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"With so many travel options out there, it can be overwhelming. As your travel agency we will work as your 'value interpreter'. Using our expertise, we will find amazing experiences that exceed your every desire, but not your budget. With our services, you will be confident that your Dream Vacation will be perfectly planned, hassle-free, and filled with monents you'll never forget."

  • Extreme Vegas
    Welcome To The Greatest Arena On Earth

    3/24/2023 10:06:48 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Vegas Indoor Skydiving

    Extreme Vegas is a playground for adults and kids alike, Las Vegas offers visitors so much more than casinos and shows. Extreme adventures like Skydiving, Ziplines and driving race cars offer a different adrenaline rush.

    Below is a list of Vegas Extreme adventures :

    Fly Linq Zipline : Fly LINQ Zipline is an adrenaline-fueled and electrifying sky-high experience that launches you over The LINQ Promenade.

    Skyjump Las Vegas : A heart pounding, scream-inducing, open-air leap from 829 feet above the neon Strip. You’ll zoom toward the landing pad at speeds topping 40 mph while the crowds below gasp and applaud your bravado.

    Machine Gun Vegas : The only Vegas-lounge experience that lets you fire the kind of kick-ass artillery you’ve seen in the hands of the highly skilled SEAL and Delta Force teams.

    Speed Vegas : We have 40 hand-picked exotic supercars ready to be enjoyed, providing you with the thrill of a lifetime.

    Slot Zilla Zipline : A Fremont Street experience. A Zipline like no other. Fly up to 7 blocks, zipline or zoomline. Fly sitting or superhero style.

    Vegas Indoor Skydiving : Experience the thrilling sensation of skydiving, without a parachute or airplane, as a 1,000-horsepower motor keeps you soaring through the air in America’s original indoor skydiving facility.

    Sky Combat Ace : You can choose to be a passenger and take a backseat or take charge of the controls and fly an airplane in Las Vegas only at Sky Combat Ace. Our certified flight instructors will be your guides on the ultimate Las Vegas attraction.

    Battlefield Vegas : From the trenches of World War, I all the way to current operations in the Middle East, we have over 1,000 different weapons systems to choose from when you arrive at our Vegas gun range.

    Adrenaline Mountain : Adrenaline Mountain is a 400-acre outdoor adventure amusement park, offering some of the most exhilarating experiences that Las Vegas has to offer!

    For more information about Extreme Vegas or to plan your next Las Vegas visit call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362.

  • She Who Dares: The Female Solo Traveller Seeking Adventure
    By Trafalgar Team March 3, 2023

    3/13/2023 3:42:41 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Traveling solo takes bravery, belief, and plenty of self-reliance. So, it might come as a surprise that increasingly, more and more people – women in particular – are choosing it as their preferred way to see the world. To find out more about these boundary-breaking solo female travelers, we partnered with Journey Woman to conduct a survey on their movements and motivations. And, now the results are in, we can reveal that not only are women leading the way, they’re doing it with an ever-increasing appetite for adventure.

    Female travelers are doing it for themselves

    In general, solo travel is gaining in popularity across the board. Google trend data shows that searches for ‘solo travel’ have risen by 761 percent in the last two years. After a pandemic, we couldn’t put our travel dreams on hold any longer to wait on others’ schedules. So, embracing our independence, we took the leap and decided to go where we want, when we want.

    What’s really interesting about this rising solo travel trend is that it’s mostly women who are taking the leap (85%). This marks a stark change in attitude over the last 30 years, as shown by the Journey Woman’s About us page, for starters:
    In 1994, the late Evelyn Hannon – the Original JourneyWoman – started writing about solo travel, bringing it into the mainstream at a time when many women did not travel alone, when men controlled the travel narrative.’

    It’s inspiring to see how much times have changed, and for the better. It is now predominantly women who are exploring the world alone – and it’s not just the younger generations that are pushing the boundaries, either. While gap-year-taking millennials make up are large portion of the female solo traveler demographic, it was great to see older female travelers represented in this survey, too. Over 87% of respondents were over 55, showing that they too are taking the adventurous leap into traveling solo.

    Adventure Calls

    Not only are many older female travelers looking to strike out solo, but they are seeking out more adventurous, life-affirming experiences while they do so. 50% of those surveyed said that, post-COVID, they now really want to experience a ‘bucket list’ destination. From taking in Tuscan hilltop towns in Italy, to exploring glaciers and volcanoes in Iceland – now is the time to make those travel dreams a reality.

