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  • The Domestic Caribbean

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    La Fortaleza and San Juan National Historic Site in Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico is an archipelago in the Caribbean Sea consisting of the main island, four small islands, and hundreds of cays and islets. The island territory is only 100 miles long and 35 miles wide (8,870 square kilometers). Still, it packs a fantastic diversity of sights, scenery, and culture.

    The real charm of Puerto Rico is its people. The people of the Island are charismatic, hospitable, super joyful, and passionate. They will make you feel like you belong and will even invite you to dance with them. Boricuas, as we call the locals, are optimistic and energetic people, proud of their cultural heritage and history, which emerges from a mix of Taíno, Spanish, and African traditions.

    You can experience the Island in an immersive way through its food, drinks, and music! Taste exotic infusions in dishes and cocktails, dance to the rhythms of salsa, reggaetón, and more, experience first-hand the pride of Puerto Ricans in exciting festivals. But there is so much more to explore in Puerto Rico. Do you dare to discover it?

    Quick Facts

          U.S. travelers:
          No passport needed for entry
          Official language:
          Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States where the official languages are Spanish and English. You may come across people who speak a mixture of both, or “Spanglish,” given the influence of the U.S. on the Island.
          Official currency:
          U.S. dollar
          The climate in Puerto Rico is warm and tropical (i.e., expect an afternoon shower during the summer months). The temperature varies between 70- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. It can go down to about 60 degrees in the central mountainous area during December and January.
          Phone plans
          American travelers do not need to opt for international plans to make calls since their phones will work perfectly in Puerto Rico.

    Other Facts

          The legal age to consume alcoholic beverages in Puerto Rico is 18 years.
          The island has almost 300 miles of coastline and nearly the same number of beaches.
          Puerto Rico has the largest shopping center in the Caribbean, Plaza Las Américas, and the most extensive rum factory globally, Casa Bacardí.
          El Yunque is the only rainforest in the U.S. Forest System and is in Puerto Rico. The forest receives over 120 inches of rain every year.
          Although Puerto Rico is an American territory, it competes as an individual country in Miss Universe's contests and the Olympics.
          Flamenco beach, in Culebra, has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Beaches in the world on multiple occasions.
          The piña colada was invented in Puerto Rico.

    Tavel Guidelines

    Travelers planning a vacation in 2022 should consider the United States territory of Puerto Rico, as visitors will not be required to provide a negative COVID-19 test before returning home. The Island is enforcing local measures developed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), alongside U.S. Travel Association (USTA) guidelines, such as social distancing, mandatory face coverings in public areas, and a variety of mandates for businesses – including, but not limited to, reduced capacities and high standards of cleanliness in accordance with CDC and EPA guidelines.

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  • A Tropical Vacation Without A Passport

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    *San Juan, Puerto Rico Celebrates 500th Anniversary

    It’s time to book Puerto Rico. To immerse in simple pleasures, dramatic sunsets, and numerous ways to embrace nature. It’s time for warm welcomes and ice-cold piña coladas. As a U.S. territory, Puerto Rico offers the allure of an exotic locale with a rich, vibrant culture and unparalleled natural offerings, without needing a passport or currency exchange. Accessibility to the Island has never been easier, with direct flights from domestic locations like New York, Charlotte, Dallas, Atlanta, and Detroit, to name a few.

    Lodging options range from luxurious beachfront resorts to magical historic inns, and everything in between. High standards of health and safety have been implemented throughout the Island, including local measures developed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), alongside U.S. Travel Association (USTA) guidelines.

    Outdoor adventures will continue to be an attractive alternative for visitors looking to travel safely. You can spend the day hiking in El Yunque National Forest or kayaking through bioluminescent bays, where the water lights up beneath them. A whole world awaits in Puerto Rico, ready to be safely explored. Whether it’s relaxation or adventure you seek, this Island paradise is waiting. You can leave your worries and your passports behind as you snorkel under pristine beaches and zipline through tropical rainforests. Our backyard is a playground, where there is always something extraordinary to discover. Home to one of the world’s largest dry forests, the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest System, hundreds of underground caves, 18 golf courses and so much more.

    The culture is equally impressive, steeped in European architecture, eclectic flavors of Spanish, Taino and African origins, and rich history – and welcomes visitors with genuine, warm Island hospitality. Explore the authentic local cuisine, the beat of captivating music and dance, and the bustling nightlife, which blended, create a unique energy you won’t find anywhere else.

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  • Your Space in the Sun and Water

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    April showers brings May flowers, and baskets of suntan lotion and English Harbour Sherry Cask rum. All you must do is book a flight and catch a tailwind down to Antigua and Barbuda.

