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  • Square Waves Are a Thing — and If You See Them, Get Out of the Water Immediately

    9/28/2023 4:19:54 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Here's why you'll want to get out of the water ASAP if you see square waves.

    By Stacey Leasca

    Heading to the coast for a seaside trip is what vacation dreams are made of. Soaking in the sun while feeling the warm sand between your toes as the shore laps against your feet makes for a magical scene. As idyllic as all this can be, you should never forget about water safety, be wary of the waves, and never ever turn your back on the ocean.

    While you may know a thing or two about traditional rip currents and changing tides, you may not be aware of the dangers of square waves. Yes, this is a real thing — and a truly stunning phenomenon at that — but it's also one of the scariest things you can experience in the ocean.

    Known as a "cross sea," a square wave occurs when two swells meet to form a square, often resembling a checkerboard pattern. As the European Space Agency explained in 2010, "The conditions are quite common in the ocean and occur when a windsea and a swell, or two swell systems, coexist." It pointed to a 2004 study that showed "a large percentage of ship accidents occurred in crossing sea states."

    HowStuffWorks further explained these square waves are rather rare, but when they do occur, they generally can be found along coastal areas. A prime place to view them from a safe distance is along the western coast of France on the Île de Ré. (If you want to really get into it, HowStuffWorks also pointed to a scientific breakdown of the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation, which is why these waves form in the first place.)

    These cross seas can form swells up to 10 feet high, as well as create unique wind patterns, making it difficult for boaters to navigate and swimmers to make their way through. So, again, while rare, if you do stumble across this, avoid heading out via a boat or swimming in the potentially rough seas. Instead, choose to spend your time relaxing on the sand, or just splash in the shallows for a refreshing dip and wait for better conditions to take your ocean plunge in peace and safety.

    What happens if you get caught in a square wave?

    If you are in the water, you might not be able to recognize the grid-like pattern of the waves, but you may notice that the swells get much larger and you will be swimming against two competing currents. The best thing to do is not to swim out so far in the first place and get out of the water immediately as soon as the waves start becoming too strong. More often, square waves pose dangers to boats and ships that are further out so if you want to stay safe, stick to the shallows.

  • Maui Update

    9/21/2023 2:59:22 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Amidst the tragedy, the spirit of Maui remains strong. Beginning October 8th, all of Maui is open and welcoming visitors with the exception of Lahaina (please see this map for reference). If you are considering visiting any of the Hawaiian Islands in the near future, including the accessible areas of Maui, please know that respectful travel is welcomed and encouraged, now more than ever. Your visit will support Hawaii’s economy and make a positive impact, especially when you are mindful in the following ways:

    Visit with aloha and compassion.
        Support local businesses.
        Consider participating in unique volunteer opportunities throughout the islands.
        Learn about the historical and cultural significance of Lahaina but stay away from the area as a means of respect for the people and places that have been lost during this devastating tragedy.

    While relief efforts continue in West Maui, you and you can also donate to help communities and families recover through the Maui Strong Fund.

    For the most updated information, please visit Maui Travel Updates. Mahalo for your support as we collectively malama (care for) Maui—through your travels or from afar. To book visit https://bit.ly/3pcpMU1

  • Unwrap The Magic Of The Holiday In New York City

    9/15/2023 2:48:37 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Experience New York City's Holiday Magic!

    There's no place like New York City during the holidays, and with us, your unforgettable season begins the moment you land. Picture this - a private luxury vehicle meets you at the airport to escort you to a lavish 5-star hotel. Soon after you'll find yourself in the middle of all the experiences that make the city magical this time of year. From gliding across Rockefeller Plaza's iconic rink, visiting vibrant holiday markets or enjoying the world-renowned Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes - your days will be filled with wonder.

    Then, as darkness approaches, you'll be pinching yourself while enjoying dinner with a Broadway performer (thanks to our VIP Broadway Experiences), immersing yourself in the dazzling light displays across the boroughs, sailing on a festive harbor cruise complete with caroling or taking in the always enchanting Holiday Train Show® VIP style at New York Botanical Garden.

    Embrace the Big Apple's magical allure with our unparalleled luxury experiences. Allow us to create your perfect holiday adventure, living the dream in the city that never sleeps!

