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  • Proven Testing Kits

    5/24/2022 3:48:13 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Zero stress covid travel passes for international travelers returning home

    Seamless covid-19 testing solution for international travel and re-entry to the USA, FDA approved, virtual test over sight, timely travel certificates.


    Proctoring simply means that a ProvenPass Health professional oversees the self-test and gives video instructions in real time to you anywhere.

    Proctored Testing is just like the on-site testing done at hotels, airports, local testing sites. The difference is that the traveler does not have to worry about finding a test center, risking that all appointments are full, pay excessive testing fees, or interrupt their vacation to get tested.

    PROVEN proctors monitor the test in the convenience of the traveler’s hotel room or vacation residence and quickly issues the Travel Certificated needed to get back home.

    PROVEN makes the experience easy and worry free.


    Proctored Testing uses FDA approved Test Kits and is 100% compliant with the rules and regulations related to Covid-19 Testing and Health Certificate Issuance.


    Proctored Testing can be done anywhere that is convenient for the Traveler. So rather than have a vacation day interrupted by a testing appointment and having to wait in line to get tested, the Travelers gets tested in the comfort of their hotel room or vacation residence.


    Proctored Testing only takes 15 minutes and the entire family can be Proctored at the same time. No waiting for the scheduled appointment or having to get tested in sequence. A family of 4 saves at least one hour of time.


    With Proctored Testing all the cost is covered. The opportunity for local Test Sites to over charge you is simply eliminated. Too often are Travelers charged as much as $300 per test, simply because they don‘t know where to go or did not plan ahead.


    Proctored Testing takes all the Covid-19 related stress out of Traveling. Travelers do not have to remember to make a testing appointment on their last vacation day. Travelers do not have to cut their vacation fun short because they have to get tested.

    There are many more reasons that Proctored Testing eliminates travel stress, and it can be a real-life saver if the Traveler forgot to make a testing appointment, can‘t get tested, and has to rebook their return trip.


    Travelers who have used Proctored Testing with ProvenPass love it and say it saved them a ton of stress, time, and money, allowing them to enjoy their trip without thinking about the nagging Covid-19 Testing and the ever-changing travel requirements.

    Exclusive testing rate of just $30 per traveler

    For more information contact Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362

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