    As well as bucket-list trips, 44% of those surveyed said that they are looking for ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences, like seeing the Northern Lights, while 28% stated that ‘adventure’ (challenging oneself and overcoming fears) is the primary reason they travel. There’s no doubt that there’s an increase in appetite for adventure among solo female travellers, despite the perceived risks.

    The bold and the brave

    While we now know that women are doing the most solo traveling, it’s not without care and consideration. This article from the Telegraph puts forward specialist research that finds ‘the solo holidaymaker’s biggest fears are eating alone, staying safe, and not having company for sightseeing.’ So, not only are women making up the bulk of the numbers for the solo travel sector, but they’re doing so despite the hurdles that inarguably affect them more than men.

    There are aspects to traveling alone as a woman that men have less of a statistical basis to be concerned with. So, how do they overcome those concerns or hesitations? It seems that at least part of the answer is knowing who to trust. One of the Journey Woman survey questions asked ‘When you are making (travel) decisions, who are you most likely to listen to and trust for accurate information?’. An overwhelming 73.35% answered ‘Other women who travel (such as travel groups)’.

    Why Trafalgar’s female-only tours are perfect for female solo travelers

    Thanks to the results of the latest Journey Woman survey, we’ve learnt a lot about the budding solo female traveler. She wants to set out on a thrilling adventure, but is faced with safety concerns and the need for some form of companionship. When it comes to recommendations and advice, she puts her faith in the community of fellow female travelers.

    We believe our women-only tours hold the perfect answer to these needs. Our tours connect you with other like-minded women who share the same passion for travel and adventure.

    You’ll journey through new lands, exploring iconic sights, sharing meals and stories in the company of new friends and companions. Not only will you feel safe in a group of your peers, many of whom will be solo traveling themselves, but you’ll also enjoy the security of having a knowledgeable Travel Director with you throughout your trip. For anything else, you’ll have a dedicated 24/7 support team on-hand if you ever need them. You get all the independence and adventure of a solo trip, with all the comfort, company and companionship of traveling in a group.

    One last stat from the Journey Woman survey: 42.84% of those women surveyed said that they felt ‘the travel industry ignores solo or older female travelers’ – we’re determined to change that.

    Inspired by those fearless female solo travelers out there? Browse through Trafalgar’s women-only tours. Call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362 to book.

  • Journey Along The Civil Rights Trail

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    9 Day USA Tour of the American South from Memphis to Atlanta 4.7 Stars

    Meet activists and historians and hear enlightening first-hand accounts as you travel along the Civil Rights Trail on this deeply moving journey. Hear the sounds of Alabama’s Carlton Reece Choir and visit important sights including the National Civil Rights Museum and Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. Go after-hours at the STAX Museum of American Soul, pay tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr, and so much more.

    Enjoy must-sees and local secrets...

    You'll hear

    Hear the soul-stirring sound of Gospel music of Alabama’s Carlton Reese Choir. Meet the singers and hear about the deep importance of song to African American communities in the South.

    You'll taste

    Enjoy a warm Southern welcome joining host Sandy Taylor for brunch at her home, a former antebellum estate built in 1855.

    You'll learn

    Enjoy an immersive and interactive journey through the American Civil Rights movement at the former Lorraine Motel, now the National Civil Rights Museum.

    You'll meet

    Join an activist and speaker in Selma to visit historical sites including the Brown Chapel AME Church, the starting point for voting rights marches.

    Did you know the U.S. Civil Rights Trail enconmpasses more than 120 historic sites and landmarks that were significant in the Civil Rights movement of the 1950’s and 60’s? To get your FREE copy email us at travel@tyustours.com. In the subject line put “Civil Rights Trail travel guide”.

    To learn available travel dates and pricing visit https://bit.ly/3O6Xkgs or call Tyus Tours & Travel at 866-547-5362.

  • The Road Less Travel

    2/10/2023 9:07:12 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    Believe it or not, road tripping in Hawai?i is a thing! It just rarely involves being behind the wheel for more than a hundred miles. Seek out the Hawai‘i road trips less traveled and you could find yourself cruising stunning coastlines, winding through rolling countryside hills, or pulling into the overlooks of breathtaking valleys, waterfalls and canyons. While enjoying views and landscapes unique to our amazing collection of islands, kindly remind yourself to drive with aloha by following speed limits, respecting warning and informational signage at overlooks, and parking only in designated areas.