    The magic of the holiday season in NYC awaits and our Holiday Trifecta is the perfect way to embrace it! This joyous experience will have you gliding across the ice at Central Park's famed Wollman Rink, enjoying a horse-drawn carriage ride along spectacularly illuminated 5th Avenue or through the picturesque landscapes of Central Park and delighting in the expertise of your private guide as you immerse yourself in the dazzling light displays in Manhattan or Brooklyn. This year, uncover the city's festive spirit in the most personalized way while creating cherished memories with your loved ones!

    VIP Rockeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Party

    Join us for the 2023 VIP Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Party – an enchanting and exclusive soirée that will immerse you in the essence of holiday grandeur. This is your chance to be a part of something truly extraordinary!

    Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Viewing Party

    Enjoy an exclusive, indoor, one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving Day Parade viewing experience in New York City! This exclusive parade viewing brunch is THE way to watch the parade in style and experience a Thanksgiving morning like no other.

    Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Viewing Party Brunch & 4 Night Stay

    Enjoy 4 nights' accommodation at Times Square’s flagship hotel, the Marriott Marquis, and a reservation for you at an exclusive, indoor, Thanksgiving Day Parade viewing experience right along the 6th Avenue parade route.

  • Unbelievable Awaits!

    9/1/2023 4:16:13 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    NEW DATE: Due to Hurricane Idalia, the virtual grand reveal event for the Disney Treasure has been rescheduled for Tuesday, September 5 at 11 A.M. Be sure to tune in next Tuesday for a special look at what’s on board the all-new Disney Treasure.

  • Maui Strong

    8/22/2023 1:40:40 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Travel to Maui remains open beyond the areas affected by recent wildfires. Kahului, Kihei, Wailea, Makena and Hana are operating as normal. Travel to other islands – Oahu, Kauai, Island of Hawaii, Molokai and Lanai also remains open. NCL Hawaii Cruises continue to operate weekly from Honolulu and has temporarily replaced the scheduled stop in Maui with an overnight in Hilo. Only the West Maui areas of Kaanapali, Kapalua and Lahaina are restricted to local residents and aid workers.

    To learn more about how you can donate, or for more information about what the American Red Cross is doing to assist those affected by the wildfires, please visit

  • Curated Itineraries for Summer Vacations in the US

    8/14/2023 10:00:01 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Summers always seem to come and go so quickly, but don’t let this one pass without getting a vacation in the books. While traveling to far-off international destinations almost always sounds appealing, sometimes the best places for a last-minute summer trip are domestic hotspots.

    Turn your summer vacation dreams into a reality with one of Travel + Leisure GO’s unique, curated itineraries. This year, New York, Chicago and Las Vegas are at the top of travelers’ wish lists, and the tour operator has action-packed itineraries for each of these cities as well as suggested accommodations.

    Exhilarating New York City

    It’s the city that never sleeps, and it’s a fan favorite among travelers this year. From something as simple as devouring a true New York-style bagel to start the day or as extravagant as seeing a favorite Broadway show followed by a night out on the town, New York City can catch the attention of every traveler.

    For many visitors, New York is a long weekend vacation, but why not book a five-day itinerary? You’ll be able to stroll through Central Park at a leisurely pace, reflect at the 9/11 Memorial and check several museums off your bucket lists. Food tours, musicals, bar crawls, fine dining, incredible views – it’s all available during a trip to The Big Apple.

    Where to stay: Arlo Hotel – Nomad or Soho Grand Hotel

    Sophisticated Chicago

    With 77 unique neighborhoods, there’s never a dull moment during a stay in Chicago. Many travelers visit the Windy City for the incredible shopping and picturesque architecture, and they enjoy several other attractions along the way including visits to Navy Pier, Millennium Park, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

    Whether you’re sports fans or not, try to catch a baseball game or a concert at Wrigley Field while you’re in town, and no Chicago vacation is complete without enjoying a slice or two of the classic deep-dish pizza.

    Where to stay: Viceroy Chicago or The Langham

    Scintillating Las Vegas

    Long days at the pool and even longer evenings immersed in the nightlife is usually what a summer vacation in Las Vegas looks like. Travelers can enjoy all the dining at celebrity chef restaurants and award-winning entertainment they’d like during a stay in Sin City.

