunday.

    One can also choose to tour the Museum independently. An 11-minute audiovisual presentation on the History behind the Aruba Aloe brand is showcased, as are archived past Aruba Aloe products in their retro packaging, along with artifacts and processes behind the making of Aloe-based skin care. A brief historical tour tells a visual story of the domestication of the Aloe plant, and how this shaped the beginning of an agricultural way of life. Information on everything that Aruba Aloe Museum, Factory, and Store has to offer can be obtained by calling 800-952-7822.

    Aloe King Farm

    The Aloe King Farm is located in the United States. It is in the midst of a sub-tropical region in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, at Mercedes, Texas. The mission of the Aloe King Farm is to farm fresh aloe vera products of different types of the marketplace in their most natural form. The Aloe King Farm has been in operation at this location for over 30 years.

    The Aloe King Farm offers tours by appointment. You can schedule a tour by calling John Downing at (956) 463-9431.

    Hilltop Gardens

    Located at Lyford, Texas, is an amazing destination, with a sharp focus on the cultivation of aloe vera and the creation of a variety of different types of aloe vera products.

    Hilltop Gardens features both self-guided and guided tours. Guided tours are scheduled in advance. If 10 or more people will be coming to Hilltop Gardens, even for a self guided tour, reservations are required.

    The admission price to Hilltop Gardens is as follows:

    $3 - adults

    $1 - children

    $5 - audio tour

    Hilltop Gardens is located in the center of the Tamaulipan Biotic Province. The Province extends across parts of Texas and Mexico. Hilltop Gardens is considered a healing place and offers a wide range of different activities to its guests.

    Hilltop Gardens farm was established 1939. It was one of the one of the first commercial Aloe farms in the United States. Today, Hilltop Gardens includes a Sensory Walk, a Healing Garden, a Memorial Aloe Garden (which has one of the largest collections of aloe species available for public viewing in the country.) There is also a large Children’s Garden on site -- marketed as being for the "kid in all of us."

    The Inn at Hilltop Gardens is available for rent. The Inn at Hilltop Gardens has four bedrooms and can sleep up to eight people. It is available the year around for $900 a night. Reservations for The Inn can be made by telephoning Hilltop Gardens or contacting Hilltop Gardens via its website.

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