    April brings Sailing Week (April 30-May 8), 80-degree days, 366 beaches, and fantastic resorts with a wide range of beach and water activities.

    So, what might your sun and surf itinerary look like?
    Sun lounger. Paperback. Relaxation.

    And then...
    Swim solo, or swim with the stingrays. Go horseback riding. Charter a fishing boat and try your luck
    reeling in mahi-mahi, king fish, or tuna.

    Kayaking and paddle boarding provide a great opportunity to explore Antigua and Barbuda's mangroves and waterways. Keep your eyes peeled for West Indian Whistling ducks, Caribbean Coots, and other waterbirds.

    Featuring over 100 miles of coastline, the twin-island paradise is an ideal place to snorkel and dive. There are several easily accessible coral reefs to explore (Cadres Reef is a popular site for beginners) as well as 122 documented sunken ships offshore. If you're a Mel Fisher, treasure hunting sort of holidaymaker, then don't miss the Andes shipwreck. It's located off the beach of Deep Bay.

    Or perhaps you're the type who wants a challenge. A hike up Antigua's Boggy Peak (aka Mount Obama) is the answer. Or, if your sense of challenge and adventure boarders on a Free Solo-need for adrenaline, then tackle the five-peak challenge: hike to the highest points on Antigua.

    A different kind of challenge, maybe? How about a trip to Nobody Knows, Hammock Cove resort's signature rum bar? It’s there where you'll find a diverse selection of the Caribbean's best rums: Havana Club, Abuelo, Mount Gay, El Dorado and English Harbour, to name a few.

    And if you need a space that's not in the sun or water (but less prone to causing dry mouth and a headache), there's always pickleball. Yes, Antigua has officially been crowned the Caribbean Capital of Pickleball.

    Whether you book now for now or buy for later, now is the time to save. There are great deals (air + resort) for romantic, family, or multi-generational stays. Plan now for Mother's Day. Visit

  • Save-The-Date

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    Presented by The Romance Specialist from Sandals & Beaches Resorts

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  • Soul Beach Music Festival - Aruba, May 25, 2022

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    Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Soul Beach Music Festival on the gorgeous island of Aruba, Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-30, 2022. Voted one of the "Top Five Caribbean Celebrations by USA TODAY" as well as #1 "Caribbean Summer Festival by Jetsetter Magazine.

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  • 4 Reasons Jamaica Is Safe for Your Vacation

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    White River Jamaica

    Jamaica is an English-speaking paradise in the Caribbean and one of the most beautiful islands in the region. Known for its easygoing, laid-back atmosphere, reggae music and rum, it’s just an incredible place. As with all Caribbean destinations, it has stunning beaches and impressive hotel resorts. It also has a rich culture based around its history, art and music. Jamaica is safe, picturesque, relaxing, and a whole lot of fun. Read on to find the top reasons that people flock to this island and feel completely safe there.

    The People and Culture Ensure Jamaica is Safe

    One of the main draws of Jamaica is its people. They are famously friendly and laid-back, and, especially in tourist destinations like Montego Bay, are focused on making sure you feel at home. The atmosphere is welcoming and chilled, ensuring you’ll be jammin’ in Jamaica from the moment you arrive.

    Arrival at the Airport Is a Very Welcoming Experience

    Montego Bay Airport (MBJ) has been recognized as one of the best airports in the region, and speaking of your arrival, don’t pass up the chance to book a comfortable, convenient and quick airport transfer from MBJ to your resort. This’ll help ensure you’re in the right, relaxed frame of mind when you get to your hotel. You can also take advantage of the convenient VIP arrival and departure services, which will help you to get into the laid-back, Jamaican spirit of things.

    Stunning Natural Attractions Will Embrace You with Relaxation

    Located right in the Caribbean, Jamaica offers a wide array of breathtaking beaches and phenomenal sunsets. With tropical jungle, outdoor adventure parks, and picturesque waterfalls, Jamaica is a great place to explore with family. Even more, explore the aerial tram of Mystic Mountain, and admire the incredible views from way up above the canopy. Climb Dunn’s River Falls, and relax to the sound of rushing water around you. Especially relevant, see Mother Nature at her most glorious at Jamaica’s Luminous Lagoon, and don’t forget to bring your camera!

    Quality Tours Are Independently Checked for Safety, and Fun!

    In addition, the tours available are impressive in their quality and their variety. Here you can enjoy everything from ATV’s in the Jamaican jungle to fabulous waterfalls to exploring historic plantations. Each tour has the Amstar guarantee, ensuring your safety and entertainment throughout.