    While eating, drinking and gambling might be what first comes to mind, there are several other activities to do in Las Vegas. For a well-rounded vacation, suggest that your clients take a cooking class, visit the Grand Canyon or play a round of golf.

    Where to stay: Wynn Las Vegas or Vdara Hotel & Spa

    Essential New Orleans-Three Day Itinerary

    Planning a quick getaway to New Orleans, but not sure where to start? Worry not – we’ve got your back. There are a million things to do in New Orleans, but when you’ve only got three days, you’ve gotta make the most of your time. We’ve broken out three parts of town – the French Quarter, Uptown and the Garden District, and Tremé/Marigny/Bywater – and given them each a day to explore.

    To book your last-minute summer vacation call Tyus Tours & Travel @ 866-547-5362.

  • Driving Toward Justice: A Civil Rights Road Trip

    7/21/2023 5:26:33 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Travel insights from Reese Anderson, contributor to The Compass

    Atlanta, Georgia

    The King Center

    No foray into the Civil Rights Movement would be complete without paying homage to its leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Founded in 1968 by King’s wife, Coretta Scott King, the King Center is both a museum devoted to preserving King’s legacy and a memorial to the late couple, who are buried onsite. Nearly a million people visit the center each year to hear conferences on social change and to honor the Kings’ pivotal role in the fight for racial equity in America.

    APEX Museum

    To understand why learning about the civil rights movement is important in the first place, travelers can visit the APEX Museum. Short for “African-American panoramic experience,” the APEX Museum is the oldest Black history museum in the United States. The museum presents history from the perspective of African-Americans with the goal of enhancing visitors’ understanding of the contributions and experiences of Black people, both past and present. APEX currently features exhibits on the trans-Atlantic slave trade and historic Black-owned businesses.

    Busy Bee Cafe

    Travelers may feel taxed after immersing themselves in the heavy subject matter of social injustice. Encourage them to take a break from the intensity and enjoy a meat-and-two plate at the historic Busy Bee Cafe. Founded in 1947 by self-taught cook and Black woman Lucy Jackson, this soul food mainstay is only ten minutes from the APEX Museum.

    Selma, Alabama

    Edmund Pettus Bridge and Selma Riverfront Park

    Stretching across the Alabama River, the Edmund Pettus Bridge was pivotal in the struggle for civil rights. In 1965, police officers quashed protestors marching from Selma to Montgomery in what is now called “Bloody Sunday.” Two days later, Dr. King brought national attention to the skirmish by leading a symbolic march across the bridge. Travelers can walk across the fabled bridge themselves, or they can look upon it from the nearby Selma Riverfront Park.

    Birmingham, Alabama

    16th Street Baptist Church

    Throughout the civil rights movement, churches served as crucial meeting places for activists, where they could plan rallies and communally support one another. 16th Street Baptist Church in downtown Birmingham was among the most important, as it was the departure point for many demonstrations that took place in Birmingham during the 1960s. Because of the church’s prominence within the movement, it was also the target of racial violence. In 1963, members of the Ku Klux Klan bombed the church, and four young Black girls were killed.

    Kelly Ingram Park

    At Kelly Ingram Park, travelers can take a break from intense subject matter and museum plaques while still engaging with civil rights history. This sculpture garden is free to the public, and its statues tell the story of Birmingham’s violent struggles for equality. Visitors can opt to take an audio tour of the park, which was the site of several demonstrations and rallies in the 1960s.

    Memphis, Tennessee

    National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel

    In the heart of Memphis lies a must-see stop: the widely acclaimed National Civil Rights Museum. The museum is itself a historic site, housed in the former Lorraine Motel where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968. Behind the iconic bright-blue façade are historic collections and interactive exhibits that explore the civil rights movement and its present-day significance.

    The Four Way

    After another museum visit, travelers may want to experience history in a different format. Enter: The Four Way, a historic soul food restaurant located a mere six-minute drive away from the National Civil Rights Museum. Founded in 1946, The Four Way has a rich history. It was the first soul food restaurant in Memphis and one of the city’s only restaurants to serve both Black and white patrons during the civil rights movement. Activists like Dr. King and Reverend Jessie Jones frequently met here, too.

    For information on our bus tour: Journey Along The Civil Rights Trail visit https://bit.ly/3rELphn or contact Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362.

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