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"With so many travel options out there, it can be overwhelming. As your travel agency we will work as your 'value interpreter'. Using our expertise, we will find amazing experiences that exceed your every desire, but not your budget. With our services, you will be confident that your Dream Vacation will be perfectly planned, hassle-free, and filled with monents you'll never forget."

  • Psst........ Are Your Friends Traveling. Secretly?

    8/19/2020 10:10:14 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Why are travelers keeping their travel hush-hush? No Facebook or Instagram post, no text to friends about their latest adventure, no bragging rights. During the pandemic the phrase "traveling shaming has taken off and most folks would rather not be scolded.

    The pandemic presents a unique case of travel entering the moral sphere, because there are two things that happen when you travel: The first is that I put myself at risk, and the second is by virtue of putting myself at risk, I could be spreading coronavirus to other people.

    Sharing the details about where we’ve traveled has always been a way to transmit our values, tastes and means — look no further than the postcards of the 19th century or the Kodak carousels of the 1960s and 70s. Then came Instagram, a decade ago, to turbocharge the practice. And while technology has made it easy to keep up with loved ones during this period of physical distance, there is one topic being withheld from conversations and hidden from social media: vacations. For a variety of reasons related to the pandemic, some travelers are content to let the tree fall in the forest, so to speak, without a single soul around to hear it.

    So far there is no universally agreed-upon consensus about whether or not to travel. If you think it’s fine to travel and some people don’t think it’s fine — but if you’re not persuaded by the opposing argument — you may feel motivated to hide your behavior.

    We’re living in this moment when longstanding inequities are particularly stark and the dividing line is between people whose lives remain relatively normal and people whose lives have been completely turned upside down by this pandemic. I feel like vacation pictures signal to the world, ‘Hey! This isn’t so bad!’ And it has been really that bad for many, many, many people.”

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