    Above all, plan ahead and pick the day trips that most take your fancy. Head out from your hotel and discover the great Jamaican outdoors. Enjoy refreshing cocktails by the beach, dancing to reggae music, and delicious local Jamaican food. Come and discover the true English-speaking heart of the Caribbean, and enjoy memories that’ll last a lifetime.

    So whether you’re into snorkeling among coral reefs, exploring waterfalls, flying down zip lines, or fishing in the Caribbean, Jamaica is perfect for you. Moreover, you can discover the rich rum culture at Appleton Rum Factory, and explore the beautiful plantations from the island’s past. Savor a romantic sunset cruise, and relax with a cocktail. This is just a small part of what Jamaica has to offer.

    Discover the Peace and Safety of Jamaica

    In summary, Jamaica is safe and welcoming for all guests. In fact, more than being just safe, Jamaica is a Caribbean paradise with lots to offer as far as experiences, hotel accommodations, transportation and friendly people. With common sense and an open mind, you’ll have all you need for an unforgettable vacation!

    Click here to find out more about Jamaica

  • Top Five Experiences for Visitors to Jamaica

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    An all-inclusive experience is typically the primary reason people opt to visit the island nation of Jamaica. After all, where better to enjoy it than in the place where the concept was basically invented? Not only are the resorts unforgettable, but there’s more to this destination than barefoot luxury in exclusive settings. Now’s the perfect time to explore, and Jamaica has travelers feeling safe and prepared.

    Jamaica’s new normal for travel delivers an authentic, relaxing and safe travel experience, pairing a comprehensive destination-wide approach with a heightened focus. When travelers fly in with United Vacations into Montego Bay and stay in hilltop inns on a hill to luxurious villas or resorts and hotels, every visitor is appreciated and made to feel that way.

    Personal Encounters

    Hospitality with a smile and graciousness is not only part of the economic fabric of this Caribbean nation, but an important part of the culture there. A welcoming, warm attitude is ingrained in the lifestyle of its residents, and something the people are proud to share. The nonstop smiles and irie vibes in friendly atmospheres are effortless to adopt. It doesn’t take long at all to feel that you’re truly wanted here, to witness the pride its citizens take in their unique heritage, traditions, landscapes and way of life.

    A Stay to Savor

    Wrapped up in all those cultural and personal identifiers is, of course, cuisine. There’s a lot more to Jamaican gastronomy than jerk chicken … although that dish is undisputedly delicious and rightfully famous! It’s worth it to bypass your default beach eats for traditional Jamaican dishes, including curries, stews, soups, rice-based dishes, deep fried goodies, and of course, seafood fresh from the never-ending coastlines. For greens, going local with callaloo, okra, ackee, jicama makes a colorful plate an exciting adventure. Explore dishes from different countries without leaving the island, where the ethnic mix of people who have settled on Jamaica throughout the centuries have created a distinct, unusual and delightful palette of flavors for any palate.

    Fall for the Water

    With so much to eat, it’s a good thing that Jamaica also offers a lot of ways to work up an appetite. One of the favorite pastimes of visitors is to seek out and discover its many waterfalls. There are over 40 across the island, with Dunn’s River in the lead as the most well-known. This dramatic 200-foot fall extends nearly 600 feet, broken up by giant steps and small pools, ending near a Caribbean beach. The hour-long hike and climb—escorted by a professional, like a guide from Amstar DMC, for instance—is well worth the trek to many, and this attraction is on “must-see” lists for first-time travelers. But, if you want to keep chasing waterfalls, stay on your feet. The jungles are simply full of them, some more or less “discovered” or claimed, which is why the exact count is as fluid as the water cascading down them.

    Stay for the Beaches

    The waterfalls are spectacular, but the beaches are legendary. For instance, the Seven Mile Beach in Negril features blindingly bright white sands that ease into equally electric blue waters. Best of all, this internationally acclaimed beach is only one of around 50. You’re never far away from a shore in Jamaica, and that’s no matter what leisurely activity you’re taking part of. For instance, world-class, full-service spa services often take place by the ocean; private beachside cabanas are common at gorgeous resorts, many of which also have state-of-the-art fitness facilities that sometimes overlook those endless ocean views.

    Accessible Amazement

    Now that you’re dreaming of going, the best and easiest way to get to Jamaica is with United Vacations. As the full-service vacation provider, UV has the best prices guaranteed on United Airlines®. Plus, with over 1,250 nonstop routes from the U.S. through 2021, fly directly there from Newark, Chicago, Dulles or Houston. Your loyal United® flyers enjoy UV’s unique low deposit policy when they book and earn MileagePlus benefits on the way. So, what are you waiting for? Click here for the latest promotions that will get you up, away, and checking off all five of these Jamaican “musts” as fast as Usain Bolt sprints.

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