    Kaua‘i: Waimea Canyon and Koke?e State Parks

    Are you aware Kaua‘i is home to the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”? It’s called Waimea Canyon. And you’ll want to make sure you take a mini-road trip of the canyon’s overlooks, beginning in the charming westside town of Waimea and traveling scenic Waimea Canyon Drive. The road will take you past lower-elevation lookout points before the main Waimea Canyon State Park overlook and its breathtaking views of the breadth of the canyon and Waipo‘o Falls. Waimea Canyon Drive continues further up into cool mountain forests of Koke?e State Park, ending at the Kalalau Valley Lookout where you can get a glimpse down one of the valleys along Kaua‘i’s famous Napali Coast. There are numerous trails in both Waimea Canyon and Koke?e for beginners and seasoned hikers as well.

    O‘ahu: Windward Coast and North Shore

    Trade Honolulu’s cityscapes for a day of driving and exploring the island of O‘ahu’s verdant Windward Coast and beach-filled North Shore on Kamehameha Highway (Route 83). The two-lane highway winds alongside the foot of the verdant Ko?olau mountains and the coast’s picturesque shoreline, with lots of great stops along the way, including Ho?omaluhia Botanical Garden, Kualoa Regional Park and Mokoli?i Island, and ‘ono (delicious) lunch and snack stops, food trucks and fruit stands. We advise you to save some appetite for stops at Kahuku and Hale‘iwa towns’ popular garlic shrimp trucks and take time to stop at the North Shore’s world-famous beaches and surf spots. In the surf town of Hale‘iwa, you’ll want to hop out of the car and explore its main street shave ice stands, funky boutiques, assorted eateries and surf shops. To avoid traffic and crowds, we encourage you to make this trek on a weekday.

    Maui: Upcountry Maui to Haleakala

    Many Maui visitors wake up early every day to drive in the dark of the early morning to the top of dormant volcano Haleakala for the iconic sunrise view from its crater-like summit depression. The experience is indeed mesmerizing. But we also encourage you to experience the same road trip up Haleakala Highway to Haleakala National Park during daylight hours to explore the rest of the park’s scenic wonder and multitude of hiking trails with less of a crowd. You’ll begin yourr journey in the rustic, farm-filled upcountry Kula district, where you can opt to join in on a variety of farm tours and explore the area’s botanical gardens. As the highway gains elevation climbing Haleakala’s slope, you’ll take in sweeping views of Central Maui as well before hitting the trails.

    Island of Hawai‘i: Hamakua Heritage Corridor

    We suggest on the island of Hawai‘i you take a memorable day trip driving and exploring the Hamakua Heritage Corridor. The beautiful drive alongside the sea cliffs and lush rainforests of the island’s Hamakua Coast begins in the east side town of Hilo and ends at the Waipi?o Valley Lookout. Along the way, you can visit several waterfalls, including Waianuenue (aka Rainbow) Falls and ‘Akaka Falls, tour the biodiversity of Hawai‘i Tropical Bioreserve and Garden, stop at stunning sea-level Laupahoehoe Point, and dine at local eateries in Honoka‘a town. The Heritage Corridor road trip finishes a few miles north of Honoka‘a with a breathtaking view of Waipi?o, a valley deeply rooted in Hawaiian history and culture. Stopping to take in the view up top at the lookout is recommended, but please note that driving or walking down from the lookout into the valley via Waipi?o Valley Road is strictly prohibited.

    When you plan your Hawaii vacation with a Pro in 2023, not only do you get access to our hard-earned expertise, but incredible value for your dollar too! To help it stretch even further, we're offering up to 35% off hotel. To learn more visit https://bit.ly/3pcpMU1 or scan the QR code.

  • Family-Fun Festivals throughout the Hawaiian Islands

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    Waves crash on the Black Sands of Pohoiki Beach, Big Island of Hawaii

    Planning a family trip can often be challenging when seeking activities to interest each family member. Luckily, the Hawaiian Islands offer exciting festivals that appeal to all generations, making Hawaii the ideal destination for travelers wanting to enjoy family vacations filled with fun, lasting memories of loved ones.

    Kaua‘i's largest and longest-running festival, Waimea Town Celebration, celebrates its 45th anniversary with nine days of music concerts, cultural exhibits and vibrant cuisine, all culminating in a two-day ho‘olaule‘a (celebration). Held between February 18-26, this festival is an enriching way for clients to experience the history and culture of historic Waimea town in West Kaua‘i.

    If you're heading to O‘ahu this spring, consider checking out the annual Waikiki SPAM JAM, which takes place on April 29. This festival celebrates Hawai‘i’s love for, of course, Spam, with local restaurants offering creative Spam dishes alongside special events and merchandise from Hawai‘i crafters. Just around the corner from the Waikiki SPAM JAM is Lei Day, which has been celebrated annually since 1928 on May 1. Held at Kapi‘olani Park in Waikiki, this event honors one of Hawai‘i’s most emblematic symbols of aloha, lei, and the traditions surrounding it with festivities, including pageants and competitions for lei queen and the crafting of colorful, fragrant flower lei.

    For traveler’s who love art and culture, you will not want to miss The Celebration of the Arts at the Ritz-Carlton Maui, Kapalua from April 7-8. The celebration is one of Hawai‘i’s premier arts and cultural festivals where travelers can experience oli (chants), music and hula, hands-on art workshops, cultural demonstrations, local-made films, and Hawaiian cultural panels. Food enthusiasts can interact with Maui’s local farmers and ranchers at the Maui AgFest on June 3, presented by the Maui County Farm Bureau. You will enjoy Maui’s agriculture history and culture through farmers' markets, ?ono (delicious) food booths, educational activities, and more.

    Island of Hawai‘i
    Island of Hawai‘i-bound travelers shouldn’t miss the rich cultural festivals offered throughout the year! From June 9-11, the Hawai‘i Kuauli Pacific and Asia Cultural Festival celebrates the island’s cultural melting pot. Attendees will enjoy tasty authentic food, fashion, cultural expressions, a keiki hula (children’s hula) competition and cultural workshops. In November, Hawaii’s longest-running food festival, the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is a caffeinated, week-long event that honors local farmers and their hard work to harvest some of the world’s best coffee. Complete with coffee tastings, cupping competitions, farm and mill tours, coffee art exhibits, and an evening lantern parade, this event is a must for all coffee enthusiasts.

    When you plan your Hawaii vacation with a Pro in 2023, not only do you get access to our hard-earned expertise, but incredible value for your dollar too! To help it stretch even further, we're offering up to 35% off hotel. To learn more visit https://bit.ly/3pcpMU1 or scan the QR code.

  • Not Just One Riviera, But Two

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    The seaside seclusion of Nice. The glamour of St. Tropez. The luxurious yachting playground of Monte Carlo. Inspirationally rich gems along the Côte d’Azur—dotted with private beaches, tiny fishing villages, and perfectly preserved old towns—all best discovered by yacht.

    SeaDream Yacht Club modernized 56-stateroom twin yachts carry you to destinations that larger ships cannot reach, perfectly appointed spots along the French and Italian Rivieras. And the nimbleness of our yachts allows for delightful calls along the way to the quiet coastal towns of Porto Ercole, Portoferraio, and Portofino, Italy, where you can choose to engage in as little or as much seaside charm as you like.

    Choose from these two dates:

    French & Italian Riviera Dream

    Nice to Rome

    August 26, 2023

    7 Days

    French & Italian Riviera Dream

    Rome to Nice

    October 22, 2023

    7 Days

    Did You Know?

    As part of SeaDream Yacht Club commitment to the ultimate boutique travel experience, we recently invested in renovating our yachts. Onshore experiences are bookended by ample opportunity to relax and unwind on board in understated elegance, with award-winning service, 5-star al fresco dining, and an intimate, open-air ambiance personalized to meet your expectations of the ideal yachting voyage.

    We invite you to reserve the French & Italian Riviera Dream itinerary today and enjoy special $500 per-stateroom savings—while staterooms last.

    Tyus Tours & Travel


  • This is not a Vacation

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    This is not a vacation. It’s a variety pack of adventures. Bigger thrills. Better chill. Bolder discoveries. And more of everything you’ve ever wanted in a vacation — including bragworthy savings. Book right now to save 30% off your cruise. And bring the whole family — because for a limited time, kids sail free! * This is not a vacation. This is all the vacations

    For reservations and information,
    Contact Tyus Tours & Travel today at 866-547-5362

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